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Follow Me!

17 Jun

Did I mention I was on Twitter? Follow me @EricaBauw for constant updates about nothing!

Call us Clark and Lois

4 Jun

I just wanted to give a quick congratulations to my wonderful boyfriend, Alex, for landing his grown-ass-man job as a crime reporter. We’re now officially a journalism couple. I love it… and him!

Sorry I’ve been away!

23 May

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts in the last month. Work has been beyond busy, so I have almost no free time to do anything besides write, write, write… and not here!

To make it up to you, here’s a video of a cat riding a turtle.

This Just In: Anchorman Sequel!?

28 Mar

Who doesn’t love Will Ferrel. Honestly if you don’t you’re no friend of mine.

Well everyone’s favorite anchorman Ron Burgundy stopped by the “Conan show” to announce a sequel to “Anchorman”! AHHHHH LOUD NOISES! I’m so excited!

Check out the video here! I don’t know what we’re yelling about!

Get Your Craft On!

2 Mar

As we all know, March is National Craft Month. Oh… you didn’t know that? Yeah I guess no one does but whatever.

To celebrate I would like to totally jam my blog up with fun, funky, affordable crafts and creations. Obviously I’ll post some myself, but I’m a working woman! And unfortunately that means I don’t have as much time to craft as I would like to… meaning all day, every day, every single second.

If you have a craft, painting, recipe or creative tip to share please submit your ideas to the masses. Click the “submit” tab in the upper right corner for details on how to do your thang. Submissions will of course get complete and total credit for everything they do. Besides that, stay tuned for this month of crafting glory!

Happy National Craft Month!

Happy International Pancake Day!!!

21 Feb


Enjoying it in (super-full) style.

Get a little weird… write for me!!

20 Feb

Hi guys!

So apparently people enjoy reading me rant about weird stuff, because this blog is starting to pick up speed!

My ultimate goal when starting this blog was to create an atmosphere for guys and ladies like me to enjoy. I want to share things that I am into and things that are picking up speed in the world around us. Recently I have realized that there

A baby bunny, to keep your attention

are a lot of things going on around me that I really don’t have the right to talk about, which is why I’m looking for extra writers!

I am surrounded by insanely interesting people in my life, and through this blog I have met even more, and I want all my readers to meet them to! I’ve already heard from some people that are interested, and while I’m in the beginning phases of this idea, I hope it can develop into something great. Mind you this would be a free-freelance job, as I make no money off of this, but who knows where things could lead if it picks up speed as hoped!

If you’re a grad looking for a job, student about to graduate, a mom/dad, newlywed or newly-engaged fiance, sports lover, art advocate, interesting person, boring person with a weird hobby, I would love to include you in this blog! I have added a new tab at the top of this blog called “Submit!” with details on how to join in the takeover!

Right now I’m in the process of thinking up a new name, buying a domain and perhaps redesigning the page (if any of my graphic design friends would be so inclined to help) to make it less me-centered and more my-world-centered, because my world is pretty crazy.

I can’t wait to see where things go with this!


A Message to College Girls, from a Girl that’s Been There

2 Feb

As a recent college grad, I have been looking back on my days at school and I have come to a realization: I lived those four years well. However, I didn’t walk into college on day one and party until graduation day. My first semester of college was filled with a lot of uneasiness, weekend trips home, and desperate attempts to fit in. But through that I somehow found a really amazing group of friends, including my awesome boyfriend, and I ended up without any regrets.

So I thought I might share a few solid life lessons I gained during my time at college for the other amazing ladies out there in college or about to head off to school, lessons that carried me through my education with astounding success. They’re short, they’re sweet and they’re guaranteed to keep you happy.

1. Ditch the ducky face
You know what ducky face I’m talking about, ladies. Every girl has a picture with a bunch of other girls all making that weird “kissy” thing with their lips. People make fun of the duck face for a reason, because it looks weird! I know you’re trying to look cute, but you’re cute enough without making some twisted face. Just smile, it’s worked for the last few generations!

2. Keep the photos off Facebook
All of your professors tell you this, your parents say it, your RA, pretty much everyone of authority tells you to keep your party pictures off of social media, and it’s with good reason. Come on, girls. You are future educators, nurses, doctors, lawyers (and in my case, underpaid journalists that accept freelancing work… winky face). One day I will be turning to you to teach my children and heal my wounds. Do you know how terrifying it is to see you drinking out of a sack of Franzia in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon!? Facebook is full of people who only know each other based on what is posted online, and as much as it stinks to admit it, those people will judge you based on how you behave on your profile page. Make them jealous of your accomplishments, not your alcohol intake.

3. Avoid boys who think it is acceptable to wear lacrosse jerseys as every day clothing
This same rule applies to boys in neon, those who wear shorts past mid-October and guys who wear “Family Guy” t-shirts. You are a woman on the path of higher education. You need a man, not boy, and I guarantee that these poorly-dressed creatures will end up being a disappointment in the long run. You can only watch a guy play Halo and drink Natty Light so much.

4. Wear UGGs and North Faces… as much as possible
They are crazy comfortable, and once out of college you can’t take advantage of them as much as you once could. These two staples of college wear aren’t really acceptable in the workplace. I mean, let’s face it, they don’t really match a suit. I know that UGGs and North Faces are a typical “college girl stereotype,” but they look cute and they really are the most comfortable things you can rock.

5. Throw a party for every possible occasion
Halloween, the Super Bowl, Thursday night television, passing a hard test… these are all acceptable occasions to get as many friends as possible together to eat good food and make some drinks. When you graduate you will no longer have your best friends living 10 feet away, or down the hall, or in the house next door. Take advantage of being overly accessible, and celebrate having it all!

6. Try not to live up to college stereotypes
When I got to college I expected to see kegs flying out of windows, a new crazy party every night, and all that scandalous insanity that you see in any modern “National Lampoon” movie. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed when my first week at school didn’t match that. Now looking back I can say that some of my best memories of college are sitting on the couch with my room mates and a bottle of wine watching “Barefoot Contessa.” Make your college experience exactly that: your experience. Find people that like the same things you like, stay in on the occasional weekend, and don’t pressure yourself to have too much fun. You’ll miss out on what’s right in front of you.

My 100 Favorite Things

1 Feb

So this mark’s Erica Takes Over the World’s 100th blog post! I know what you’re thinking, did I really just waste a year of my life have the honor of reading 100 articles on this blog!? To celebrate, I’ve decided to list my 100 favorite things, which are probably also the 100 greatest things in the world so you’re welcome. Enjoy! (FYI: these are NOT in any particular order, and the bolded ones are the photos on the right!)

1. Sales on Hot Pockets
2. Gravy cheese fries from Khyber Pass in Philadelphia
3. Liz Lemon
4. Crime documentaries with bad actor depictions
5. Crappy shows available on airplanes
6. Naps on football Sundays
7. Micro Pigs
8. Alex Young
9. Adele
11. The Dark Horse Pub in Philadelphia
12. My camera lens coffee cup
13. Bangers and Mash
14. Tina Fey
15. When people ‘like’ my intentionally comical Facebook statuses
16. Diet Coke


17. Being a twin
18. Puppy paws
19. Writing
20. Leslie Knope
21. Minesweeper
22. Pinterest, and the subsequent crafts that come from it
23. Dogfish Head Brewery‘s Punkin Ale
24. English Bulldogs
25. Rainbow Chip Frosting
26. “Parks and Recreation
27. London
28. The way Home Depot smells
29. Hellogiggles
30. My gray UGGs
31. Really heavy rain in the summer right before the sun sets
32. Christmas Eve
33. Anything with lamb in it.
34. The Philadelphia Phillies
35. Finding money in old bags/clothes in my closet.
36. Big Ben
37. Making up weird conversations for people to overhear when they pass me on the street.
38. My “Life is Good” duffle-bag
39. Alec Baldwin’s face
40. Strongbow cider
41.  Breaking out flip flops for the first time every year
42. Craft beers
43. Crazy Philadelphians
44. Bread… just any bread.
45. When Will Arnett and Amy Poehler act together
46. Baked brie
47. Great White Sharks
48. Traveling
49. McGillin’s Old Ale House in Philadelphia

Simmonds, my favorite Flyer

50. Wayne Simmonds
51. Chelsea Football Club
52. Leggings
53. Crying during “Father of the Bride”
54. “Elf,” or pretty much any Will Ferrell movie.
55. A hot ham and mozzarella baguette from Upper Crust at Waterloo Station in London.
56. Backgammon
57. Indoor pools at hotels
58. Arianna and Craig from “SNL”
59. The Philadelphia Union
60. The first piece of paper in a notebook
61. Street Art

62. My banana bread recipe (soon to be blogged!)
63. My boyfriend’s amazing steak dinner
64. Re-fluffing my pillow perfectly in mid-sleep
65. Baking

One of, like, 2000 available on Facebook.

66. Stealing people’s cameras and clogging them with lots of close-up shots of my face.
67. Mel Brooks movies
68. Tazo Wild Sweet Orange tea
69. Chicken Cheesesteaks
70. “Forgetting” my phone at home
71. Carlos Ruiz, Philadelphia Phillies #51
72. Shark Week
73. My Mumford and Sons Pandora playlist.
74. Sea Isle City, New Jersey
75. Baby animal yawns
76. Online window shopping
77. Bacon
78. Amy Winehouse
79. Driving with the windows down
80. The Philadelphia Flyers
81. Putting Nutella on anything
82. “50 First Dates”
83. Charlie, the stuffed bulldog my boyfriend got me before he left for study abroad in 2010
84. My Nanny
85. That part in “Valentine’s Day” when Julia Roberts’ character sees her son.
86. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
87. Samurai movies
88. Pizza with an egg on top (seriously, try it)
89. Listening to jazz while cooking
90. Jigsaw Puzzles
91. Love Park in Philadelphia
92. John Mayer
93. M&Ms
94. Black Bears (nature’s cutest carnivore)
95. Lobster Bisque from ShopRite
96. A sharp-dressed man
97. Building an imaginary apartment at Ikea
98. Anything non-fiction on Netflix
99. Remembering awesome dreams
100. Having the creative insanity to write such a pointless and personally entertaining blog, and having amazing people that actually read it!

This Just In: Mac’s Update!

26 Jan

The ladies have come forward and payed in full!

Isn’t that awesome? It’s amazing what a completely humiliating confrontation will do to people with no morals.