Chevron, Chevron Everywhere!

21 Feb

In the last month my Pinterest, online shopping sites and actual stores have been completely flooded with chevron. Chevron pillows, wall murals, skirts,

Chevron Throw Pillow at Target

nails, shirts, it’s insane.

So what’s the deal with chevron?

The world is a big ol’ blur of zigzag stripes, and honestly I don’t really hate it. I like the idea of chevron because it’s a really simple pattern that can go well with any color palate and any style of clothing or home design.

But is chevron just another fad? Can a pattern become a fad? And how can something so simply chic just be a fad?

I think the perks of social media sites like Pinterest and style blogs like Mr. Kate and HelloGiggles is that they all give us insight into amazing trends that were once only enjoyed by the super rich that could afford personal stylists and chevron nailsinterior designers.  So when designers figure out how to run something like chevron into a fun way to brighten up some spring styles, all of us social media addicts jump on it and go overboard.

So I’ve come to a conclusion for my life with chevron. For now, I’ll buy a cute shirt, maybe chevron my nails one night (if I have the patience… most likely that’s a no), buy a cute coffee mug or something, but I’m not about to commit to anything chevron. I’m not going to paint my walls or send out my wedding invites with these semi-fabulous zig zags, because next week I could be obsessed with polka dots all over again or in love with paisley… okay just kidding I’ll never love paisley… Elle Woods taught me well.

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