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The New Girls Take Over

7 Aug

Last winter I made the terrible mistake of dying my hair red. I’ve been a lifelong brunette -except for that short period in high school where I went a stunning shade of pink- and I thought somehow that red would boost my personality in some way. I was so off base.

I recently read an interview in Vanity Fair with one of my favorite actresses right now, Lizzy Caplan, in which she said that she was excited that actresses like her now “get to be the girl” as opposed to the best friend role. Caplan, a pale brunette, is stunningly gorgeous, but you may remember her as the dark and crazy mess that was Janis Ian in Mean Girls.  It got me thinking about television and movies today, and about how brunettes have- in their own way- taken over a role that in the past they never really played. And as a brunette who has now come to completely adore my hair color, I’m all for it.

There’s something to be said about brunettes taking charge of the television industry right now, because in a way it opens up the door for all women to take a new lead in media. Lizzy, Tina Fey, Zooey Deschanel, Mindy Kaling, Aubrey Plaza, Kat Dennings, Krysten Ritter. All unusual suspects in Hollywood that have managed to make a name for themselves as strong, independent, funny, smart, unique and sexy leading ladies. And they’ve used their talents to draw their crowd as opposed to a stereotypical idea of what is supposed to be beautiful in Hollywood.

These women have created  a new persona and pushed the limit on what all women actresses can do on TV. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are proving that you can be strong, funny and powerful without a man influencing every aspect of your life; Kat Dennings and Krysten Ritter prove that women can be snarky and sexy without being labeled bitchy and slutty; and Zooey Deschanel is stepping up and showing women that it’s okay to be girly and cute, because being a woman doesn’t make you any less of a leader or any less in control of your destiny.

Gone are the days of the “quirky best friend” for every woman that isn’t a cardboard cutout of the typical tall blonde bombshell. And gone are the days of every tall, blonde bombshell being labeled as the “ditsy sex object.” Women are proving their chops in new ways. I think that, despite hair color, women have been restricted by their sex in the media, and that is changing. There hasn’t been a better time to be a funny woman in Hollywood then there is now, and I love that I’m on board for the ride.

Erica’s Hot 100… Men!

2 Jun

With the introduction of my Hot 100 just a few nights ago, I thought it would only be fair to the men of the media to make a hot 100 list of the opposite gender. It was hard, but I struggled through it and got it together.

Without any more interruptions, my male hotties.
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This Just In: Anchorman Sequel!?

28 Mar

Who doesn’t love Will Ferrel. Honestly if you don’t you’re no friend of mine.

Well everyone’s favorite anchorman Ron Burgundy stopped by the “Conan show” to announce a sequel to “Anchorman”! AHHHHH LOUD NOISES! I’m so excited!

Check out the video here! I don’t know what we’re yelling about!

It’s Not that I Have a Problem with The Hunger Games…

23 Mar

I just don’t understand it so I wish people would stop talking about it! This has been the topic of conversation for every television channel, Facebook post and radio station for entirely too long.

I’m sure if I were to sit down and read the books I would really like them. I’m kind of trend-obsessed and this is right up my alley.  I just am too busy online shopping and drinking Diet Coke working to get absorbed into another obsession.

This is kind of how my mind worked out: The Hunger Games? Oh that sounds like a good series to read… Oh, crap they’re expensive… Great, there will be a movie!… oh that guy that’s dating Miley Cyrus is in it… she’s annoying… is she in it?… I think I’ll pass…

So no I won’t be going to see The Hunger Games and I understand that my logic is crazy, but who cares. Let me be a grumpy old lady.

Another Trend I Don’t Understand

13 Mar

Okay I have to admit I haven’t read The Hunger Games and I have no idea what the books are about. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most, since it’s pretty obvious that I’m not very “with it” when it comes to what’s cool in the media.

Either way, Pinterest told me that last night was the L.A. premiere of The Hunger Games movie, and this dress keeps popping up. I think it’s hideous, everyone on Pinterest is in love with it.

It just reminds me of that really cheap plastic-y wrapping paper your grandparents wrapped your gift in that was never that fun to open. One wrong move and you’ve got serious rippage.

I just hope shiny gold wrapping paper dresses aren’t a new, hot trend, because I’m not on board.

Vide-OH! of the Day

2 Mar

I was just introduced to these recut trailers, and they are absolutely hilarious. The Mary Poppins horror movie is a close second in my book.

I haven’t seen any of the Best Picture nominations and I’m not ashamed.

24 Feb

So the Oscars are upon us. I know some people are planning parties and checking out the movies that are nominated but I am not. That’s because almost every movie nominated is foreign to me, and I have no shame in admitting that. I have not seen any of the movies nominated for Best Picture in 2012, and honestly I don’t plan to.

Obviously movies are expensive, and living on a shoestring budget while saving up for a car and an apartment gives me plenty of reasons to avoid the theatre, but that’s really not it. When it comes to movies and television I have a belief that if it ain’t broke, I won’t fix it. I have watched “Baby Mama,” “Elf”  and “50 First Dates” so much that I literally mouth my way through them. The same thing applies to all 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘Oh Erica, she’s just saying that for dramatic effect.’ I’m not.

The idea of seeing a new movie or television show exhausts me. I get way too invested in things, emotionally and literally. So when I prepare to watch something new I also have to prepare myself mentally to make that show a permanent part of my watching schedule. I have to plan my time around nights when the show comes on, or I have to then start researching blogs, screen shots and when that movie will hit Netflix. I react way too much to the emotional moments of television. I can’t even watch Curb Your Enthusiasm anymore because I get so nauseously embarrassed every time Larry David tries to have a conversation with anyone. During those tense action scenes in movies I close my eyes and pray for closure. Watching something new to me is more like picking out a new puppy. Am I ready for a new commitment?

Let’s use “Inception” as a shining example. My boyfriend had to drag me out to see it, even though every single person on the planet said how good it was. It wasn’t that I didn’t think I would like it, it was that I feared I would love it. And I did. So now every time it comes on HBO,  guess what I do? Do you know how long “Inception” is!? Really freaking long! There goes my Saturday. Thank god I hated “Avatar” or I would have no personal life whatsoever.

I know this is entirely crazy. I know. But it’s who I am. I care about the story too much, way too much, and there’s nothing I can do about it. So good luck to all the Oscar winners on Sunday. I won’t be watching, as I have to re-start my marathon of “Family Guy” online.