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4 Reasons Why Peyton Manning Needs to Retire

8 Mar

As we all know Peyton Manning was released from the Indianapolis Colts (holy crap, I spelled Indianapolis right the first time) in a super emotional press release yesterday. Yeah I cried, so what? You can’t help but like Peyton Manning, he’s a cool dude, and I feel bad for his situation. I did not like to hear, however, him say that he wasn’t sure who he would play for next. Pump the brakes. What? Why would you play again Peyton!?! Why! Well, in case he seems to need my advice, here are the four reasons Peyton Manning should stop playing football. I don’t even need five, these four are that good.

1. He has several neck injuries
This really drives me bonkers with athletes. How many concussions, breaks and tears do they have to have before they quit!? Here he is with 10 years of professional football under his belt, along with several issues with his neck. His neck. When that gets messed up it can lead to serious, serious problems. Like paralysis. And death! Why would you ever feel the need to get back on a field and risk another injury Peyton!? It could be your last!

2. He will never regain the respect he had in Indianapolis
Peyton Manning is loved by everyone because he was such a remarkably strong talent that stuck by his team. Think about Brett Favre: he left his loyalties, retired, then unretired and stunk up his last few seasons. He retired again with a more tarnished reputation than he had before. Why not step back and retire with dignity? Injuries don’t improve your abilities, they only hurt them. The minute Peyton goes to a new team and messes up he will have new haters that didn’t exist before. What can I say? Us sports fans are pretty fickle.

3. He’s already a television personality
I was in love with Eli and Peyton’s Oreo commercials. And his appearance on SNL was awesome. Peyton has an insanely likable personality, and he would make an amazing sports caster. Get dressed in a nice suit and criticize your old competition? What’s better than that!? Nothing.

4. He’s also already a millionare!
So obviously he doesn’t really need to be doing extra work. I mean, come on, how much do you have to put yourself through for extra money? It’s not like he won’t have sponsorships for every brand imaginable coming  his way all the time anyway. Just seems silly to put yourself through a ton of pain when there’s easier ways to earn a buck, Peyton!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess!

2 Mar

If you didn’t grow up reading Dr. Suess, I feel sad for you. The man who provided children all over the world with so many amazingly wacky and fantastic stories, like “The Cat and the Hat” and “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” would have been 108 today.

Dr. Suess made it okay for kids like me to turn the world into a colorful world of craziness every once in a while. He brightened up life in his stories, and through that he inspired me to be more creative in writing and drawing. I was genuinely driven to live life a little more uniquely because of him.

I think the world is better off because of the his books. They did so much while saying so little, and in a world full of blabber I can really appreciate that. Happy birthday, Dr. Suess!

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” 

Justin Bieber is 18 and It’s Kind of Weird

1 Mar

Last night as I was going to bed I saw a Twitter post declaring that Justin Bieber had officially turned 18 today, on March 1. Then someone else asked why it was typical for guys to get all hot and bothered when a female celebrity turned 18, and why ladies didn’t respond the same way to male celebrities. It really got me thinking about it. Is this some kind of weird double-standard?

I’ve known plenty of guys my age who got a little over-excited when Miley Cyrus and Selene Gomez turned 18.Even the media goes bonkers over 18-year-old girls. When Dakota Fanning became of age Cosmopolitan magazine

Seriously, how is this little kid 18!?

published a photo of her in bunny ears with a caption that read “Two years ago this would have been cute. Now it’s hot.” I have yet to hear about anyone react to Justin Bieber’s adulthood in such an off-putting, creepy manner.

Why is a hot celebrity or person turning  18 such a turn-on to men, but so cliche to women? I guess society kind of explains it: when a man dates a younger woman, it’s viewed as a status symbol and an accomplishment, but a woman with a younger man is deemed a “cougar,” an old bag on the prowl for younger meat. So by assumption it is more acceptable for a man to view a younger woman sexually than the other way around. But still, I don’t think there are many closeted women who are secretly in a tizzy over an 18-year-old Biebs. It’s just not something that is attractive to a woman.

When I think of an 18-year-old I think of a little boy still. Bieber’s a kid, (and not just because the guy looks like he’s freaking 12) and just because his age has changed the fact still remains that he’s kind of still a little boy. So how does this switch change in men’s minds that instantly causes them to drool as their tongues roll onto the ground? What’s in that number that makes men go bonkers?

Of course as a woman I’ll never understand men, and I somehow doubt I’ll find a man who would be able to explain this complex to me, but either way, happy birthday Bieber!

America: Please Stop Paying Attention to Snooki

29 Feb

It is crazy how many times I have heard the name (that’s not a name but whatever) Snooki today. There’s some big rumor going around that she’s pregnant, so apparently the earth has to stop rotating and work has to stop entirely so everyone can discuss this disastrous event. I’m slowly losing faith in humanity.

First of all, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Snooki isn’t pregnant. This is a person that has become famous for contributing absolutely nothing to

Photo courtesy: TMZ

society. She’s famous for being Snooki, she has no other way to get attention than to stick her face in a camera and yell. America is getting bored with her and she needs to get everyone’s attention. What better way to do that then to start a fake pregnancy story? Come on, people, this is how she stays in the spotlight.

To all those out there drawn to this trash: please, please do not entertain it! It is embarrassing that we as a society are connected to such trash, such meaningless garbage. Stay away from Perez Hilton today. Instead, go to a real news source and learn about the real world you are living in!

We can end this, people! We can take people like Snooki and the Situation out of the spotlight and put them back in the community colleges and dive bars they belong in!

Are you with me!?

…Probably not… sigh.

Vide-OH! of the day

27 Feb

In honor of Bret McKenzie’s awesome new Oscar, I present his award-winning “Man or Muppet.”

Necessary Oscar Post

26 Feb

I’m not a fan of award shows, but I am a fan of Tina Fey. And my girl turned it out for the Oscars tonight.

Get it, girl.

I haven’t seen any of the Best Picture nominations and I’m not ashamed.

24 Feb

So the Oscars are upon us. I know some people are planning parties and checking out the movies that are nominated but I am not. That’s because almost every movie nominated is foreign to me, and I have no shame in admitting that. I have not seen any of the movies nominated for Best Picture in 2012, and honestly I don’t plan to.

Obviously movies are expensive, and living on a shoestring budget while saving up for a car and an apartment gives me plenty of reasons to avoid the theatre, but that’s really not it. When it comes to movies and television I have a belief that if it ain’t broke, I won’t fix it. I have watched “Baby Mama,” “Elf”  and “50 First Dates” so much that I literally mouth my way through them. The same thing applies to all 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘Oh Erica, she’s just saying that for dramatic effect.’ I’m not.

The idea of seeing a new movie or television show exhausts me. I get way too invested in things, emotionally and literally. So when I prepare to watch something new I also have to prepare myself mentally to make that show a permanent part of my watching schedule. I have to plan my time around nights when the show comes on, or I have to then start researching blogs, screen shots and when that movie will hit Netflix. I react way too much to the emotional moments of television. I can’t even watch Curb Your Enthusiasm anymore because I get so nauseously embarrassed every time Larry David tries to have a conversation with anyone. During those tense action scenes in movies I close my eyes and pray for closure. Watching something new to me is more like picking out a new puppy. Am I ready for a new commitment?

Let’s use “Inception” as a shining example. My boyfriend had to drag me out to see it, even though every single person on the planet said how good it was. It wasn’t that I didn’t think I would like it, it was that I feared I would love it. And I did. So now every time it comes on HBO,  guess what I do? Do you know how long “Inception” is!? Really freaking long! There goes my Saturday. Thank god I hated “Avatar” or I would have no personal life whatsoever.

I know this is entirely crazy. I know. But it’s who I am. I care about the story too much, way too much, and there’s nothing I can do about it. So good luck to all the Oscar winners on Sunday. I won’t be watching, as I have to re-start my marathon of “Family Guy” online.