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Try This! Awesome and Easy Nail Art

7 Jan

If you happen to have known or met me in the last four years you might have learned that I work dabble in journalism. That being said I’m totally obsessed with newsprint. The type, the kind of blackish-grey color of the copy, the paper itself… newspapers are a fantastic thing.

So naturally I freaked out when I saw that I could turn my nails into newspapers… yes, that’s right.

I stumbled on this image on Pinterest (a fantastic website, if you haven’t given it a try you must, must, must go) and pretty much ignored it because the website was in French I figured it would be impossible to do. Still, I couldn’t get them out of my mind and went to research them, and they were amazingly easy. So, here goes!

First things first, all you need is your nail polish, a clear coat, some newspaper, a paint brush and alcohol. By alcohol I mean vodka, schnapps, I guess tequila? I used an old cheap bottle that was lying around, honestly every little thing about liquor makes me sick so I never touch it (beer’s too delicious).

Paint your nails any light color you have. I really like a light grey or off-white. From the other nails I’ve seen, anything too light looks kind of ridiculous, but white nails always look weird to me. I actually didn’t have a light grey, so I took an ugly white nail polish I had and mixed it with some straight black. I’m so thrifty! Follow with two coats of clear polish on top, and wait for it to dry! I can’t stress that point enough, you will be lying that super-thin newsprint on it and it will stick to your nails if they are wet. This part sucks. I can’t stand waiting the 25 minutes for my nails to dry completely, and normally I end up just falling asleep or something while waiting. Oh my gosh I can’t even explain how much I dislike drying nails!

Take your newspaper and cut 10 1 inch strips (one for each nail). You really don’t need too much paper, so make sure you do a little reading! Find pieces with a lot of straight copy, not with big giant spaces or images, and make sure you don’t have any weird or unsettling words on your fingers. When I began I was worried that any color on the page of the page would bleed onto he nail, but that isn’t an issue here, so just focus on one side. Get your alcohol off to the side and your paint brush. I used a very, very soft calligraphy brush as to not scratch the polish with hard bristles.


Now that your nails are dry, take your brush- now covered in your booze of choice- and paint over your nail so that it is totally soaked. I got it really really covered, so that puddles formed in the corners. Before the alcohol dries quickly press the newsprint down into place. This will be like a stick on tattoo, so once it’s down, it’s down. No moving it around. Press the paper down and push it all the way into the creases and hold it in place for about 45 seconds. Some websites suggested keeping the papers on there until they dried completely, but I found that it made the paper stick to my nails. When you peel away the paper, your print should be there!


Follow up by washing off any newsprint that may have stuck to your cuticles and a final clear quote on top, and badaboom! You look ten times cooler than you ever have.

I can’t stop looking at my nails. They are so fantastic. Just a little bit crazy but also very chic and classy. They’ve had me thinking about alternative ideas with newsprint paper- which is sold unprinted in all craft stores. You could probably print photos and graphics on the newsprint… go nuts with it!

I’m so excited to show this off to my journo friends! Write on!