10 Reasons Why I Suck at Blogging

26 Oct

Every night for the past two weeks I have tried to sit down and leave a post in this thing. I’m not short of ideas, that’s for sure. I’ve got this new (at times, very very stressful job), I’m car and apartment shopping and I’m just generally weird at all times. Creativity isn’t the issue.

So, as a form of punishment, and hopefully inspiration, I’ve decided to sit down and list my 10 reasons why I suck at blogging.

1. I’m lazy.
Let’s not lie here. After a day of doing stuff I don’t feel like settling down and doing more stuff. I am pretty lazy, and I just don’t like pushing myself beyond what is necessary. Sorry!

2. I get too preoccupied with other pointless stuff.
Right now I’m knitting myself a scarf. I didn’t realize how long and stupid and time consuming knitting a scarf is. No, I don’t plan on packing it away and going back to sanity. I plan on finishing it, then move onto another pointless craft to waste my time.

3. I’ve got a job.
Here’s the deal with entry level jobs: they make you work a lot. A lot. I expected working a lot, just maybe not 10 hours a day like I am now. So, when I get home, the last thing I want to do is write more.

4. I’ve got too much I want to do with money from that job.
Dinners, shopping, trips, those dumb crafts I mentioned. Think of all the ways a person can waste their money and I have done that in the last two weeks. Now don’t get me wrong, I am by no means making a lot of money, but I am spending a lot of money. And that takes money.

5. I’ve got a boyfriend.
Working a 50 hour a week job takes up enough time, and I still have a boyfriend that I kind of sort of like spending time with. I’m not going to spend my now very limited with him on a computer. I spend enough time every day staring at a screen for Pete’s sake.

6. I’m too busy reading better blogs.
I am obsessed with HelloGiggles.com right now. Seriously. Why are you still reading this? Go check that out.

7. I was in mourning over the Phillies.
Yes, when the Phillies lost in the first round of the playoffs (The first round? Seriously guys? I don’t even unders…whatever.) I actually cried. The entire night. I’ve been spending the last three weeks hiding from sports stations, news websites, anything that mentions the word “baseball.” It takes a lot of energy to be that pathetic.

8. I’m not doing very well at having it all.
My mind kind of painted a picture of this (entry-level) job as being a glamourous 12-4 $50,000 a year reality show kind of job where I don’t actually do anything. Turns out I spend most of my day stressing over not screwing up only to receive a paycheck that makes me angry and depressed just to look at, then go home to a house pretty packed full of people and pass out. Then on top of that I got my lovely student loans letters, so after this month I will be spending the next 10 years of my life hating my decision to go to college. I’m definitely not living like a Kardashian.

9. I’m trying my best at pursuing even more topics worth writing about.
When the weekends come I try and get out to do, you know, hobbies. See friends, watch sports, drive places, see things. Just try and be a little more interesting than average. Doesn’t lead a lot of time to be a blogger

10. I’m good at making up excuses.
See numbers one through nine.


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