Try This!

12 Sep

Oh, Whole Foods.

As my days as a cashier wind down I am taking this opportunity to gobble up everything delicious in the store with my discount. In one week I will be another broke schmuck that can’t afford a bottle of water in that store (no, seriously, I accidentally payed $2.50 for a bottle of water the other day), so I might as well use the 20 percent off I have now to it’s fullest advantage.

That being said I have had my eye on this one drink that my boyfriend, Alex, bought the other day, the Vanilla Chai Tea by Bolthouse Farms.


I’m not even going to try and use an adverb (if it isn’t an adverb I’m sorry. Alex and I had about a ten minute discussion trying to figure out what an adverb was. Damn public education) to describe how good this stuff is because there is none. It is smooth and creamy with just the right amount of cinnamon and vanilla and it probably tastes like John Stamos looks when its warmed up… ohhhh I gotta try warming it up… Have Mercy!

On top of that it is pretty good for you and one serving is actually a really decent amount to drink (the bottle pictured is four servings, not one). On my break at work today I couldn’t even get through one serving before I was full.

Oh my gosh just talking about this stuff makes me want to drink more of it. I’m glad I still have like half of the bottle left. Bolthouse Farms also makes some pretty killer smoothies. I’m a strawberry-banana fanatic myself. And that giant bottle of really good quality tea was actually only four dollars. It is worth it, and if you had more self-control than I do it would last a long time.



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