My dumb temper

25 Jul

Recently, I have decided that I really want to work on me. I want to start eating right again, exercising and most of all making myself the best work candidate I can be.

One problem that I really want to correct is my horrible, terrible temper. I am the definition of an Irish stereotype. I get frustrated way too easily, over-think too many things, spend too much time getting angry.

It’s really a big problem. I want to be much more easy-going than I am, but I really struggle to stay calm in some situations. My boyfriend, Alex, is the most level-headed and rational person I’ve ever met, so I think his ability to always be calm sometimes drives me crazy.

Lately I have been considering options to calm down and stop being such a crazy bitch all the time. I was going to get one of those anger management books, but I feel like I might never read it unless it’s short and sweet. I also don’t want to turn into an over -the-top overly sensitive nerd, I just want to chill out a little.

One of the steps I definitely want to try and do is counting to ten. Deep breaths, stopping and thinking before I actually get mad and react. I also want to learn to be more accepting of people. I feel like I expect too much from people, and when they don’t meet my expectations I react by being immediately annoyed. Especially with driving.

The other day I was driving and I realized that the people around me weren’t driving in a way that is supposed to please me, but in a way that they find is safest for themselves. Getting annoyed at little things that people do, like parking and misusing turn signals, is a waste of my time and energy. Everyone makes mistakes.

Here’s the thing: it’s plenty easy for me to sit here and talk about all this stuff now, but when I’m put in the heat of the moment I have to learn how to react appropriately. I feel like if I can learn to control my temper I can adjust and change into a person that I want to be.

Let’s see if I can actually do this, and if I fail, I’ll talk about it here. It’s almost like an addiction. One day at a time!


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