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Try This! And Wake the Hell Up!

3 Aug

So if you couldn’t tell by yesterday’s post, I wasn’t thrilled to be heading to work today. It did not get better when I got there: it was overcast all day, and it seemed like every mother in the tri-state area with annoying, screaming children decided to come to my aisle today. Plus, I didn’t eat before coming into work so I had absolutely zero energy.

After my break I was completely done for. Time wasn’t moving because I had no customers, but when I got customers I just wanted to kick every person in line out so I could sleep. I was at the end of my rope and I didn’t know what to do.

I have never taken an energy shot and I almost never drink energy drinks. I don’t like them and I am pretty terrified about what was going to happen if I take them, but I had no other choice to grab one off the aisles and knock it out.

My energy "shot"... get it? Ehhh??? Sigh...

Guayaki Yerba Mate makes this organic energy shot that I decided to buy. Originally I only bought it because the other one I wanted to buy was sold out and because the bottle is glass and I could but a little flower it in afterwards. In all honesty I expected it not to work and to taste like uhh, well, whatever you think is the worst thing ever… cow dung! I was that desperate. But I was extremely surprised with the results! It didn’t taste too terrible, but I did pretty much just knock my head back and kill it so I didn’t get much of a taste. I did notice that in about five minutes I was feeling good. Not like bouncing-off-the-walls-crazy-loco good but I felt like my normal, cheerful self. And it stayed with me until the end of my shift and into dinner!

Maybe part of that was my desperation playing tricks with my head but I think this stuff actually worked. And I came down from it normally. It’s about 10:30 p.m. now and I’m pretty much as beat as I was at work if not more so. Either way, I am definitely buying two more tomorrow: one for the start of my shift and one for the end.