Erica’s Hot 100

28 May

Maxim just published their Hot 100 for 2012, and let me tell you, outraged was not the word to describe how I felt. When I picture a top 100 list it must have timeliness and it must acknowledge the celebrity’s relevance in that year.

Maxim’s number one? Bar Rafaeli. Really Maxim? First of all, a Victoria’s Secret model as your number one hottest woman? That’s just lazy! That’s like picking oxygen as your favorite gas to breath! Obviously a lingerie model is hot, that is literally her full-time job! And Bar Rafaeli? She didn’t even lead the ladies out at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year!

Also listed? Vanessa Hudgens, Megan Fox, Jessica Biel and Amanda Bynes. Sure, they’re good looking girls, but they have had no relevance in the last year. What are they doing there? There’s so much other super hot ladies that deserved proper places from this year!

Obviously I couldn’t stand to let this atrocity sit idly by like it didn’t neglect some ultimate hotties of 2012. So here’s my list. These ladies are not just hot because they look good in a bikini or have had a scandal or what not. They’re hot because they have sexy personalities, and are a plain ol’ hot presence on tv, movies and media. They’re hot even with their clothes on, a threatening kind of hot. See who I picked and what spot they earned!

Please note: This took research! Literal, jumping from website-to-website research. Never thought my life would come to that. Honestly, I’m okay with it.

Erica’s Hot 100
1. Stephen Colbert
2. Mila Kunis
3. Emma Stone
4. Christina Hendricks
5. Alison Brie
6. Cobie Smulders
7. Sofia Vergara
8. Kate Upton
9. Rachel McAdams
10. Elizabeth Banks
11. Beyonce Knowles
12. Lizzy Caplan
13. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
14. Catrinel Menghia
15. Tina Fey
16. Brooklyn Decker
17. Aubrey Plaza
18. Abby Elliot
19. Katrina Bowden
20. Hannah Simone
21. Kristen Bell
22. Miranda Kerr
23. January Jones
24. Deborah Ann Woll
25. Heather Morris
26. Julianne Hough
27. Zooey Deschanel
28. Jessica Gomes
29. Alyssa Miller
30. Jane Krakowski
31. Dianna Agron
32. Janina Gavankar
33. Kristen Wiig
34. Natalie Portman
35. Adele
36. Selena Gomez
37. Amanda Seyfried
38. Julie Bowen
39. Kate Beckinsale
40. Alyson Hannigan
41. Candace Swanepoel
42. Julie Henderson
43. Naya Rivera
44. Jennifer Aniston
45. Anne Hathaway
46. Kat Dennings
47. Jessica Biel
48. Amber Heard
49. Blake Lively
50. Peyton List
51. Emmanuelle Chriqui
52. Katy Perry
53. Alex Morgan
54. Rose Byrne
55. Sarah Hyland
56. Michelle Williams
57. Rihanna
58. Anna Paquin
59. Olivia Wilde
60. Emmy Rossum
61. Izabel Goulart
62. Caroline Wozniacki
63. Cameron Diaz
64. Emily Blunt
65. Mindy Kaling
66. Shailene Woodley
67. Nina Dobrev
68. Elisha Cuthbert
69. Jayma Mayes
70. Sophie Horn
71. Scarlett Johansson
72. Kaley Cuoco
73. Charlize Theron
74. Ashley Greene
75. Elizabeth Olsen
76. Malin Ackerman
77. Kate Mara
78. Kate Winslet
79. Jennifer Lawrence
80. Emma Watson
81. Minka Kelly
82. Marisa Miller
83. Rachel Bilson
84. Eva Mendes
85. Megan Mullally
86. Zoe Kravitz
87. Kristen Ritter
88. Taylor Swift
89. Emilia Clarke
90. Kate Middleton
91. Anna Kendrick
92. Katharine McPhee
93. Heidi Klum
94. Britney Spears
95. Diane Kruger
96. Zoe Saldana
97. Rashida Jones
98. Penelope Cruz
99. Lana Del Rey
100. JWoww

One Response to “Erica’s Hot 100”

  1. Daddio May 31, 2012 at 9:59 pm #

    I might shuffle the list a bit, but I think you are spot on!

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