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Kar-azy Kardashian Krap

2 Nov

When I found out about the Kim and Kris divorce, at first I thought it was pretty hilarious. I mean, anyone with a brain would laugh at it. It’s painfully obvious that these Kardashian people have absolutely no reality in their actual lives,  even their underwear choice for the day is probably written into some bizarre script. I bet that, at their big, giant wedding, if the wind blew the wrong way the entire set that is their life would fall down and you would just find a couple greasy camera guys in a studio. It’s funny to me that everyone is treating it as if this is the disaster of a century or some giant shocking piece of news. Something can’t be news when its pretty much scripted!

First of all, I can’t stand that family. I can’t help but have zero respect for a family that pushes themselves into the spotlight through a twisted murder trial and a leaked sex tape.  The one that’s married to Lamar Odom and kind of resembles a Shih Tzu with botox (I honestly don’t know their names besides Kim. They all are just a bunch of “K’s”)  is by far the most obnoxious person I’ve ever heard speak or walk or exist. And then they push their younger kids (more “K” names, I’m assuming) into this lifestyle along with them, when they have no say in the matter. They’re going to turn into those crazy Jon and Kate kids!

Obviously I don’t just ignore the stuff going on in the trashy, celeb-media. I would probably be smarter and much more accomplished if I did, and I wouldn’t be sitting here dishing my thoughts on a 2-month old marriage where I know nothing about anyone involved, so I shouldn’t really be voicing my opinion in the first place, I suppose. But marriages end every day. Some don’t last as long as 72 days. The difference is, and what I believe gives me the right to stick my opinion in, is that those marriages aren’t shoved down our throats for months and months, force-fed to anyone that gets in line at a grocery store and stares at all those magazines with Kardashians pasted all over them while they wait to buy bread or beer or whatever. These reality fame hoarders take their big, gawdy, fingernails and poke us repeatedly over and over again right in the forehead, asking “Are you watching me yet? Did you see what I did? Do you see me yet? Huh? Huh?”, and then, the minute things don’t go their way, they demand privacy like they haven’t completely forfeited that right the minute they got their own camera crew.

Now that I really look at it, it’s not as funny as I had thought.

I think what really annoys me about these Hollywood reality-show lifestyles is what it is doing to our society. People famous for doing absolutely nothing to contribute to society: making millions for whining, eating and gossiping about pointless junk. How many kids out there think that this is how people should actually live? Another  marriage for the sake of media buzz in Hollywood, another bad example for people going into a relationship to compare themselves to. All I can hope is that young girls that are going into relationships and are beginning to turn into the adult-versions of themselves don’t look at people like the Kardashians and aspire to live like that. They are breathing Barbie dolls, moved and pushed into whatever it is they should be doing next.

At the same time I kind of feel bad for all those Kardashians. Originally I thought that I hated all this media buzz because I was jealous. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get payed millions to wear nice clothes, date hot athletes and party? Then I started to wonder if they’ve had a really genuine moment in their life in the last five years or however long that show has been on the air. I wonder if they even know what a real, genuine moment is now? When I see a person getting divorced after 2 months I see a person that has no idea what they want out of life, or what they should expect out of the process. I guess that is what happens when your life gets scripted, it doesn’t become your life anymore.

Now, let’s just ignore all this Kardashicrap and just move on to some new, hot dish, like Bieber’s baby Daddy drama…

Shoot. Looks like I got caught up in it again.