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Vide-OH! Of the Day

14 Aug

There are a whole bunch of these “Drunk History” videos on Youtube and FunnyOrDie, and they are possibly my favorite Internet video.
They don’t need much of an introduction, so enjoy!

Moving onto a new job…?

14 Aug

As I get closer to preparing to leave Whole Foods for Lucky Brand I keep panicking. I told my parents and friends at work and they all ask me the same question:

“So you’re going to quit on Sunday?”

Well, as of seven minutes ago, today is Sunday, and as of Sunday I don’t have any answers to that question. I want to leave Whole Foods, because I was told I can expect more hours, I want to dress better, I’m excited to do more than just stand behind a register and I am excited to have a discount that I will actually use. I don’t do the grocery shopping in my house, and since my parents don’t shop at Whole Foods it’s pretty much wasted.

Then I think about the last week or so at Whole Foods. I have actually met some pretty awesome people there, and I would really miss the conversations. Sure, most of the time they are about how dumb work is, but I laugh a lot, smile a ton and I actually like work now (ask me that when I start my 10 a.m. shift tomorrow and I might literally rip your face off of your face). I guess the question I have to ask myself would be, is having fun with my coworkers really worth the poor hours and frustration of always being broke?

When I look at it logically, the answer is simple: obviously I need to work more, and I will without a doubt meet people at Lucky Brand as well. But every time I finish a shift at Whole Foods that is fun I start to regret moving around so much. It’s so conflicting!

I’m also worried about what is going to happen when the fall rolls around and I begin substitute teaching. I worry that I’m not going to get enough hours subbing and that I will have to leave my new job for a job that can’t guarantee me everything I need. I mean I’m so many steps away from being a legit grownup: I need a car, I need to move out, get my own phone plans and car insurance and health insurance. All of that is so so far away and I can’t keep relying on these temporary and limited jobs if I want to keep moving forward with my life, but how can I move forward when I have no idea what I want to do?

Night time is always when all of this stress comes bubbling up, keeping me awake and worried. I can only hope that it will work out, because I like to believe that in the end it always does. I just hate the process I guess.