Call backs

11 Aug

Remember that time I mentioned getting denied by Lucky Brand? Well turns out my crazy got the best of me, and Lucky Brand called me while I was on my break at work today and offered me a job! Of course I said yes, because it’s the best store in the world so duh.

As soon as I said yes of course my mind started spinning with all I started saying yes to, and all of the sudden I got really nervous. I finally just started becoming close with a few employees at Whole Foods, and now I would have to relearn a whole new store and meet all new people. I’d have to go buy some all new, nicer clothes because I’m disgusting and don’t dress up a lot and because my last two jobs have involved nature-y dirty stuff. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to make the switch.

Then, after talking to some other people at Whole Foods about it I realized that making the switch was the best choice. A smaller, more personal store would allow me to do more than just stand behind a register bagging groceries, and there would be less of a hierarchy to worry about. AKA I wouldn’t have to ask three people before I go to the bathroom. There would be less work drama over people gossiping and being crabby and grumpy, because there wouldn’t be 20 people in between one story. And I would get the opportunity to get dressed up, keep out of cargo shorts, t-shirts and messy buns.

There are a lot more pros than cons keeping me from working at Lucky Brand, and once I get past the terrifying process of calling up Whole Foods and quitting short-notice, I imagine I will be super excited! Actually, I know I will be. I’m glad my crazy didn’t beat me out this time.

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