Today’s Earthquake!

23 Aug

I’m sure there were a ton of interesting stories of where people were during today’s east coast earthquake. I mean, how cool is that? An earthquake on the east coast? I mean, when does that ever happen? I wouldn’t actually get to know these stories, however, because my entire life is currently consumed with the “boop, boop, boop” sound my register makes as I ring up a never-ending line of goji berries and dinosaur kale.

When the earthquake hit I was standing there, ringing and ringing as usual. I had a particularly cheery- if not totally phony- disposition because corporate guys were in the store and I wasn’t trying to get a bad report from those dudes. All of the sudden I felt like my head was bobbing back and forth, then I felt it in my feet. I asked if anyone else was feeling this but everyone is so in the zone in their own minds no one answered me, so I thought I was literally losing my mind. I thought that the six days of working in a row had finally done me in and I was going bonkers. I looked around and saw the hanging lights and signs in the store swaying as well and looked outside to see people running into the parking lot, and realized, ‘oh crap, this is an earthquake.’

At this point, some customers and cashiers still had no idea what was going on. I didn’t want to cause a big commotion but it only takes one or two overdramatic people yelling about how traumatized they are to  get everyone’s attention and, well, the rest is history I guess.

I had been in one earthquake before, when I was in Rome, Italy, with my friend Lizz in 2009. That one was a lot more intense then this one, but it brought back the same feelings: excited and surprised, but also concerned and confused. My first thought is to where the big quake is, and what is happening there. In Italy it resulted in some deaths, so I was even more concerned today. Most importantly, no one was hurt during the earthquake, so I feel like I can call it cool and interesting. I also feel lucky, because the whole situation could have gone in the opposite direction. But since it didn’t I am more interested in hearing everyone else’s stories…



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