My new enemy Donna

20 Aug

I was stumbling around on the Internet when I found this column, from the Daily News. I don’t expect everyone to read the column, though I suggest you do, even though it just might infuriate you like it did me. In a nutshell, this woman in New Jersey was refused her wedding dress from a bridal store (I was going to call it a boutique but I feel like that is too classy of a word for this… establishment) because she was marrying another woman. That’s right, some woman in a dress shop in Somers Point is actually God and the president, so she can control who marries who and has the nerve to tell her customers, “There’s right, and there’s wrong. And this is wrong.”

It is completely and utterly mind-boggling to me. How can a person think like that? First of all, Donna, I’m glad your dirty looking little dress shop called “Here Comes the Bride Tux Rental” (you can’t even spell out the word tuxedo on your faded yellow sign?) is doing such fantastic business that it can deny a person a dress in the middle of a recession, and I’m glad that you can sacrifice plenty of future business with your stupid and ignorant comments. Second of all, where does a person get off in intruding in the way of what should be one of the happiest moments of a bride’s wedding process? Surrounded by her family and loved ones and all this miserable old broad can think about is who this customer is marrying. I want to meet this Donna chick so I can ask her if she’s ever actually worked in retail, because if she has she would know that most people try to please their customers, not rip them apart by denying their sexuality. I’m sure the bride-to-be didn’t say anything about Donna’s probably 80’s perm, or the fact that her name is as annoying as Donna, and that would bother anybody.

I get so worked up about this issue that I almost don’t know how to process all of my emotions into a blog post. I mean, look at me, I’m rambling like a crazy person complaining about a woman I’ve never met and don’t ever want to meet. I just can’t understand how people live with so much hate and spite in their lives and feel that it is okay to project that onto others. I have grown up with gay and straight friends, never having any issues, mainly because we gave each other the chance to get to know and understand each other before jumping into some hateful stereotype. Of course I think gay marriage should be legal, why wouldn’t it be!? I want to stand in from of people like Donna and yell “Hello!? Are you crazy!? What the hell does it matter!?” Why shouldn’t one adult be allowed to marry another adult? It just completely floors me that this is still even an issue!

What bothers me once is that in the next decade I plan to have children, and those children will grow up in a world that will eventually have legalized gay marriage everywhere. It’s not a possibility, it is an inevitability. Two people will allowed to get married no matter what parts they have, plain and simple. And one day, those kids will look at me and ask ‘how was that even an issue?” There was a time when black people and white people could not legally wed, and look at that now. It is an embarrassment to our history and to our culture. I do not want my children to know that I grew up in a time when two adults couldn’t marry each other. When broken down to the simplest form, that’s what it is: two adults in love. What is wrong about that Donna?

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