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Am I the only one that hates All-Star weekends?

25 Feb

The NBA All-Star weekend is upon us and I can’t stand it. It’s pretty much how I feel about every professional sports’ All Star game. They are the worst and I don’t understand why everyone loves them so much.

Every time an All-Star game or event comes around I try my best to get excited about it, which is why I settled in to watch the BBVA Rising Starschallenge last night with

Oh what's that, 76ers' Evan Turner? You dunked at the game last night? Oh what a surprise...

Alex and a Slurpee. None of my other friends wanted to watch it, and I’m pretty sure my Slurpee hated it because it seemed to melt faster than usual. I can’t say I blame them. When a game ends 146-133, you know you’re watching a snoozefest.

It’s pretty ridiculous to call last night’s game a “challenge”. It should be something like a “scrimmage” or a “pile-o-crap.” The only highlight of last night was that I got to see me some Shaq, the secret love of my life. The rest of what I watched was a bunch of guys lightly jogging between nets, then slamming on the basket like they were Harlem Globetrotters while any defense tucked their arms tightly to their sides and stepped back (note: the Harlem Globetrotters are performers… they are fake). No pressure or heat, no angry coaches yelling, no audience cheering… nothing that makes sports fun!

It’s not just the NBA All Star weekend that I can’t stand, it’s every celebrity All Star game. They’re not fun to watch, ladies and gentlemen. ESPN and other sports networks just try to tell us they are to sell t-shirts. By the time this game ends I always end up feeling completely bored and begging for the regular season to come back on.

I understand why players would tread so lightly on these games. What’s the point in playing hard and risking an injury on a game that means absolutely nothing? I get that, but if everyone understands that then why waste a full weekend so famous athletes can play with their friends on camera?

Yeah, I’ll complain, but there’s nothing I can do! So I guess I’ll settle in and watch the dunk contest tonight and I’m sure in upcoming sports I’ll be there watching again. It could be worse…

I could be watching “Whitney.”

Try This! The Naked French Manicure

25 Feb

While perusing Pinterest one day I found this really interesting nail style that I knew I had to have. Several nail companies make a clear, matte polish that goes onto your nails as a top coat. So today after work I stopped by a nearby beauty supply store to get my hands on some matte polish.

South Jersey ladies: you have to stop by an Image Beauty. Anyone outside of my area I suggest finding a discount beauty center for all of your nail polish needs. These places have much better prices on products you usually go to Target or Ulta to buy.  OPI polish and Essie, normally eight or nine bucks, for six dollars? I’ll take it. For my nails I bought Essie’s Matte About You top coat and Brooch the Subject, which was a really pretty nude.

Of course I started with two coats of the nude polish. That’s the best part about this Essie polish, its really opaque. I spent a long time in the store looking for a nude polish that wouldn’t require a million coats and I found it! After I let the polish dry completely (keyword: completely) I followed that with one coat of the matte polish. It goes on fast and seems to dry faster, but it is like another coat of polish and it gets really sticky, so let that dry again before moving onto anything else. If you look at the photo I posted the nail (on my incredibly dry hands!) on the left is a regular 2 coats of polish, and the one on the right is after a coat of matte polish. I love it!

Now comes the manicure part. The beauty supply stores sell strips that serve as markers for manicures, but I’m not about to pay 4 bucks for sticky paper when I have perfectly good scotch tape at home! When it comes to little details, I suck. I just don’t have the patience to pay attention, so you know that if I can do this you most certainly can. Simply pull off about an inch of tape and cut one edge in the shape of your nail. Then place it slightly below the tip of your nail to create the space where a normal French manicure would be white. Then take your nude polish and paint over the space you just created, peel the tape off, and let dry!

Voila! A very simple, very sophisticate style. I’m not too into flashy, over-the-top nails, but I do like to get creative with my nails, so this is beyond perfect for me. I feel like this would be a great nail style for a wedding party because it’s clean and chic. I’ve seen this done with black polish and dark blue, which would look really subtly sexy for a night out on the town.

Matte nail polish was definitely one of my best buys. It’s totally unique, but not flashy and obnoxious. I can’t wait to see the reactions I get!