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Try this (and be freaking amazed)!

9 Aug

I’ve always gotten some breakouts. Even at the ripe old age of 22-years-old I still wake up to spots and little clusters of pimples, usually in the worst spots, like that dip thing in between your nose and top lip. Actually, yesterday I had two pimples there and one of my bottom lip, so it hurt every time I moved my lips in the littlest ways.

None of the medicines that are supposed to “zap zits overnight!!!” have ever worked for me, so I stopped buying that junk. But the pimples still appeared, and they still sucked, especially when I walk into a professional job interview looking like a preteen. Then one day I was reading some book and they mentioned this little tip to clear up your skin. Seeing as it was fiction I thought this tip would be fiction too, but one night I was so desperate that I thought I would try it. And it worked. Don’t worry, stop stressing, I hear you my parents and family members many anonymous readers, and I will reveal my beauty secret to you. My household spot remover is:


It seriously works. I put it on whatever pimples I have before I go to sleep, and when I wake up they are dried up! Not swollen or painful anymore! The only problem is that it is a little sticky and if its around your mouth it’s kind of hard to not lick it away, but if you can avoid that you have an almost-free blemish remover.

Give it a try, I’m serious it works, and you will smell minty fresh! Toothpaste: not just for ya’ mouth.

The London Riots

9 Aug

Riots in one of my favorite parts of London: Camden

In the last few days my favorite city in the world, my home away from home, London has turned into total chaos, as rioters have come in and began slowly destroying the city. In the last 24 hours the London police have stepped up their game, but copycat riots have spread into other areas in greater London and things are getting crazier more terrifying.

The news has made it clear as to what is happening over there, so there’s not much more need for me to explain more. I am just beyond appalled at how petty and maniacal people can be when in pushed in a crowd. There’s a million reasons that the news circuits and tabloid sites have come up with behind what is going on: recession, racial tension, some apparent police brutality, all of this stuff that I don’t believe. I believe that a crowd mentality influenced a bunch of young idiots looking to steal and be obnoxious to do exactly that… steal and be obnoxious. The issues that are apparently the cause of this won’t be solved by looting stores and burning buildings down, and it certainly won’t be solved by a bunch of kids that can’t support themselves.

I love London so much, and I hate to see it taken over by a mass of angry idiots. Knowing that children are being influenced by this event is even worse. I just want a safe and fast end to this so my wonderful city can go back to being as beautiful as it always has been.

Vide-OH! of the day

9 Aug

I am in love with the artist Tristan Prettyman. People call her coffee shop rock or something but I drink tea so I’m just going to classify her as totally awesome, empowering and beautiful chick rock. Plus she has a blog that makes me feel more enlightened and optimistic than anything else I have ever read. She’s just a completely perfect person to me, and this song is the closest thing to perfect I’ve heard in a while. Check it out! It’s as beautiful as Tristan!