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Ben Wyatt-Inspired Work Style

23 Feb

It’s Thursday. The best day of the week! Thursday’s mean my favorite shows at night, combined with a hearty helping of funky juice (stay tuned for the recipe tonight) and a nice homemade dinner with the boyfriend, with whatever sports game is on during commercial breaks.

This morning I woke up totally psyched about a new Parks and Rectonight, so

Ben Wyatt

in honor of the day I decided to rock an outfit inspired by one of my favorite P&R characters, Ben Wyatt, the boyfriend and campaign manager of my favorite leading lady, Leslie Knope. Yes, I know, Ben Wyatt is a man… but he’s a very handsome and stylish man so I decided to see if I could pull it off.

Ben Wyatt loves slim-fit plaid shirts, skinny ties and really nice, tapered slacks. Kind of a country-guy-comes-to-the-city vibe. So today I did my best to impersonate that laid back, work-appropriate feel. Check it out!

Rangeley Camp Shirt in Navy, on sale for $29.99 at LL Bean
This shirt was a Christmas gift from Alex’s parents, and I have to work really hard not to wear it every week because it’s so freaking comfortable. I pair it with a white lace camisole I have and leave it open about half way for a little more color. It has a great fit, and you can roll the sleeves up to a 3-quarter length, which is great for me because by around 2 p.m. my office turns into a furnace. But the best part about this shirt has to be the fact that it is now on sale and available in a ton of colors. All shipping online at is free, too! Yay savings!

Merona Refined Denim Skirt, $22.99 at Target
Now I must admit that this is not the exact skirt I’m wearing, but it’s pretty darn close.  I am wearing a Merona refined denim skirt, but it is a little bit shorter than the one pictured and has pockets. I’m 5’2″, so skirts that are supposed to be knee length on the average person usually go down a little lower then they’re supposed to so I always try to buy skirts that should run just above the knee. Today I put this on a little bit higher on my waist and tucked my shirts into it for a more professional look. I love this refined denim. It’s so comfortable, goes from season-to-season, and looks great with so much.

Coconuts Wendi Boot, $39.94 at DSW Shoe Warehouse
I bought these boots back in the fall when my favorite pair of brown boots that I have had for years quite literally fell apart in the middle of work. It was a sad day, but I recovered. I love these boots. They run perfectly up to my knee and they’re just a little bit slouched. I’m crazy particular when it comes to shoes (which is probably why I don’t own that many pairs) but when I saw these and saw the price I knew it was destiny.

Vide-OH! of the Day

13 Feb

I did not watch the Grammys. Three hours of rich people fluffing themselves up? No thank you.

I did, catch this video of Sir Paul McCartney completely jamming the frack out with Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl, Slayer and some more dudes to “Golden Slumbers,”  “Carry That Weight,” and “The End.” Please watch this video. You will melt into a puddle and die.

Paul McCartney, you are my everything. *Warning: Do not watch in public. May lead to excessive cheering, loud crying, gasping, hooting and overall excessive celebration.*

The Post-Super Bowl Super Post

6 Feb

Like I mentioned before, I don’t really care who won the Super Bowl. I had friends that were Giants’ fans, but I hate New York sports so  I was pretty neutral on that, and I don’t have any feelings for the Patriots. Except that I don’t think Tom Brady is attractive at all and I don’t understand the hype at all, but congrats on landing Giselle. Still, it’s a fun day and a fun game, so live and let live!

Here is my roundup from last night’s big ol’ football game. The bests, the worsts and of course the commercials. Can’t forget the commercials.


1. Kelly Clarkson
I’m not even a Kelly Clarkson fan, and I can tell you that homegirl rocked it. Honestly, I was the first one to say how unexcited I was to see her singing the National Anthem, but she was awesome. She looked amazing and she didn’t do that annoying, famous chick-singer thing where they have to add a million “ooooohs” and “woooohs” after every syllable, turning the National Anthem into a bad skat performance. Get it, girl.

2. The Puppy Bowl!
A full day of puppies playing around, accompanied by micro pig cheerleaders, a kitten half time show, a tweeting bird, dog tailgaters and a hamster-powered blimp. What could be any better than that? Let me answer that: literally nothing.

3. Super snacks
We hosted the Super Bowl this year, and our foods were the best. I made my Buffalo Chicken Dip, which went over big. My brother’s girlfriend made awesome Taco dip, we had wings, shrimp, tons of chips, clams casino. Oh yeah, we kicked Super Bowl’s butt.

Luckiest ref ever.

4. Pre-Sports
This year’s Super Bowl day kicked off early for me, with a Chelsea-Manchester United game in the morning, followed by the Flyers-Rangers, followed by some pre-game Puppy Bowl action. Sure Chelsea ended up taking their 3-0 lead and flushing it down the toilet, and the Flyers lost (again), but a day of sad outcomes in sports is still better than nothing!

5. The beer spread
No Keystone at this house. Our party was packed with awesome beers, like Yuengling, Smuttynose and Yards. I even got to kick off the Super Bowl morning with Mikkeller’s All Other’s Pale Ale, a gift from my boss and fellow beer-lover. Delicious day.


1. The Giants’ endless injuries
Don’t worry, I’m not so heartless that their injuries actually annoyed me.  I just hate seeing injuries. They stress me out more than they should for the average person. I spend the entire game thinking about the injured player, then pretty much bracing for the next injury. There was an insane amount of injuries yesterday. I was a total wreck.

2. Madonna’s weird dance moves
Maybe I’m not a Madonna fan. No, I’m definitely not a Madonna fan. And I really wasn’t into Madonna’s super-slow-paced, entirely-lip-synced performance last night. It’s a live performance, woman! Sing! Then she comes out in these crazy, gladiator-meets-who-knows-what outfit and does these crazy poses for five minutes, raising her arms up after every single move as if to say ‘Hey! Look what I did!’  Then MIA made a pathetic attempt at being edgy by- apparently- flipping off the camera? No one I know saw it, and it’s just plain stupid to try that hard. MIA, I used to think you were cool, but now I’m not so sure. The whole thing was one big borefest. Should have gotten Bruce Springsteen.

3. The number of times they played “Moves Like Jagger”
We get it, “The Voice” is on after the Super Bowl. Please stop reminding us every single time there is a break in the game! You just came off as desperate, NBC.

4. That rubber-band-jumping-guy during the half time show
Apparently he is called a “slack line dancer.” I don’t care what he calls himself, that dude was weird and pointless. The sneakers, curly hair and toga didn’t do much to help me not be confused. What a stinker of a half-time show!

Best commercials
I was not a fan of all of the Super Bowl promoters premiering their commercials online before the Super Bowl… mainly because I watched them all which took away some of the funny. I would have loved the Ferris Beuller spoof or Jerry Seinfeld’s zipline had they not already been available a week before yesterday. But there were some standouts, like Bud Light’s Wigo, and these others.

1. Will Arnett’s Hulu Commercial
I have been on an Arrested Development kick on Netflix recently, so I laughed way too loudly in front of the house full of people when Arnett dropped “THIS IS A $3,000 SUIT COME ON!” at the end. Anyone that has watched Arrested Development will definitely appreciate this.

2. Mr. Quiggly and his moon walk
Look at Mr. Quiggly!!!!!!! He’s so cute and speedy in his little sneakers!!!!!!!! Enough said.

3. Clint Eastwood going America all over the place
This commercial made me want to run out, buy a denim jacket, and build something. Props to Clint Eastwood, for totally bringing the America out in me with a raging passion.

4. The 30 Rock Pizza Hut promo
Lutz’s Pizza Hut shout out at the end was hilarious, as was Lemon’s awesome outfit. I have to admit, even the commentators’ tacky jokes afterwards warmed my heart.

5. Super dog
Put a dog in a commercial and I’m pretty much done.Especially when they’re so darn cute. When this little guy looks shamefully at himself in the mirror I almost cried. And then it ends with a Star Wars reference? You can’t go wrong in this commercial.

Best Part of the Super Bowl

5 Feb

I couldn’t care less for either team in the Super Bowl this year. Then again, it was still the Super Bowl, so of course we had a party, cooked a crapload of food and watched it.

My favorite part of the Super Bowl? Why, the NBC musical number of course!

Getting into the spirit of February

5 Feb

I love February. Yeah, I’m that girl that wears mostly all-pink on Valentine’s Day, spends Super Bowl weekend picking out beers and baking appetizers, and secretly stresses out when Puxatony Phil announces that there will be 6 more weeks of winter. Plus, February means spring is on its way and what’s better than that? I just love February.

I’m a holiday freak. Any chance to get festive and I jump all over it. It doesn’t matter how you’re spending the day, holidays are always the opportunity to make a regular day extraordinary! I love using the days leading up to a holiday to get into the spirit, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite movies, television shows and music to get you in the mood!


Groundhog Day
This is a hilarious movie. First of all, I’m a giant Bill Murray fan, but who isn’t? Basically, this movie is about a jerky weatherman (Murray) who gets stuck reliving Groundhog Day over and over again until he figures out how to really appreciate the life he’s got. It’s not just a February movie, but Murray’s groundhog hostage scene is very fitting for the start of the month.

Come on, it’s Rudy for Pete’s sake. What better way to feel motivated and get in the Super Bowl spirit than to watch the most classic football movie of all time? I used to hate Rudy, because every time we had a substitute teacher in any class ever that was the movie they played, but as I’ve gotten older I can’t help but respect that little guy.

Philadelphia Eagles football movie. ‘Nuff said.


He’s Just Not that Into You
I love this movie, because while single and in England on Valentine’s Day my best ladies and I got together in a theatre packed with other single ladies to watching the adorably Justin Long and Ginnifer Goodwin’s relationship bloom from nothing. It’s such a fantastic memory of my own lovely Galentine’s Day weekend. Plus,  I can’t help but love that the cheaters get the shaft at the end of the movie. Vengeance.

Valentine’s Day
Title pretty much speaks for itself in this instance. Favorite scene? Without a doubt, hands down, when Julia Roberts’ character – a soldier stationed overseas- gets the chance to surprise her son while he’s sleeping on Valentine’s night. If you want to see me go from sane person to blubbering, insane baby-woman in less than 2 seconds, show me this clip. Oh my gosh I’m getting choked up thinking about it.


The League, Season 2 Episode 12, “Kegal the Elf”
Okay, The League is about Fantasy Football, and it doesn’t actually involve the Super Bowl, but it is such a good show. The end of every season wraps up who won the Shiva, or who won the cast’s fantasy league, and who won the Sacko, or placed last overall. The characters are nuts, and while this isn’t the end of the season, it marks the unfortunate end of Kevin, the league commissioner’s, very hopeful season. I don’t want to give too much away- even though I just did- and it is on Netflix, so stop by and watch.

30 Rock, Season 4 Episode 13 “Anna Howard Shaw Day”
Not only is 30 Rock the world’s most perfect show, but of course Valentine’s Day is celebrated perfectly: in a giant blur of insanity. Liz Lemon decides to go avoid Valentine’s Day by getting oral surgery and spending the day in a drug-induced haze. Unfortunately, oral surgery also comes with finding a date to pick her up from the procedure, so she revisits all her old, insane ex-boyfriends, like Dennis the Beeper King, to find her really weird date. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with Liz Lemon and her weird problems.

Parks and Rec, Season 2 Episode 16 “Galentine’s Day”

"It's like the Lilith Fair minus the angst... plus frittatas."

First of all, Leslie Knope looks adorable in her Valentine’s Day dress, as she does in every outfit she wears, and this is the episode where Andy and April’s love begins to blossom! I also love Leslie’s invention of Galentine’s Day, AKA a brunch on Valentine’s Day to celebrate all the ladies in her life. I wish my girls lived close enough to arrange a brunch on a Tuesday morning!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 3 Episode 2, “The Gang Gets Invincible”
And we go back to “Invincible.” The gang tries to get on the Eagles when they are holding a public tryout, just like the movie. This is the first time Green Man comes into play, you know the bright green, skin-tight jumpsuit you see drunk guys wearing at sports games. You can safely assume that the tryouts don’t go well for anyone, and it’s totally hilarious.


Knock Knock, Mac Miller
Great song, also the jam the Flyers listen to after a win (as seen on 24/7). One of my favorites right now, and definitely Super Bowl appropriate.

The Luckiest, Ben Folds
Before I was in a relationship, this song made me want to be in love. When I was in a relationship, this song made me realize just how in love I was. If you love love, this song will make you melt into a warm puddle of happiness. This is a song that I am actually thankful for, because it helped put so much of how I felt into actual words.

I’m Yours, Jason Mraz
A quietly cute, subtly romantic and perfect way to end a Valentine’s Day date. It’s one of my favorite songs in the whole world.

And finally…

The Super Bowl Shuffle, The Chicago Bears circa 1985
There is nothing else I have to say about this that is not expressed beautifully in this video…