Hey! Look at this cool thing I bought!

18 Jan

I’ve decided to be a grownup this year. That means not blowing my entire on paycheck on clothes, restaurants and really stupid, immature and pointless things. I’ve got a hardcore budget I set for myself and I’ve actually been doing a fantastic job of sticking to it (insert pat on back here).

The only problem is Valentine’s Day weekend is coming up. As a way to get ready for grown-up life, Alex (this cool boyfriend that I have, if you haven’t been reading my blog/known me for the last 3 years) and I have decided to live at home until we’ve both gotten full time, salary-based jobs and have a pretty big large sum of cash saved up. We probably won’t be close to leaving home for like another year, but by then we’ll have some money saved, I should have a car in which all of the door handles work and the paint isn’t chipping away, and it will be a much easier to get settled into an actual life. Here’s the thing about living at home though…

It suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

I’m not one to use a lot of annoying type in my blogs, but its the only way I know how to express that. There’s just so much about it that sucks. Not being able to just lie around without a million people asking what you’re doing or what’s wrong, cooking a meal for two and subsequently having to provide an additional gaggle of people with “little tastes” until you have nothing for yourself, settling down to watch a show only to lose television rights or be asked 6 million favors. Walking anywhere near the door and being bombarded with questions about where you’re going, when you’ll be back, why your jacket isn’t buttoned and why you have to leave… you know. Just a few of those things.

The thing I miss the most about school is just being able to be totally and completely antisocial with Alex.  Sitting around and doing nothing for a few hours without having to answer to someone. As a way to protect our sanity and keep our relationship from being completely smothered by outside influences, we decided to spend Valentine’s weekend in Philadelphia. Of course living 10 minutes from Philly we have no need to see sights or any of that, so we’ll be staying in a really affordable hotel, going to restaurants we’ve always wanted to visit, taking a lot of naps and pretty much doing nothing. I get chills from anticipation!!!

Anywho, Alex is taking me to brunch at this amazing Stephen Starr restaurant called Parc, which is basically a French bistro that got dropped into Rittenhouse square. It is gorgeous, and I have wanted a Croque Madame since I visited Paris in 2009. So obviously I needed an adorable France-on-Valentine’s-Day brunch dress for the occasion.

Special occasion dresses usually don’t mix well with a tight budget, but thankfully Christmas left me with an Old Navy gift card and I got this little number! It’s cheap already, around $35 dollars, but with my gift card it cost me less than $10!

It’s funny because I used to  be the only person in the world that hated getting gift cards as gifts. I thought it was so impersonal and lazy. But now that I’m on such a tight budget, I see them as a way to offer some relaxation and luxury to another person.

With this dress I am going to rock these amazing coral heels I got from Primark in London two years ago with some jade accessories during brunch with my hair down, and a pair of brown boots at night with red accessories and my hair up for the night out. I’m wearing it right now, actually, and have gotten at least three compliments! The one thing I’m not totally thrilled about this the sleeves, but luckily I took a semester of sewing classes in high school and am now legally a fashion designer, so I’m going to roll them up to elbow length, put some darts in, and make it three-quarter length! I guess you can’t really mess with a classic print and a pretty fabric.

I’m in love!

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