How it feels to be a non-stereotypical Jersey Girl

11 Aug

I’m born and raised Jersey, from Sayreville- yes, if you’re wondering that is the birthplace of Jon Bon Jovi (which explains my awesome hair and musical talent). Of course everyone knows the New Jersey stereotypes that have come with the trashy-yet-addicting “Jersey Shore,” and now New Jersey is famous for more than just diners and gas attendees.

Homegirl's not even from Jersey.

When the “Jersey Shore” came on the air I was totally against it. I was outraged that a show would give my state such a gross reputation. Then I watched it and realized how hilarious it as and my loud protests kind of quieted down, but I’m still not crazy that people outside of Jersey think that drunk little Italians is what the state is all about. Of course I know it is just plain ignorance that would make other people believe that all of us Jerseyans are just like Snooki, who’s actually a Long Island, NY native.

With the Jersey stereotype comes the “Jersey Girl” stereotype, AKA a loose little tramp who parties way too hard in tight clothes, big hair and way too much makeup. If you can’t judge by my use of the very unhip term “loose little tramp,” I am not one of those girls, but I am a “Jersey Girl” nonetheless. When I studied abroad, I realized how much I love being from New Jersey, especially from where I live now.

I really do love New Jersey. Sure I may get tired of it from time to time, but whenever I leave for a while I always end up happy that I’m back, and not because I can go fist-pump at the clubs. Here’s the thing: all of the stuff they show on television, the dirty beaches and sweaty clubs, that is a North Jersey thing. I am a South Jersey Girl.

The difference between South and North Jersey? Here’s the main things:

1. Hoagies, not subs (the correct term is hoagie, maybe the rest of the US should start speaking properly)
2. Philly, not New York
3. Sea Isle City, not Seaside Heights (the city where they film the “Jersey Shore”. It’s seriously disgustingly dirty).
4. No traffic down south.
5. We have farms and forests.

We’re practically two different countries. I would know, I went to college up in North Jersey, right outside of New York City, and I hated it. It would take us 45 minutes of traffic just to get to the movies, and everyone spends all their time talking about how awesome New York City is all the time. It was so not me. I can’t help it, I’m a South Jersey Girl.

I’m not saying that all girls from North Jersey are like that, but I don’t know many to judge from. A lot of the stereotypes you find on the “Jersey Shore” come from a North Jersey lifestyle: clubs, Atlantic City, all of that glittery disco-ball stuff. No matter what part of New Jersey you come from, living in this state is awesome. I can pretty much guarantee that most  Jersey Girls will agree with me on these:

1. There is nothing better than spending a weekend at a shore house
2. There is no such thing as Central Jersey
3. Bruce Springsteen should be cannonized
4. You are never a far drive from a city, a shore, or a ski resort
5. Jersey is better than any other state.

I may not know how to fist pump, but I’m a Jersey Girl through and through, and that’s better than being anyone else to me.


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