Macy’s Awesome Ad

10 Feb

Check out this new Macy’s ad for their bridal registry:

Macy’s, you sneaky little sneaks you! I am in love with this ad! Why’s that? Check out the wedding cake, smack dab in the center of it. A two-man wedding topper!? Fabulous!! I love it!! Go Macy’s! Such a subtle hint at love in all forms. Oh gosh I’m like a proud mom right now.

I am all about gay marriage. All about it. I don’t even understand how it can still be right that two adults that love each other can’t get married. How is that not bananas!? Of course some organization One Million Moms that has a problem with it, but they have a problem with everything that doesn’t depict a blonde woman, blonde man and their perfect blonde son going to church. They even have issues with Ellen… ELLEN! How do you not love Ellen!? She’s all that is right and adorable in the world squeezed into one little person.  Those moms just probably never had an awesome gay best friend to shop with and bond with. I guess I would be angry too! If they did “mom jeans” wouldn’t have such a bad connotation.

I’m sorry that so many LGBT people have to deal with such angry and spiteful people as the One Million Moms organization. The people that I have met that are LGBT are the most understanding and relatable people I have ever met, simply because they are met by disgusting hatred every single day of their life, all because they love the people that they love. It’s not fair and I wish there was more I could to help protect others from hate like this.

I’m sorry that other moms in the world suddenly have to be compared to this ugly group. I think what makes this group a joke for me is that I know that the people I chose to have in my life would never support them or their ridiculous rants about hate. I know my friends and future mothers will teach their children that love comes in all sorts of packages, as I plan to one day. And I know that my children will not be around women that are angry and internally ugly and all around mean, because I won’t allow it. I will not raise a bully.

Bottom line, is the world is full of diversity. That is what makes it awesome. It’s great to see the classic staple of American domesticity that is Macy’s embrace the world’s diversity and celebrate it. To celebrate them, I guess I’ll just have to go buy a new pair of shoes or something from Macy’s tonight. What can I say, I’m almost too charitable.

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