How “Bridezillas” Has Helped My Relationship

8 Aug

One of the many classy ladies of "Bridezillas"

This weekend, when I wasn’t watching Shark Week, I got hooked on the show “Bridezillas“. If you’ve never heard of the show- which is probably for the best- it’s basically exactly what it sounds like: terribly obnoxiously evil and spoiled women ruining their wedding process by screaming and whining, usually in horrible Long Island accents. As much as I know he hates it, I love telling my boyfriend Alex about all of the trash that goes on in these shows. Usually he responds with a “haha” or a “wow”, but finally he said to me:

“I love you honey but you watch the trashiest shows.”

Which made me think, ‘why am I watching this crap?’

I love weddings, which is funny because I’ve never actually been to a wedding. Until I met Alex and learned what it felt like to actually want to marry someone I wasn’t into any of the wedding stuff, but now I totally love anything to do with weddings. I cry during wedding shows, I google bridal stuff, I’m hooked.

To be honest, I have always been terrified of the idea of getting married, mainly because I grew up hearing about how prevalent divorce is. In my generation, before you learn what love is you learn what divorce and heartbreak is. It’s not that I doubted myself or anything, but in a society where a new couple is breaking up every weekend, its hard to not worry.

Which brings me back to “Bridezillas”. Here these women are, shrieking banshees sucking the joy out of every minute of the wedding process. They look like miserable ogres and I honestly feel bad for their future husbands, who are signing their lives away to these disasters. But I also realize that most of these guys might not stick around to live with these crazies forever, which has really helped me make sense of the whole idea of marriage.

I never understood why so many people found so many reasons to divorce, and that was what terrified me. I was afraid that I would find a reason that made my whole future a sham. Now that I see how crazy people can actually be and how many people get married for the wrong reasons I feel kind of ridiculous for being so concerned. These crazy people on tv, like “Bridezillas,” don’t actually know what love is. Alex and I want the same things in life: we’re completely in sync with everything we want in the future. These crazy brides don’t understand the words “agreement” or “compromise” and expect to yell and scream to get everything they want. I mean, come on, these wenches know they are crazy that they agree to be on a show called Bridezillas. I’m no pro, but that’s not what makes a stable marriage.

So thanks, “Bridezillas”, for making me realize that I’m not a crazy psychotic weirdo that’s destined for a failed marriage. I think I got what it takes to make this work.


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