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Happy International Pancake Day!!!

21 Feb


Enjoying it in (super-full) style.

I’m Already Over Jeremy Lin

21 Feb

Sorry, ESPN, if I have to hear another feature on the New York Nick’s Jeremy Lin my head might just explode.

How can you tell that an athlete is being over-publicized to the millionth degree? He is tied to the sport’s world’s disposa-date, Kim Kardashian.

I get it, he’s a talented, young, Asian-American Ivy League basketball player. That is pretty badass. But seriously, does every single thing that happens in basketball or sports have to somehow be tied back to Jeremy Lin? Is every single news segment, tweet and Facebook post on the planet have to contain his name?

The guy’s on a lucky streak. Eventually he’ll have a couple of off games and ESPN will move onto the next story they choose to beat to death, but I’m already at my Jeremy Lin-breaking-point!

Chevron, Chevron Everywhere!

21 Feb

In the last month my Pinterest, online shopping sites and actual stores have been completely flooded with chevron. Chevron pillows, wall murals, skirts,

Chevron Throw Pillow at Target

nails, shirts, it’s insane.

So what’s the deal with chevron?

The world is a big ol’ blur of zigzag stripes, and honestly I don’t really hate it. I like the idea of chevron because it’s a really simple pattern that can go well with any color palate and any style of clothing or home design.

But is chevron just another fad? Can a pattern become a fad? And how can something so simply chic just be a fad?

I think the perks of social media sites like Pinterest and style blogs like Mr. Kate and HelloGiggles is that they all give us insight into amazing trends that were once only enjoyed by the super rich that could afford personal stylists and chevron nailsinterior designers.  So when designers figure out how to run something like chevron into a fun way to brighten up some spring styles, all of us social media addicts jump on it and go overboard.

So I’ve come to a conclusion for my life with chevron. For now, I’ll buy a cute shirt, maybe chevron my nails one night (if I have the patience… most likely that’s a no), buy a cute coffee mug or something, but I’m not about to commit to anything chevron. I’m not going to paint my walls or send out my wedding invites with these semi-fabulous zig zags, because next week I could be obsessed with polka dots all over again or in love with paisley… okay just kidding I’ll never love paisley… Elle Woods taught me well.

Why I Need to be More Like Tina Fey

21 Feb

There isn’t anyone better in the world than my homegirl, Tina Fey (Amy Poehler, you’re a close second, but Tina’s a Philly girl so that instantly shoots her to the top of the totem pole…represent!). I grew up watching and idolizing Saturday Night Live, and not much has changed.

Tina Fey represents all that I would like to accomplish in my own career and in my own life: working from the bottom up. Which is why I’ve compiled my list of why she is super fabulous and I need to be like her.

1. She is woman, hear her roar.
Before Tina Fey I had a lot of trouble finding really genuinely funny women on television and in movies. There was some kind of battle between being cute and pretty and being funny. You couldn’t be the pretty protagonist and make a fart joke. I like to think the ladies of late ’90s and early ’00s Saturday Night Live (Amy Poehler, Mya Rudolph and Molly Shannon included) crushed some barriers that were put up to keep women from being hilarious. You can see the shift in female comedic leads in the last decade. Now a woman is funny while being smart, sexy, at times a little gross, kind of disastrous, and gorgeous.

2. She has it all…
Husband, kids, dream career, awesome friends, the respect of everyone, a memoir… this is a woman that- as Liz Lemon says- has it all. Women want to be her, men want their wives to be like her. And yet somehow she still manages to remain seemingly grounded and normal.

3. …and she’s earned it all.
Reading her book, BossyPants, gave me a new-found respect for my girl Tina. She took what she had and she turned it into the life she has today. She didn’t wait around for other to tell her to make the next move. Too often I find myself doubting my potential because other people try to tell me to settle down and wait things out, and I’ve always know that waiting out for the next best offer wasn’t me. Maybe I’m just not patient, maybe people just don’t get me, but Tina Fey has given me the faith to know that I don’t have to listen to them. Girl. Power.

4. She gets to turn into Liz Lemon part-time
30 Rock-ophiles like me love Liz Lemon, but we all know what a totally insane mess it would be to live her life. Still, I think Liz Lemon would be the perfect character to play as an actress. Sometimes it’s fun to be a hot mess. Liz Lemon is hilarious because she can be the absolute definition of a wreck, but it’s still okay! It’s fun to be crazy and chaotic, and it’s even better when you get to transform into a sane and normal person at the end of the day. Plus, she’s got to make out with Matt Damon, Jon Hamm and  Jason Sudeikis… sign me up!

5. She’s got great gams
Homegirl is hot. She’s got awesome legs, arms, style, hair, and general everything. Best of all, she looks like a normal lady. No Hollywood surgeries or over the top outfits required. Get it, girl.