Falling Into Autumn Styles

21 Sep

I am absolutely nuts about the fall. The perfect temperature, the leaves changing colors all along the highways, sweaters, boots, no jackets… I could go on forever. These next three months are my time to really shine, mainly because they’re packed full of holidays and I am a total lunatic when it comes to anything festive in any way at all.

As it starts to cool down I am starting to spend most of my nights sitting at home, online window shopping for new trends that I love this fall. If I happen to win a pile of cash through scratch off lottery tickets or, say, get a job, these are the places I would run to and grab the trends I am falling for this season.

  Oversized Crewneck Sweaters

I love the concept of looking totally adorable while being the epitome of comfortable. When winter rolls around I kind of abuse this concept by wearing leggings, moccasins and any shirt bought two sizes too big almost every single day, combining that with a sloppy ponytail and no makeup. I understand that is not a cute look, but I really hate the cold and darkness of winter and I usually just don’t care. I want to use this fall as an opportunity to reach my comfy quota while still looking cute. To me this means a big, beautifully-colored sweater, like the one seen here from Urban Outfitters. Pair that with some really great leggings, some equally-great boots and a beautiful long necklace. Oh, and some mild attempt at personal hygiene, AKA combing my hair and using at least some mascara. I feel like this outfit is great for a day out pumpkin picking (Yes, I seriously do this stuff. Like a lot.) because it would look adorable without a jacket.

Mustard Yellow

The other day I saw a girl wearing this great mustard yellow pashmina with a black shirt and jeans, and I immediately fell in love with the color and anything in that color. It is such a perfect fall color: I’m already a fan of yellow, and making it a little warmer and less in your face is perfect for the season.

I’m also pretty obsessed with Infinity Scarves this year. This mustard yellow Infinity Scarf from Modcloth is like the best of both worlds. The craft blog that I always use, Art Is For All also has a great make-your-own Infinity Scarf shown here that is perfect for the thrifty fashion fan. I would make one myself if I didn’t go through such a terrible “punk rock” phase in high school, leaving me with only black, ugly t-shirts that wouldn’t be much fun to wear.

 Steel Grey Nail Polish

I have been obsessing over this color for about a month or so. While working at Whole Foods, a lot of my customers had it on and it looked totally amazing, especially when paired with darker colors like black or grey. It’s a little bit edgy, but still pretty subdued and professional-looking. Finally I ran out and picked up my own bottle of this beautiful purpley-grey color. I went with Rimmel‘s Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey, and I am actually sitting here waiting for it to dry right now! There are a ton of companies making similar colors right now, but I buy anything Zooey Deschanel tells me to and Rimmel products are really reasonably priced.

Vintage-esque Cardigans.

I’m a cardigan nut. Right now I am staring into my open closet (which I will close before bed to ease my lifetime long fear of closet vampires) and can count six cardigans right off the bat. I wear them all the time, and this year I want to invest in a really adorable old-school style cardigan. I made this decision after stumbling on the cardigan pictured, from Mitchell and Ness, while shopping with my boyfriend, Alex. He’s a big Notre Dame fan, so I thought it would be cute if I paired it with a pair of skinny jeans and some ankle boots. It’s actually a men’s cardigan, so it would go longer and could also be worn with leggings, but I really love the back-to-school vibe it gives off, with it’s letterman prints and big, gold buttons.

Brown Leather Boots

When it comes to brown boots, I want something that is femininely-rugged, like these boots from Steve Madden. I’ve always been really into buckles, and leather, and a style that looks worn-in and used. Nothing too flashy or over-embellished. This fall I want a pair of boots that are more simple but look well-made and sturdy, like I might actually walk out of the bar or mall or wherever I may be, hop on a horse and ride off into the sunset or something. These boots are great with skinny jeans for almost any outfit, and can take a simple look and make it look so much more refined and pulled together. I have a feeling that when I find a great pair of boots they’ll probably be something I’ll wear every day until someone calls me out on it.

Sweater Dresses

The best part about summer is that I can wear a dress every single day. The worst part about the fall is that dresses can be hard to come by. That’s why I am pumped to find a few really great sweater dresses to add to my wardrobe this season, like this dress from one of my favorite stores, Old Navy. Like my oversized sweaters, they are super-duper comfy, but they are more tailored and more work-appropriate. Put this white dress with my mustard infinity scarf, some leggings and my signature brown boots and I think I’ve created a pretty cute little substitute teaching outfit. There are so, so many different styles of sweater dresses now that I can still find a way to wear a dress every single day and still look cute!

Brown Leather Jacket

As much as I love going coat-less in the fall, we all know that our parents can, at any age, read our minds, call us at any time in any place and demand we put a coat on. Seriously, how many times have you gone through that experience?

On days when a coat is necessary I am looking for a really fun and stylish brown leather jacket to pair with a dress or jeans. This season is the perfect time to find a cute jacket that isn’t needed to bundle you up against the terrible-ness that is a New Jersey winter. I want something that will look cute when I’m out apple-picking with my man or on a haunted hayride with some friends.

Most importantly, I want to use my style as a way to embrace the season. This is the most beautiful time of the year, and I love paying homage to it’s changing colors and crisp climate with anything and everything that seems to sing fall. Who knows, maybe a few seasonal additions to your wardrobe will turn you into a fall freak like me!


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  1. Jennifer September 21, 2011 at 3:12 am #

    I love your choices here – great pics especially the nail varnish! Jen xoxo http://mystylisticlife.wordpress.com

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