Try this (and be freaking amazed)!

9 Aug

I’ve always gotten some breakouts. Even at the ripe old age of 22-years-old I still wake up to spots and little clusters of pimples, usually in the worst spots, like that dip thing in between your nose and top lip. Actually, yesterday I had two pimples there and one of my bottom lip, so it hurt every time I moved my lips in the littlest ways.

None of the medicines that are supposed to “zap zits overnight!!!” have ever worked for me, so I stopped buying that junk. But the pimples still appeared, and they still sucked, especially when I walk into a professional job interview looking like a preteen. Then one day I was reading some book and they mentioned this little tip to clear up your skin. Seeing as it was fiction I thought this tip would be fiction too, but one night I was so desperate that I thought I would try it. And it worked. Don’t worry, stop stressing, I hear you my parents and family members many anonymous readers, and I will reveal my beauty secret to you. My household spot remover is:


It seriously works. I put it on whatever pimples I have before I go to sleep, and when I wake up they are dried up! Not swollen or painful anymore! The only problem is that it is a little sticky and if its around your mouth it’s kind of hard to not lick it away, but if you can avoid that you have an almost-free blemish remover.

Give it a try, I’m serious it works, and you will smell minty fresh! Toothpaste: not just for ya’ mouth.


One Response to “Try this (and be freaking amazed)!”

  1. Jen Farley August 10, 2011 at 12:14 am #

    i have tried this before, usually when the lovely “giant zip appears the night before a big event”. I too had fantastic results. We should consider bottling some colgate into tiny zit popper tubes and sell it for 20 dollars a piece.

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