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Turning Twenty-Two

22 Jul

When I was a freshman in high school, I had a super crazy English professor. His entire class was just one big angry rant about what a disappointment life is. Being a fourteen-year-old wimp with frizzy hair and braces, I was obviously terrified of him.

One particular lecture, I think it was while reading “Romeo and Juliet,” was particularly emotionally scarring. Somehow he got on the topic of age, and in his grumbly, menacing voice under his oddly intimidating mustache, he said something like:

“Yeah, you’re all young now and you can’t wait to be seventeen so you can drive. Then you can’t wait to be eighteen. Then all you can think about is turning twenty-one. But when you turn twenty-one, you don’t want to be twenty-two. Or twenty-three. It’s all over.”

That tiny little angry snippet made enough of an impact on me that it was all that ran through my brain for the last week, up until Tuesday, July 19, when I actually did turn 22.

I really wasn’t looking forward to 22. I guess that damn teacher really did get to me. Lately I have been trying to figure out what exactly it was that was bugging me so much. I think it is because I’m starting to think the fun is over. Last year I could stay up all night, go out on a Wednesday and drink wine from a box, and it was okay because “I just turned 21!!!!!!!!!” but that’s all old news now. Flashing my ID is just mundane now. It’s time to start settling into being an adult, which was probably what terrified me in my English teacher’s speech.

Twenty-one was really fun for me. I had some great memories and some awesome times last year, but a lot of things have changed for me. I lost some friendships, strengthened some old ones, graduated and moved back home and am looking for a career. That’s a lot to bring with being 22.

So far, in my three days of being 22, I have had 2 job offers and one job interview. My wonderfully perfect boyfriend of 2 years, Alex, took me to an amazing dinner, and I got some pretty great gifts from my twin brother, my parents, and my dude. I think I’ve got this age down.

So, take that, Mr. Brennan.

Here I am

22 Jul

Tonight is Erica is Awesome night, so I figured it would also be the best time for me to get this blog up and running.

What is Erica is Awesome night? In a nutshell, it is when I reward myself for my several hours of job applications with a bottle of wine and some delicious snack. Everyone knows that chocolate pairs well with wine, but I’m poor, so I came up with an alternative:

Oreos and my mom’s white wine! Yeah it may welcome some judgmental stares from my parents, but it tastes just as delicious and creates the same effect.

In other news, I had a pretty successful interview at Lucky Brand by my house today. One thing I know is that I can rock an interview: I don’t have a ton of professional experience and I may have graduated with a mildly laughable major, but I can charm the portentous mustache off a hipster. I actually enjoy interviews. I spend so much time online applying for dozens of jobs a day, that getting to speak to people and actually prove that I’m not a total idiot is refreshing to me.

I also got this rockin’ shark tooth necklace after my interview (see: how good I look above). I then realized that I actually lost money during my job interview… so that was a little harsh. I really have to get over this spending thing.

I know I don’t have a lot, but I’m trying to make the best with what I’ve got: good friends, a great boyfriend and Oreos.