Three Years Later…

1 Jul

Today marks three years since, after one or two too many drinks, I walked up to the adorably handsome Alex Young, pushed him a little too hard, and yelled “WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ASK ME TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!?”

…and the romance hasn’t stopped since.

To be 100 percent honest I have never shared the story of how Alex and I came to be “Alex and I” with anyone until this exact moment. Sure, people know how we met on the first day of journalism school after I complimented his Chelsea jersey, and how he was the first person I spoke to when I got off the plane during my six months in England- when I was jet lagged and crying and more scared than I’ve ever been in my entire life- on study abroad, and the first person I heard from when I got off the plane. People know about us, but nobody knows about that moment, that led to the actual us.

I think I’ve always been embarrassed to tell that story, but right now, on our third anniversary as a couple, it cracks me up. Because it is pretty our last three years together summed up into one obnoxious moment. Me: loud and abrasive and Alex: calm, a little reserved and sensible. I don’t think anyone would have expected anything different out of us.

It still shocks me that I’ve found someone who is so unbelievably like me in so many ways that can put up with my wackiness. And I really can’t believe that I have found someone that has never, ever show a shred of throwing in the towel. Even after so much, he’s stuck by me and is always ready for more. I appreciate a lot about my boyfriend, but that is something I won’t ever be able to express enough gratitude for.

What I’ve had for the last three years is something I never in my life would have thought I would have. I have a best friend that I never get tired of seeing, a comrade that loves naps as much as I do, a partner that knows when I need help and when I need to just be me. Someone I can learn from, teach things to, laugh with, cry with, cook next to, and just plain be with. I always say I have bad luck, but I think I just used up all my luck in finding Alex.

And honestly, I’m perfectly fine with that.

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