Join Twitter. Just for this hilarious reason

6 Sep

I’ve been so busy making up excuses doing stuff that involves me not blogging that I have really been slacking as of late, but I just have to stop before bed and beg everyone to join Twitter.

First of all, if you do add me (Ericabauw) but my lack of friends is not why I am telling you to join yet another social networking site. My entire logic for joining Twitter lies in OldManSearch. It is beyond hilarious. I’m sure by now all of you have heard of Shit My Dad Says, which is good, but Old Man Search beats any senior-citizen-comedy-based competition by far.

So what happened was this guy decided to “teach” his elderly father how to use the computer. He didn’t teach him Google, however. He told his dad that if he ever needed to search for anything to type the search into Twitter and he would receive the answer. All that Old Man Search really consists of is tiny little sentences for things that this poor guy is trying to discover through the magic of the Interweb. And it’s bloody hilarious.

I’m not going to go into details, partly because I really encourage people to join Twitter- an easier, far, far, far, far less invasive Facebook- partly because the tweets wouldn’t be half as funny if I went listing them out here, but mainly because I’m ready for bed. Just do it. Seriously, what’s one more social networking site to add to the list of crap we are drowning in?


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