RIP Steve Jobs

5 Oct

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There is so much I could say about Steve Jobs and his company. After all, I grew up as Apple products grew. Sitting in my first computer  classes with the big, colorful, plastic Macs, staring in jealousy at kids on the bus while they played with their brand new iPods, setting up my MacBook Pro before I left for college. I’m even writing on my Mac right now as I remember the memories that Steve Jobs has provided in my life.

Right now it doesn’t even seem real that Steve Jobs is gone. What could take such a powerful and innovative man down? How is that possible?

Unfortunately, cancer doesn’t discriminate, and there is still no piece of technology advanced enough to cure it every time. We may have lost Steve Jobs, but I hope that his memory will inspire more people to fight for a cure and for an answer to this horrible disease.

Rest in Peace, and thank you, Mr. Jobs.

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