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30 Rock Funky Juice

23 Feb

Ice, Sprite and white wine… You’ve got yourself a Liz Lemon night.
Happy Thursday night!


Ben Wyatt-Inspired Work Style

23 Feb

It’s Thursday. The best day of the week! Thursday’s mean my favorite shows at night, combined with a hearty helping of funky juice (stay tuned for the recipe tonight) and a nice homemade dinner with the boyfriend, with whatever sports game is on during commercial breaks.

This morning I woke up totally psyched about a new Parks and Rectonight, so

Ben Wyatt

in honor of the day I decided to rock an outfit inspired by one of my favorite P&R characters, Ben Wyatt, the boyfriend and campaign manager of my favorite leading lady, Leslie Knope. Yes, I know, Ben Wyatt is a man… but he’s a very handsome and stylish man so I decided to see if I could pull it off.

Ben Wyatt loves slim-fit plaid shirts, skinny ties and really nice, tapered slacks. Kind of a country-guy-comes-to-the-city vibe. So today I did my best to impersonate that laid back, work-appropriate feel. Check it out!

Rangeley Camp Shirt in Navy, on sale for $29.99 at LL Bean
This shirt was a Christmas gift from Alex’s parents, and I have to work really hard not to wear it every week because it’s so freaking comfortable. I pair it with a white lace camisole I have and leave it open about half way for a little more color. It has a great fit, and you can roll the sleeves up to a 3-quarter length, which is great for me because by around 2 p.m. my office turns into a furnace. But the best part about this shirt has to be the fact that it is now on sale and available in a ton of colors. All shipping online at is free, too! Yay savings!

Merona Refined Denim Skirt, $22.99 at Target
Now I must admit that this is not the exact skirt I’m wearing, but it’s pretty darn close.  I am wearing a Merona refined denim skirt, but it is a little bit shorter than the one pictured and has pockets. I’m 5’2″, so skirts that are supposed to be knee length on the average person usually go down a little lower then they’re supposed to so I always try to buy skirts that should run just above the knee. Today I put this on a little bit higher on my waist and tucked my shirts into it for a more professional look. I love this refined denim. It’s so comfortable, goes from season-to-season, and looks great with so much.

Coconuts Wendi Boot, $39.94 at DSW Shoe Warehouse
I bought these boots back in the fall when my favorite pair of brown boots that I have had for years quite literally fell apart in the middle of work. It was a sad day, but I recovered. I love these boots. They run perfectly up to my knee and they’re just a little bit slouched. I’m crazy particular when it comes to shoes (which is probably why I don’t own that many pairs) but when I saw these and saw the price I knew it was destiny.

Vide-OH! of the day

23 Feb

I love bears. They are one of my favorite animals. When I worked at a nature park in college I taught a lesson to kids on black bears, and I just fell in love with them!

So naturally I had to share this totally awesome black bear that I just saw.