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Try This Site!

12 Aug

The ol’ ball and chain (by boyfriend Alex) and I are going to Boston at the end of August. We got tickets to Fenway Park a couple of months ago and discovered that we would probably need to, you know, stay there if we wanted to use them.

Here’s the thing: Alex and I are not rich in the least bit. We both have extremely modest part-time jobs and have been, well, flat broke for the last two years. I know it’s not logical to go on a vacation when we’re as poor as we are, but have you ever moved back into your parents house after having free reign of your life for four years? All the questions and noises and constant, constant everything? Exactly.

For the sake of our health we had to find a way to get away, but we had to do it cheap. Originally, we planned to go to Chicago, but that was too expensive, so we found very inexpensive tickets to Fenway. From there we calculated how much it would cost in gas, found a very, very inexpensive hotel (trust me, in the middle of Boston you have to be like Sherlock Holmes to find that) and our vacation was booked!

Boston is an expensive city, but we decided to do it on the cheap. I’ve spent a month traveling through Rome and Tuscany on a very tight budget so I thought, ‘what the hell I can do it.’ The one thing I neglected was what we were going to do about parking our car for two days in a very expensive city. Gulp.

The hotel offered over night parking for 32 dollars a night, which comes to at least 64 for us, or a nice dinner for one night. Yeah, we’re too poor for that. Of course I wasn’t going to settle for that, so I did some searching and I found:

This site actually works for all cities, not just Boston. Basically all I did was put in my hotel address, and CentralParking pulled up all of the parking garages surrounding it. A bunch of the garages have specials offered through the website, like the garage I found. We have managed to find a garage for 19 dollars a night on CentralParking, which is just a few dollars more than one night in our hotel’s parking.

I think I’m going to start using CentralParking for my trips into Philadelphia, to save a few bucks since I’m always going there. If you live by a city, and you’re broke like me, try it out!