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Why I Need to be More Like Tina Fey

21 Feb

There isn’t anyone better in the world than my homegirl, Tina Fey (Amy Poehler, you’re a close second, but Tina’s a Philly girl so that instantly shoots her to the top of the totem pole…represent!). I grew up watching and idolizing Saturday Night Live, and not much has changed.

Tina Fey represents all that I would like to accomplish in my own career and in my own life: working from the bottom up. Which is why I’ve compiled my list of why she is super fabulous and I need to be like her.

1. She is woman, hear her roar.
Before Tina Fey I had a lot of trouble finding really genuinely funny women on television and in movies. There was some kind of battle between being cute and pretty and being funny. You couldn’t be the pretty protagonist and make a fart joke. I like to think the ladies of late ’90s and early ’00s Saturday Night Live (Amy Poehler, Mya Rudolph and Molly Shannon included) crushed some barriers that were put up to keep women from being hilarious. You can see the shift in female comedic leads in the last decade. Now a woman is funny while being smart, sexy, at times a little gross, kind of disastrous, and gorgeous.

2. She has it all…
Husband, kids, dream career, awesome friends, the respect of everyone, a memoir… this is a woman that- as Liz Lemon says- has it all. Women want to be her, men want their wives to be like her. And yet somehow she still manages to remain seemingly grounded and normal.

3. …and she’s earned it all.
Reading her book, BossyPants, gave me a new-found respect for my girl Tina. She took what she had and she turned it into the life she has today. She didn’t wait around for other to tell her to make the next move. Too often I find myself doubting my potential because other people try to tell me to settle down and wait things out, and I’ve always know that waiting out for the next best offer wasn’t me. Maybe I’m just not patient, maybe people just don’t get me, but Tina Fey has given me the faith to know that I don’t have to listen to them. Girl. Power.

4. She gets to turn into Liz Lemon part-time
30 Rock-ophiles like me love Liz Lemon, but we all know what a totally insane mess it would be to live her life. Still, I think Liz Lemon would be the perfect character to play as an actress. Sometimes it’s fun to be a hot mess. Liz Lemon is hilarious because she can be the absolute definition of a wreck, but it’s still okay! It’s fun to be crazy and chaotic, and it’s even better when you get to transform into a sane and normal person at the end of the day. Plus, she’s got to make out with Matt Damon, Jon Hamm and  Jason Sudeikis… sign me up!

5. She’s got great gams
Homegirl is hot. She’s got awesome legs, arms, style, hair, and general everything. Best of all, she looks like a normal lady. No Hollywood surgeries or over the top outfits required. Get it, girl.

Effortless, Comfy Work Style.

16 Feb

I’m not going to lie, I feel good today. I was a big fan of the outfit I pulled together this morning, and that good feeling only exploded into a great feeling when I walked into the break room at lunch and was greeted with a flood of “WOOOOOOOWS!!” by the fabulous sales ladies in my office. So I’m passing my totally easy, super comfortable and, of course, crazy affordable outfit onto you!

Charmeuse Tab Sleeve Dress
$34.94 at Old Navy (on sale for $19)
I know, I know I’m a walking advert for Old Navy, but this is without a doubt the best buy I have made in a very long time. While shopping for a Valentine’s Day outfit I stumbled on this $19 sale dress (that’s right, head into the store and you might just find it on sale!). I figured I’d buy it in case my planned outfit didn’t work out and then return it next week if I wasn’t crazy about it. Oh, boy. This is the most flattering and comfortable dress I own, and it still looks professional. Plus I have gotten so many compliments on the color alone.

Kylie wedge pump in black
$26.99 at Payless
I’m a very cheap, sale-oriented shopper, so spending full price on a pair of shoes is kind of painful to me, even if it is only $26.99. But I am in love with these shoes! I wear them at least twice a week because they’re comfortable and they go with almost everything. They’re my go-to wedges for when I feel like wearing a pair of skinny jeans, and they have never failed me!

Minicci open weave gray tights  
$5.99 at Payless
I have had these tights sitting in my drawer for a month or so, because tights and I don’t really get along. I usually get them up to about my knee before they catch on my fingernail or toe nail, get a hole and run up my entire leg, leaving me tight-less and late for work. Somehow over the course of a full work day I have yet to make a single rip in these guys! And they are crazy comfortable, not stuffy and confining like usual tights. Plus they add a little pattern to an otherwise patternless look!

Stuck at my Desk Inspiring Quote

16 Feb

Kurt Vonnegut-
[When Vonnegut tells his wife he’s going out to buy an envelope] “‘Oh,’ she says, ‘well, you’re not a poor man. You know, why don’t you go online and buy a hundred envelopes and put them in the closet?’ And so I pretend not to hear her. And go out to get an envelope because I’m going to have a hell of a good time in the process of buying one envelope. I meet a lot of people. And, see some great looking babes. And a fire engine goes by. And I give them the thumbs up. And, and ask a woman what kind of dog that is. And, and I don’t know. The moral of the story is, is we’re here on Earth to fart around. And, of course, the computers will do us out of that. And, what the computer people don’t realize, or they don’t care, is we’re dancing animals. You know, we love to move around. And, we’re not supposed to dance at all anymore.”

Valentine’s Day Style

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day served as a helpful reminder to me that I have a depressing lack of pink in my wardrobe. So I decided to cute things up a little bit this holiday and get dressed up to match the occassion.

I didn’t realize that almost my entire Valentine’s Day ensemble was Old Navy until I decided to do this post. All I knew was that it was entirely on sale. I kicked things off with these absolutely fabulous red jeggings/jeans. I ordered them online, since I have to get all my pants in short because, well, I’m short, but when I was in store yesterday they had one million colors and they were on sale!

They are insanely comfortable and they fit great. I am in love. I paired them with my sparkle Target flats.

The top was where I struggled. As I mentioned, my closet was seriously lacking on pink. I don’t understand what happened in my life that led me to wear only six million shades of gray (I do love gray…) but I could see I had a problem. I needed to find a way to include pink with my jeans but not go overboard. So I found this great white and black striped crew neck sweater. Super soft, long sleeved, just a little big around the waist. And best part of all?

I only payed $9.99 for it.

I finished it off with a pink camisole and… tada! Valentine’s Day ready!

A totally adorable, comfy and work-appropriate outfit, all for around $25.

So a pretty perfect Valentine’s Day matched with a pretty perfect outfit. I have to say, dressing the part really makes the day a lot more fun. Every time I looked at my pink and red clothes I felt more festive and more happy with the holiday.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Yeah I LOVE Valentine’s Day, So What!?

14 Feb

Hey guess what world!? While you’re busy writing angry Facebook statuses about Hallmark scams and blah blah blah I’m off enjoying a holiday that’s cute, fun and totally harmless. Yeah I’m wearing pink! I’m also wearing red, and I painted my nails pink for the occasion. So what!? Yeah, I gushed over the box of flowers my boyfriend delivered to my office, while the anti-V-Day grumps moaned about it, so what!? And you bet your butt I’m going to eat at least one heart-shaped thing, watch at least one romantic movie today and send Valentine’s Day e-cards to at least five friends today.

I’m just tired of how cool it is to be anti-holiday nowadays! What is so wrong with dressing a little cuter than usual and being festive? I personally believe all of my friends and associates are far too young to be such curmudgeons about a holiday as painless as Valentine’s Day. I was single for 19 years, so I can understand the slight sting that comes with that, but you can still make it a fun day to celebrate the loves of your life, be it your best friend, your parents, your dog, Biggie Smalls… Whatever!

So I say Bah! Humbug to all those Valentine’s Day grumps. I’m going to take today to giggle a little more than usual, be obnoxiously cute, and have fun! It’s not too late for you to join me. Call up some friends, go buy some candy, and enjoy a fun and funky break in an otherwise mediocre workweek. You don’t need a guy buying you stuff or a girl asking for crap to enjoy the day. Valentine’s Day can be a fantastic way to celebrate loving yourself, loving your life and loving what the future may bring you. So join in the Valentine’s Day Revolution!

The rest of you can just enjoy another, boring Tuesday.

Getting into the spirit of February

5 Feb

I love February. Yeah, I’m that girl that wears mostly all-pink on Valentine’s Day, spends Super Bowl weekend picking out beers and baking appetizers, and secretly stresses out when Puxatony Phil announces that there will be 6 more weeks of winter. Plus, February means spring is on its way and what’s better than that? I just love February.

I’m a holiday freak. Any chance to get festive and I jump all over it. It doesn’t matter how you’re spending the day, holidays are always the opportunity to make a regular day extraordinary! I love using the days leading up to a holiday to get into the spirit, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite movies, television shows and music to get you in the mood!


Groundhog Day
This is a hilarious movie. First of all, I’m a giant Bill Murray fan, but who isn’t? Basically, this movie is about a jerky weatherman (Murray) who gets stuck reliving Groundhog Day over and over again until he figures out how to really appreciate the life he’s got. It’s not just a February movie, but Murray’s groundhog hostage scene is very fitting for the start of the month.

Come on, it’s Rudy for Pete’s sake. What better way to feel motivated and get in the Super Bowl spirit than to watch the most classic football movie of all time? I used to hate Rudy, because every time we had a substitute teacher in any class ever that was the movie they played, but as I’ve gotten older I can’t help but respect that little guy.

Philadelphia Eagles football movie. ‘Nuff said.


He’s Just Not that Into You
I love this movie, because while single and in England on Valentine’s Day my best ladies and I got together in a theatre packed with other single ladies to watching the adorably Justin Long and Ginnifer Goodwin’s relationship bloom from nothing. It’s such a fantastic memory of my own lovely Galentine’s Day weekend. Plus,  I can’t help but love that the cheaters get the shaft at the end of the movie. Vengeance.

Valentine’s Day
Title pretty much speaks for itself in this instance. Favorite scene? Without a doubt, hands down, when Julia Roberts’ character – a soldier stationed overseas- gets the chance to surprise her son while he’s sleeping on Valentine’s night. If you want to see me go from sane person to blubbering, insane baby-woman in less than 2 seconds, show me this clip. Oh my gosh I’m getting choked up thinking about it.


The League, Season 2 Episode 12, “Kegal the Elf”
Okay, The League is about Fantasy Football, and it doesn’t actually involve the Super Bowl, but it is such a good show. The end of every season wraps up who won the Shiva, or who won the cast’s fantasy league, and who won the Sacko, or placed last overall. The characters are nuts, and while this isn’t the end of the season, it marks the unfortunate end of Kevin, the league commissioner’s, very hopeful season. I don’t want to give too much away- even though I just did- and it is on Netflix, so stop by and watch.

30 Rock, Season 4 Episode 13 “Anna Howard Shaw Day”
Not only is 30 Rock the world’s most perfect show, but of course Valentine’s Day is celebrated perfectly: in a giant blur of insanity. Liz Lemon decides to go avoid Valentine’s Day by getting oral surgery and spending the day in a drug-induced haze. Unfortunately, oral surgery also comes with finding a date to pick her up from the procedure, so she revisits all her old, insane ex-boyfriends, like Dennis the Beeper King, to find her really weird date. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with Liz Lemon and her weird problems.

Parks and Rec, Season 2 Episode 16 “Galentine’s Day”

"It's like the Lilith Fair minus the angst... plus frittatas."

First of all, Leslie Knope looks adorable in her Valentine’s Day dress, as she does in every outfit she wears, and this is the episode where Andy and April’s love begins to blossom! I also love Leslie’s invention of Galentine’s Day, AKA a brunch on Valentine’s Day to celebrate all the ladies in her life. I wish my girls lived close enough to arrange a brunch on a Tuesday morning!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 3 Episode 2, “The Gang Gets Invincible”
And we go back to “Invincible.” The gang tries to get on the Eagles when they are holding a public tryout, just like the movie. This is the first time Green Man comes into play, you know the bright green, skin-tight jumpsuit you see drunk guys wearing at sports games. You can safely assume that the tryouts don’t go well for anyone, and it’s totally hilarious.


Knock Knock, Mac Miller
Great song, also the jam the Flyers listen to after a win (as seen on 24/7). One of my favorites right now, and definitely Super Bowl appropriate.

The Luckiest, Ben Folds
Before I was in a relationship, this song made me want to be in love. When I was in a relationship, this song made me realize just how in love I was. If you love love, this song will make you melt into a warm puddle of happiness. This is a song that I am actually thankful for, because it helped put so much of how I felt into actual words.

I’m Yours, Jason Mraz
A quietly cute, subtly romantic and perfect way to end a Valentine’s Day date. It’s one of my favorite songs in the whole world.

And finally…

The Super Bowl Shuffle, The Chicago Bears circa 1985
There is nothing else I have to say about this that is not expressed beautifully in this video…

My 100 Favorite Things

1 Feb

So this mark’s Erica Takes Over the World’s 100th blog post! I know what you’re thinking, did I really just waste a year of my life have the honor of reading 100 articles on this blog!? To celebrate, I’ve decided to list my 100 favorite things, which are probably also the 100 greatest things in the world so you’re welcome. Enjoy! (FYI: these are NOT in any particular order, and the bolded ones are the photos on the right!)

1. Sales on Hot Pockets
2. Gravy cheese fries from Khyber Pass in Philadelphia
3. Liz Lemon
4. Crime documentaries with bad actor depictions
5. Crappy shows available on airplanes
6. Naps on football Sundays
7. Micro Pigs
8. Alex Young
9. Adele
11. The Dark Horse Pub in Philadelphia
12. My camera lens coffee cup
13. Bangers and Mash
14. Tina Fey
15. When people ‘like’ my intentionally comical Facebook statuses
16. Diet Coke


17. Being a twin
18. Puppy paws
19. Writing
20. Leslie Knope
21. Minesweeper
22. Pinterest, and the subsequent crafts that come from it
23. Dogfish Head Brewery‘s Punkin Ale
24. English Bulldogs
25. Rainbow Chip Frosting
26. “Parks and Recreation
27. London
28. The way Home Depot smells
29. Hellogiggles
30. My gray UGGs
31. Really heavy rain in the summer right before the sun sets
32. Christmas Eve
33. Anything with lamb in it.
34. The Philadelphia Phillies
35. Finding money in old bags/clothes in my closet.
36. Big Ben
37. Making up weird conversations for people to overhear when they pass me on the street.
38. My “Life is Good” duffle-bag
39. Alec Baldwin’s face
40. Strongbow cider
41.  Breaking out flip flops for the first time every year
42. Craft beers
43. Crazy Philadelphians
44. Bread… just any bread.
45. When Will Arnett and Amy Poehler act together
46. Baked brie
47. Great White Sharks
48. Traveling
49. McGillin’s Old Ale House in Philadelphia

Simmonds, my favorite Flyer

50. Wayne Simmonds
51. Chelsea Football Club
52. Leggings
53. Crying during “Father of the Bride”
54. “Elf,” or pretty much any Will Ferrell movie.
55. A hot ham and mozzarella baguette from Upper Crust at Waterloo Station in London.
56. Backgammon
57. Indoor pools at hotels
58. Arianna and Craig from “SNL”
59. The Philadelphia Union
60. The first piece of paper in a notebook
61. Street Art

62. My banana bread recipe (soon to be blogged!)
63. My boyfriend’s amazing steak dinner
64. Re-fluffing my pillow perfectly in mid-sleep
65. Baking

One of, like, 2000 available on Facebook.

66. Stealing people’s cameras and clogging them with lots of close-up shots of my face.
67. Mel Brooks movies
68. Tazo Wild Sweet Orange tea
69. Chicken Cheesesteaks
70. “Forgetting” my phone at home
71. Carlos Ruiz, Philadelphia Phillies #51
72. Shark Week
73. My Mumford and Sons Pandora playlist.
74. Sea Isle City, New Jersey
75. Baby animal yawns
76. Online window shopping
77. Bacon
78. Amy Winehouse
79. Driving with the windows down
80. The Philadelphia Flyers
81. Putting Nutella on anything
82. “50 First Dates”
83. Charlie, the stuffed bulldog my boyfriend got me before he left for study abroad in 2010
84. My Nanny
85. That part in “Valentine’s Day” when Julia Roberts’ character sees her son.
86. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
87. Samurai movies
88. Pizza with an egg on top (seriously, try it)
89. Listening to jazz while cooking
90. Jigsaw Puzzles
91. Love Park in Philadelphia
92. John Mayer
93. M&Ms
94. Black Bears (nature’s cutest carnivore)
95. Lobster Bisque from ShopRite
96. A sharp-dressed man
97. Building an imaginary apartment at Ikea
98. Anything non-fiction on Netflix
99. Remembering awesome dreams
100. Having the creative insanity to write such a pointless and personally entertaining blog, and having amazing people that actually read it!

The Girls Are Back in Town

13 Jan

Words cannot describe how excited I have been for tonight. In a list, my excitement is probably ordered as such:

1. Christmas
2. January 12, 2012
3. Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale

In case you live on Jupiter aren’t aware, tonight was the season premiere of my favorite show in the world, 30 Rock, and the end of the winter break for my other favorite show, Parks and Recreation. Two awesome show with the best leading ladies in television that crack me up every single time I see them.

I got ready for my big night with my TGS with Tracy Jordan sweatshirt and making Liz Lemon’s favorite drink, Funky Juice, or white wine and Sprite with ice cubes. Pretty much the sweetest drink on the planet, but if Lemon drinks it, so will I.

Number one on the billing was 30 Rock. First off, Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski looked insanely good for both just popping out babies over the summer. Also rocking a good look and a great new head of hair was the ever-attractive Alec Baldwin.

I think 30 Rock has embraced their cult status really well. The show knows how to combine classic, well-loved fan jokes with a new storyline and new things to laugh at. Throwing Lemon’s competitive jazz dancing past into her new, mysterious love life was spot on and Jenna’s viscious attack on child performers made the show for me, but I couldn’t tell you how relieved I was to see Jack Donaghy act like… well, Jack Donaghy. When the episode began I was afraid old Jacky had gone soft, but when he twisted his baby daughter’s first words around to mean “money” I knew that Jack was back.

Overall, I’d give 30 Rock an A. I wasn’t into last season as much as I wanted to be, and I was thrilled to see it turn around in the first episode.

Now onto my other main girl and her team of cohorts, Parks and Rec. This week was a pick-up from before Christmas, so it wasn’t as exciting as 30 Rock, but I am always excited to see Leslie Knope- the most adorable blonde, Amy Poehler- again.

Knope starts off back in the campaign, with an absolutely hilarious and nightmarish first day back on the road to City Council. In the last season, Parks and Rec has done an awesome job of developing their characters. Leslie has stayed her usual, high-strung self, but she is now supported by a cast of really hilarious and oddly believable stars. April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) has gone from an over-the-top grump to a hilarious-but-spunky curmudgeon since marrying Andy Dwyer (Andrew Maxwell), who may be playing a little too dumb this season, but he’s always kind of an idiot anyway. Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) is his normal weird self and Ron Swanson is his usual, majestic and perfect, manly self.

Parks and Rec earned a B in my book. April, Andy and their new 3-legged dog Champion were spot on, but I think Ben Wyatt and Chris Traegar got a little bit too silly. I’m more of a fan of the nerdy, sarcastic and sane Ben Wyatt, not the goofy over-the-top Ben. I also worry about how the Knope-Wyatt love affair will fit in sensibly  with her campaign. But I guess we will see!

Both of these shows have completely succeeded in their casts. Plus, I am in love with the idea that two powerful and hilarious women are running the best shows on t.v. Girl power, all the way!

Hey! Look at this cool thing I bought!

12 Jan

I like to buy things, so here’s my new little segment on cool things that I bought.

Check this out!

Now you might be saying, Oh Erica that’s a pretty nice zoom lens you got there. You going to take some black and white pictures of trees and moldy barns with that?

No! Because it’s not a zoom lens! Come on, I’m poor, you think I can afford a zoom lens? I can’t even afford a new point and shoot. Besides, I suck at photography. Four semesters of photography and photojournalism courses paying off… womp.

What I’m holding, my readers is my brand new coffee mug!

I got this bad boy from Photojojo, an awesome photography website and store. It’s modeled after a camera lens, and it even comes with a hilarious lens bag and strap. It’s humongous, crazy creative and, best of all, it holds coffee!! Nectar of the gods!

Oddly enough it was only thirty bucks too, which is about how much I was finding any other coffee thermos of the same size. Definitely check out Photojojo, it has the most interesting stuff, including camera lens shot glasses and a smaller version of my mug.

The Post-Grad Gifts That Now Totally Rock

4 Jan

So the holiday season is over… bummer. I seriously go nuts for the holidays, and this year was definitely a great one. I got to spend Christmas and New Years Eve at Alex’s house with his family, and I got to spend Christmas Eve and New Years Day at my house… perfect fit.

Being a college grad, I also found that those gifts you used to get as a kid that weren’t too great ended up being totally frickin’ awesome. I guess this year I ended up appreciating gifts so much more since I’m so broke and desperate for help! Either way, it made me realize how totally obnoxious I was in the past in not appreciating what I got from people that cared enough to buy me something.

So here’s my top 4 list of gifts I receive on a yearly basis that were so much more awesome and useful since graduating from college and being an entry level employee.

1. Scented Clean People Stuff
Every year I get a stack of body washes, lotions, soaps and scrubs in those cute little Bath and Body Works kits from all different friends and relatives. Usually they stack up in a pile under my bed or get re-gifted to a friend or coworker, but this year they were, like, the optimal gift. If you haven’t gotten the gist of it yet, I’m poor, and I started running out of a lot of supplies I bought this summer before my student loans started kicking in. I realized what a great Christmas this would be when my friend, Shana, gave me a body wash and loofa and I yelled out “Holy crap!! I really need this!!” I’m psyched to feel like a normal part of society again, with wonderfully-smelling soaps and shampoo that doesn’t smell like that pink bathroom soap from public schools.

2. Socks
The biggest gag gift in holiday history has become one of this year’s best gifts for me. Seriously, I could go on for a couple of sentences about the different kinds of socks I got and how badly I needed them. Big thick wool ones for my new Uggs, sweater socks for bed and just average black and white ones… I’m in broke girl heaven! Socks are just one of those things that I have found I always need but never have time to run out and buy, and even when I do I have so many other things I want to buy instead. I love my new socks way too much, and I’m already dreading pulling open the dryer to find an odd number of socks in my laundry.


3. Books
Finally, something new to do that is free! This Christmas I got some awesome new books, Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?,” Brahm Stoker’s “Dracula,” Steve Job’s autobiography, and Bakerella’s Cake Pop cookbook. If I were to run up to my 10-year-old with my stack of new books, I’d totally give myself a wedgie or something, but I’m one of them adults now, I live a life of class and sophistication and books without pictures. I’m really into memoirs and non-fiction, so with the exception of “Dracula” these are all up my alley and since I’m planning on moving out hopefully sooner than later and they would be a lovely addition to my future living room shelves! Not to mention they are free entertainment, and I’ve exhausted pretty much my entire Netflix spread… I might even be able to cancel my account. Look at me, saving money… Thanks books! You totally don’t suck anymore.


4. Calendars
In the past, calendars meant nothing to me. I would hang them up in my room or something then either never take the time to flip to the next month or just leave them on the ground to collect dust once they fell. I mean, it’s not like I had a schedule or plans or public space to display one. But look at me now: I’ve got meetings and interviews, and a brand new office with a lot of blank space. I’m slowly filling that space, but I need to look more fun at work, which is why when I opened up my gift of a vintage travel posters calendar from Alex’s sister I totally flipped. Now I’m more interesting! And I won’t look like a weirdo when someone asks me what day it is and I have no answer! If having a general idea of the time and date isn’t maturing, I don’t know what is.