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My Lovely Love.

24 Aug

One of the things I do when updating this blog is check out my “post tags”, or topics that I talk about, to see what I blab about most and what could use more discussion (see: the category cloud on the right). It’s pretty clear that I like to talk about myself a lot, I’m like friggin’ Oprah: forcing myself into situations that might not actually be about me and making them about me anyway (I really don’t like Oprah). But there’s one thing I haven’t talked about a lot in my 40-something posts:


It’s not because I have a lack of love in my life, that is definitely not the problem at all. I have the best boyfriend anybody could ever want, who wears the hell out of a pretty stunning beard I might add. I think I shy away from the topic because I feel like nobody wants to hear about my take on love.

I am certainly not going to say I am an expert on the big “L” (God I hope that isn’t some weird sex position or gang term something and everyone on the Interweb is laughing at me for being so naive). I mean I pretty much stumbled into my relationship with Alex. It didn’t take much work, we like exactly the same things and want all of the same things out of our life. It’s pretty much like I’m dating a handsome, much more calm and sensible (less Irish) version of myself… with a kickin’ beard and really nice forearms.

So I asked myself: who wants to hear my take on love?  Well, I mean, it is my blog, about my life, so I guess some people might be interested…

When explaining my relationship with Alex I try my best to constantly avoid the cliches, like “I love you’s not enough” and “I love you more every day” or anything that sounds like some power ballad you’ve heard in the past.  But I realize now that those are cliches because when you love someone as much as I love Alex, there is a passion that actually makes you feel those exact feelings. Just saying “I love you” at the end of the night seems so insignificant, because there is so much more to it than just that. I appreciate him, I adore him, I can’t stand being away from him. There is so much more to us than just “I love you”, that it is really not enough. And every single day I find a new reason to love him. Tonight it was because I know that if I have to find something on the Internet, I know he will do a much better job than I will. I’ll never be lost roaming Google again!

Here’s the thing: Alex and I aren’t a fascinating couple. Maybe that is why I was so worried about discussing our relationship. We really are boring. We like nice quiet road trips and beer and baseball. A wild night for us is trivia night with a small group of friends at the local bar. We didn’t meet each other in some wild, ABC Family-Original-movie-inspired way (I saw him wearing a soccer jersey in class and talked to him. The end) and we didn’t have to like, uhh, jeeze what do romance movies have these days… fight vampire lords to get to each other. We went out, we started dating, we fell in love. Bada bing, bada boom. But I think that our relationship is a good example of what love should be.
Love shouldn’t have to be a constant performance or a party. You shouldn’t need to be surrounded by friends all the time and getting blitzed to have fun. Sometimes you should just be able to love sitting and watching reruns of “30 Rock” on Netflix with each other in sweatpants and a t-shirt that you’ve worn without washing a little too much (tmi?).

I think that this kind of love is pretty hard to find. I mean, I’ve been in high school, I know what it feels like to think you’ve “Fallen in love” and then, once you’ve gotten a clear head (and in my instance, realized that Justin Bieber is like 12- kidding by the way) and realized the truth you end up thinking, ‘wow that was so stupid.’  But all I can do is refer to another damn cliche that I try so hard to avoid- when you know, you know.

And I know that I’ve found the perfect best friend, boyfriend and beau I could ever, ever ask for.

Eh, I’ll take my boring love life over a Ryan Gossling movie any day.

Dear Zooey Deschanel,

24 Aug


More girls in the world need to know how beautiful they actually are. It’s hard enough growing up in a society that likes to pick at flaws.
I honestly believe that there is so much beauty in every single person on this planet, and I try really hard every day to see that before anything else.