Stop Occupying Wall Street (Please!)

17 Nov
No one can avoid the Occupy Wall Street/Philadelphia/every other city in the U.S. protests that are filling up the cities. Honestly, I’ve never much been into it. When it first started I thought, hey that’s a cool concept, but after a week I just saw the whole thing as an abuse of our liberties. I saw it as stupid and pointless and a giant waste of space.
Two months later, and I think that most of the 99 percent agrees with me: it’s time for this to stop.
Today I saw a photo (which unfortunately I can no longer find), of a man being forced away from the door to his company by a herd of angry protesters, I was so disgusted that I decided I needed to post something.
The OWS protesters are so self absorbed that they can’t see what they really are. Where is the peacefulness of forcing others away from doing their jobs peacefully? Blocking traffic, crowding a business district, screaming in the streets? Where is the accomplishment there? In the photo I mentioned, one man holds a sign that says “People Before Profits” as he pushes another person away from their right to go where they please, forcing him away like they control him. It honestly sickens me. Since when do these OWS think they can try and control others like they are, ruining cities and public parks that the general public might also want to use.
They are no longer for the public, they are for themselves. I am a part of the general public and not once have they tried to speak for me, or have benefitted me. In fact, being a young member of society, they embarrass me by adding me to their generalization. This abuse of our freedoms to hurt society and not help anyone but themselves is ridiculous. As Mayor Nutter said of Occupy Philly, they have made no efforts to continue to meet and try to vocalize their opinions. They sit in parks in tents doing nothing but hanging out and complaining to each other. What can anyone learn from that?

Occupy protesters in Philly said that Nutter is exploiting negative examples in the Occupy movement. How is stating true facts and saying that they need to end an exploitation of anything? The protesters have broken the law, they have blocked 1,000 people from working on a new project, they have taken away a park that the public uses and replaced it with a filthy camp. Who is exploiting who?

If you want to make an effort to get your cause heard here’s what you should do: Issue a press release, hold an outdoor event with speeches and presentations, pass out fliers. Don’t sit down in a park and pout, then yell at others who are trying to better their situation. Don’t force feed your disgusting habits and terrible attitude
Listen, I am part of the 99 percent. I am not making half as much as I would like to be, and after working my ass off for the last 4 years and doing everything I was supposed to, I also feel like I am entitled to more than I am getting. But I’m not going to force other people to have to walk around me and alter their lives to fit my own situation. I have too much respect for those involved in the businesses that people are parked in front of. People like our parents, siblings, boyfriends and girlfriends, who work inside those buildings making a modest wage. People who rely on those businesses to pay for their future. Not everyone in Wall Street is a monster. Why should the rest of the 99 percent working for a company with one or two schmucks have to suffer just because they have to feed their kids?
The bottom line is that almost all of the people walking the streets that these OWS protestors are filling up with madness and mayhem are a part of the 99 percent. They’re probably all struggling just as hard, but they are trying to better their situations, not make the whole world worse.
OWS isn’t fair to the 99 percent. Don’t make us all suffer because you’ve got issues with your own life. I’m part of the 99 percent, and you’re not helping me.

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