She Has Arrived!

8 Jan

Praise the heavens! All Hail! Now Putchya Hands Up!

Jay Z and Beyonce’s child has arrived!

Who hasn’t been psyched about the birth of the music god and goddess’s child? Mainly because this kid is going to be so awesome in so many ways that I can’t even explain. Their first streak of awesomeness was expected to be her (a baby girl, obviously) name. Keyword: expected.

Jay Z and Beyonce could have named their kid anything amazing: Money, Platinum, Badass. Want to know what they went with?

Blue Ivy Carter.

Come on, guys! What a disappointment. Blue is a color, not a name. Where’s the  power behind that?

If you were super, duper rich, powerful, successful, and amazing what would you name your kid? I think I would name them something normal, like Anne or Mike or something, just to throw people off.

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