Fighting my Facebooking

30 Jul

My name is Erica. And I am a Facebook stalker.

I- like everyone else who has a Facebook- mainly use that damn addicting site for creeping on people I haven’t talked to since high school. Seeing who is pregnant, married, in jail, or actually succeeding with life. Why use it for my actual friends, you ask? Because they’re my friends and I know about their lives. Besides, most of my friends are smart and tend to keep their personal life off of social networking, while other less-logical people like to spill everything going on with everyone they know in one status update.

I firmly believe that social networking is mainly used to make people feel better about their own lives, or see what they need to improve upon based on other people’s updates, pictures and relationship statuses. If you don’t agree, chances are you’re either delusional or a nun. How many times have you had this conversation with a friend:

Friend: Oh! Did you see that so and so is pregnant with so and so’s baby!?
You: What!? No!!! Who told you that!?
Friend: It’s on her Facebook! She actually posted her first ultrasound and tagged so and so in it!
You: Oh my god I’ve got to add her!

It’s not like you have spoke to these parents-to-be in the last 4+ years, and it’s not like you’ll intend to anytime soon, but every little scandal makes life a little more delicious, right?

Don’t worry, I’m not judging, because I’ve done it way too many times before, all while knowing that it is wrong and I’m not being the nice person I pride myself in being. So, in keeping up with the whole growing up theme, I decided to stop lying to myself and clean up the crap.

First thing I did was go through and delete people that I haven’t had contact with since high school, and people that I stopped and thought, ‘who is that?’ Basically, I got rid of the complete strangers in my life.

Secondly, I deleted profiles that I spent most of staring at, but didn’t know the people behind them. People with, in one way or another, interesting lives that were my form of gossip and reality television. As much as social networking tells us about people it doesn’t tell us everything. There could be a world of a story behind them that could actually make me love them or hate them, people’s lives don’t translate to social media.

Lastly, I deleted people that had a negative impact on my own experiences. I went through and got rid of people that had hurt me in the past, or people that I knew in some way that were probably viewing my profile with bad intent. And that felt the best of all.

I think my views on social media have changed. When I was 17 and just started with Facebook and Myspace and all those time-wasters my main goal was convincing people that I was cool, I could have fun. I would post tons of pictures of me looking crazy and wild with all my tons and tons of friends. Now I realize that social media shouldn’t be about all of that, it should be catching up with those that you can’t be with directly.

From now on I plan on acting like an adult when it comes to social media. I don’t have to impress anyone, I have plenty of people who think I’m “cool,” and know how to have fun. Besides, I don’t really care much about impressing people anymore.


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