Who are The Blonds and how did they get so fabulous!?

16 Feb

New York Fashion Week is upon us! Ahhh, to be a fabulous New York fashionista, sitting front row at all the hot shows next to Mary Kate, Ashley and one of the Gossip Girls…

Okay, back to reality.

Phillipe and David Blond

I love clothes. So I obviously love Fashion Week. This year I am totally obsessed with this new designer, The Blonds. Two totally amazing designers, David and Phillipe Blond, making sparkly-chic, fabulous-fun clothes.

After a little bit of Googling I found out that they designed Katy Perry’s adorable jewel-encrusted Smurfette mini-dress for the premiere of The Smurfs, but besides that they’re a slight mystery to me. All I know is that they are a little bit odd, totally crazy and completely fantastic. I need to see more!

Check out their full Spring 2012 runway line here, on New York Magazine’s Fashion Week photo slideshow and fall in deeper love with rhinestones and sequins than you ever thought possible.


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