Another day, another crappy haircut

27 Sep

I hate the hair salon.

The last good haircut I got was three years ago. Three years ago. Since then I have been jumping from place to place, running on tips from other people, begging for a decent hair cut and receiving the total opposite.

Today I decided that I wanted a professional, chic doo for my brand new job that I start tomorrow morning. I bought a sharp new first day of work outfit, made sure my pants were hemmed and pressed and made the impromptu decision to get my hair done at this salon that a million people suggested to me. Every time I do this I get the same feeling: this one will be the one I like.

I wanted something like Nicole Richie’s hair here on the left. Short-ish with really cute, prominent side-swept bangs that would frame my face. I thought that this would be a simple cut that would look effortlessly cute on me and be easy to do. I took a picture on my camera phone to show the girl who was going to cut my hair, this lady that looked less than pleased to be walking the earth today (always a great way to start a haircut).

Here is my result:I’ve always wanted to look like David Cassidy circa 1978.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons for me to not be happy with this outcome. There is no shape to it, no anything. Just a tiny little lump of bang on one side- not very side-swept if you ask me- and the rest just lies there.

Has anyone else been through this hair nightmare? Where are there good hair salons in the South Jersey area? Who knows what they are doing? Maybe I just have cursed hair, or I don’t know how to request what I want correctly. Does anyone have any advice?



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