24 Jul

Jeeze, Amy Winehouse.

Where do I begin with Amy Winehouse? I worshipped that woman. The first time I heard

My best Halloween costume ever.

her I was pretty much in love with her completely mesmerizing sound. Homegirl could sing (I am still so bummed that I have to write ‘could’ instead of ‘can’). I have always said that Amy Winehouse had- and still has- one of the most unique and completely incomparable voices of this generation, and that in another 30 years people will be remembering her for her explosive talent and nothing else.

No one besides Amy knows the truth behind her life, and for that I am choosing not to dwell

on the paparazzi shots and gossip column rumors. Personally, I think the entire public should do the same, because no one is perfect and nothing is black and white. In my opinion, Amy Winehouse’s energy and charisma was bigger than all of that rubbish.

It’s such a shocking heartbreak to know that I will never get to hear her voice croon out a new song. The world deserves to hear her talent, and now that’s over.

Rest easy, girl. You’ll never be too far from my thoughts.


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