The Dumbest Team in Baseball

4 Feb

Now you might not be able to tell from these blog posts, but I am a huge sports fan. I just figured it wouldn’t be interesting for everyone to hear my talk about how much I love Philadelphia sports so much, so I’ve refrained.

But not anymore.

One of Alex and my favorite memories is spending the weekend in Washington D.C. for the Phillies-Nationals series (I should probably phrase that Nationals-Phillies but no one actually likes the Nationals so, it’s okay). It’s a relaxing vacation in a town that you can walk everywhere to get to, the stadium has a cool outdoor bar with cornhole and a band, and the town is PACKED with Phillies fans. Seriously, the Mummers will come in and perform, everyone is dressed in their Phillies gear… Washington D.C. turns into Philadelphia.

So imagine my surprise when the Nationals decided to block anyone from outside Washington, Virginia and Maryland from buying tickets to the Phillies-Nationals series. Nationals chief operating officer Andy was quoted saying “Forget you, Philly. This is our park, this is our town, these are our fans, and it’s our time right now.” He’s called the series “Take Back the Park,” mainly because during games Phillies fans like to chant things like “Our House.” Can you blame us? We’re the only ones that actually go to Nationals games. It’s our summer house. Get over it, Feffer.

Feffer has been trying to stir up this imaginary rivalry for years and it’s such a joke. They bought Jayson Werth for an insane amount of money after we chewed him up and spit him out, now they’re coming after more of our washed up old junkers in an attempt to make us jealous or something. Now they’re trying to ban us from our mini-vacations? Please, Feffer.

The Nationals are an embarrassment of a team. They have a pile of scrub players and a terrible, nearly non-existent fan base. We are the Philadelphia Phillies. Lets be serious, if we are banned from the Nationals stadium we’ll go watch them play… anywhere else! Because any game is a good game when you’re watching the Phillies play.

So good luck filling your seats, Nats. I’ll laugh from my comfy spot at Citizens Bank Park.

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