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This Just In: SOPA is Dead!!

20 Jan

We did it!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Judiciary Command chairman Lamar Smith have postponed SOPA/PIPA from the test voting, in light of recent events.

What’s that mean?

Everyone hates it!

After the blackouts from websites all over the Internet, the bad guys that thought up this dumb plan have decided to back down. They said all this mumbo jumbo about bringing it back up once the pressure has come back down (AKA the fight from all of us who weren’t going to take it), but let’s be serious. If we all hate it this much now, we’re certainly not going to love it tomorrow!

That’s right, we stopped them!

I can’t help but be super proud here. Through all of this, I wanted so badly to still be able to trust my government. I mean, if you can’t ultimately trust the people running your country then why live there? I’m so proud that they heard our voice, and shut down what was wrong.

Next stop… gay marriage?

New Layout!

9 Jan

I could tell the time had come for a new layout when I looked at my old, over-the-top ordeal and thought “Woah, that is obnoxious!”

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new, streamlined and much cleaner layout. Hopefully my words will be less annoying to read when not smothered in a colorful pile of hippy throw-up.

Stop Occupying Wall Street (Please!)

17 Nov
No one can avoid the Occupy Wall Street/Philadelphia/every other city in the U.S. protests that are filling up the cities. Honestly, I’ve never much been into it. When it first started I thought, hey that’s a cool concept, but after a week I just saw the whole thing as an abuse of our liberties. I saw it as stupid and pointless and a giant waste of space.
Two months later, and I think that most of the 99 percent agrees with me: it’s time for this to stop.
Today I saw a photo (which unfortunately I can no longer find), of a man being forced away from the door to his company by a herd of angry protesters, I was so disgusted that I decided I needed to post something.
The OWS protesters are so self absorbed that they can’t see what they really are. Where is the peacefulness of forcing others away from doing their jobs peacefully? Blocking traffic, crowding a business district, screaming in the streets? Where is the accomplishment there? In the photo I mentioned, one man holds a sign that says “People Before Profits” as he pushes another person away from their right to go where they please, forcing him away like they control him. It honestly sickens me. Since when do these OWS think they can try and control others like they are, ruining cities and public parks that the general public might also want to use.
They are no longer for the public, they are for themselves. I am a part of the general public and not once have they tried to speak for me, or have benefitted me. In fact, being a young member of society, they embarrass me by adding me to their generalization. This abuse of our freedoms to hurt society and not help anyone but themselves is ridiculous. As Mayor Nutter said of Occupy Philly, they have made no efforts to continue to meet and try to vocalize their opinions. They sit in parks in tents doing nothing but hanging out and complaining to each other. What can anyone learn from that?

Occupy protesters in Philly said that Nutter is exploiting negative examples in the Occupy movement. How is stating true facts and saying that they need to end an exploitation of anything? The protesters have broken the law, they have blocked 1,000 people from working on a new project, they have taken away a park that the public uses and replaced it with a filthy camp. Who is exploiting who?

If you want to make an effort to get your cause heard here’s what you should do: Issue a press release, hold an outdoor event with speeches and presentations, pass out fliers. Don’t sit down in a park and pout, then yell at others who are trying to better their situation. Don’t force feed your disgusting habits and terrible attitude
Listen, I am part of the 99 percent. I am not making half as much as I would like to be, and after working my ass off for the last 4 years and doing everything I was supposed to, I also feel like I am entitled to more than I am getting. But I’m not going to force other people to have to walk around me and alter their lives to fit my own situation. I have too much respect for those involved in the businesses that people are parked in front of. People like our parents, siblings, boyfriends and girlfriends, who work inside those buildings making a modest wage. People who rely on those businesses to pay for their future. Not everyone in Wall Street is a monster. Why should the rest of the 99 percent working for a company with one or two schmucks have to suffer just because they have to feed their kids?
The bottom line is that almost all of the people walking the streets that these OWS protestors are filling up with madness and mayhem are a part of the 99 percent. They’re probably all struggling just as hard, but they are trying to better their situations, not make the whole world worse.
OWS isn’t fair to the 99 percent. Don’t make us all suffer because you’ve got issues with your own life. I’m part of the 99 percent, and you’re not helping me.

It’s Business Time!

24 Sep

One week ago I was behind a counter ringing up over-priced produce. And today?

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the new editorial assistant at South Jersey Magazine.

There’s my acceptance letter and everything (I have to apologize for my appearance. If we’re being honest I really did nothing to improve my awkwardness before taking this picture. I just put a cardigan on so it looked like i wasn’t wearing pajamas. Which I am.)

I have a job!! I am seriously completely floored right now. Back in 2010 I interned at the magazine and had a seriously amazing time. It was a great place, a totally interesting magazine and I really did well there. Well, the other day I was sitting around being my poor self AKA window shopping at the mall when I got a call from my old Editor-In-Chief with a job offer! Of course I answered with a perfect response…

“Uh….Uhhh… OH MY GOD OKAY!!!! OH MY GOD… What!?” Literally. Growing up is a process…

Here I was, prepared for the next few months of steady unemployment and substitute teaching and a job opportunity that I would only dream about just sneaks out of nowhere. I’m seriously blown away. I feel like one of the luckiest people on earth right about now: first I got this job, then I found my favorite pair of pajama shorts, then I realized that I actually have a career and cried a little. I’ve been in a state of shock and surprise and smiles pretty much all day long.

Growing up may be a process but I guess it begins on Wednesday for me. I just can’t wait to wear a work outfit and fancy shoes every day. I’m a grown up now!!!

An Open Plea to Facebook

21 Sep

Dear Facebook,

Not to sound like a hipster, but I have been a loyal follower since- gosh I can’t believe I’m saying this- before it was even cool. I created my page back in 2006, a simpler time when everything made sense. Ah, the glory days.

In the last three years you have taken this simple social networking site and changed it so many times that no one even knows what to do with it anymore. People are even creating articles like this, from Gizmodo, as a sad attempt to explain your Facebook updates. I was about to sit down and really focus on this article, but then I realized that nowadays the Facebook guys change the layout more often than I sneeze, so I wrote this post instead.

When I log into this new page I have no idea what is going on. Stories from two, three hours ago are pasted between brand new updates, so I haven’t a clue what is actually happening at this moment. There’s a weird update bar that just seems annoying to read, and the pictures have been magnified to a really ridiculous size. I know plenty of people have logged on this morning to see what was up and reacted the same way as I did… Oh no not again… but I can’t tell since all of my complaint- updates are somewhere in cyber space where I’ll never see them.

As a loyal Facebook-er I am begging you to just stop. Social networking works because it is simple, or at least it used to be. Nowadays I find myself more drawn to Twitter or blogs because at least I know what to expect. Facebook has become this annoyance, no longer sending update e-mails and moving things around so much that it really doesn’t even compute with me anymore. I think I speak for many people when I say that we as a market like simple. We like that Facebook once gave us the opportunity to shoot onto our page five minutes before work, check out what’s new really quick and maybe leave a pointless and annoying status (something like “is going to work!! lol!!” or something else that makes every other reader think… OH MY GOD WHO CARES!?). These were easy and fast ways to be apart of the world of social media, and now it has been turned into a complicating process of updates and scrolling. No, thank you.

There have been many times through all these changes that I have even considered leaving Facebook because it’s just too darn annoying to relearn and it’s getting old, but you have me trapped in your web of annoying statuses and drunken pictures. In all honesty I only keep my page still because I have friends all over the world that I would lose contact with if I did not have the page. Now that I’m slowly transitioning into a somewhat responsible adult, I have friends getting engaged or married, having non-accidental babies, moving into apartments and homes, things that I would like to know about without searching for twenty minutes. My biggest concern is that all of this will no longer be evident, and Facebook will turn into a big old waste of my time (not that it isn’t already but…).

I know that you know that I can’t leave Facebook, but stop dangling that power struggle over my head and give us all a break!

You used to be cool,

A concerned social media stalker

Falling Into Autumn Styles

21 Sep

I am absolutely nuts about the fall. The perfect temperature, the leaves changing colors all along the highways, sweaters, boots, no jackets… I could go on forever. These next three months are my time to really shine, mainly because they’re packed full of holidays and I am a total lunatic when it comes to anything festive in any way at all.

As it starts to cool down I am starting to spend most of my nights sitting at home, online window shopping for new trends that I love this fall. If I happen to win a pile of cash through scratch off lottery tickets or, say, get a job, these are the places I would run to and grab the trends I am falling for this season.

  Oversized Crewneck Sweaters

I love the concept of looking totally adorable while being the epitome of comfortable. When winter rolls around I kind of abuse this concept by wearing leggings, moccasins and any shirt bought two sizes too big almost every single day, combining that with a sloppy ponytail and no makeup. I understand that is not a cute look, but I really hate the cold and darkness of winter and I usually just don’t care. I want to use this fall as an opportunity to reach my comfy quota while still looking cute. To me this means a big, beautifully-colored sweater, like the one seen here from Urban Outfitters. Pair that with some really great leggings, some equally-great boots and a beautiful long necklace. Oh, and some mild attempt at personal hygiene, AKA combing my hair and using at least some mascara. I feel like this outfit is great for a day out pumpkin picking (Yes, I seriously do this stuff. Like a lot.) because it would look adorable without a jacket.

Mustard Yellow

The other day I saw a girl wearing this great mustard yellow pashmina with a black shirt and jeans, and I immediately fell in love with the color and anything in that color. It is such a perfect fall color: I’m already a fan of yellow, and making it a little warmer and less in your face is perfect for the season.

I’m also pretty obsessed with Infinity Scarves this year. This mustard yellow Infinity Scarf from Modcloth is like the best of both worlds. The craft blog that I always use, Art Is For All also has a great make-your-own Infinity Scarf shown here that is perfect for the thrifty fashion fan. I would make one myself if I didn’t go through such a terrible “punk rock” phase in high school, leaving me with only black, ugly t-shirts that wouldn’t be much fun to wear.

 Steel Grey Nail Polish

I have been obsessing over this color for about a month or so. While working at Whole Foods, a lot of my customers had it on and it looked totally amazing, especially when paired with darker colors like black or grey. It’s a little bit edgy, but still pretty subdued and professional-looking. Finally I ran out and picked up my own bottle of this beautiful purpley-grey color. I went with Rimmel‘s Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey, and I am actually sitting here waiting for it to dry right now! There are a ton of companies making similar colors right now, but I buy anything Zooey Deschanel tells me to and Rimmel products are really reasonably priced.

Vintage-esque Cardigans.

I’m a cardigan nut. Right now I am staring into my open closet (which I will close before bed to ease my lifetime long fear of closet vampires) and can count six cardigans right off the bat. I wear them all the time, and this year I want to invest in a really adorable old-school style cardigan. I made this decision after stumbling on the cardigan pictured, from Mitchell and Ness, while shopping with my boyfriend, Alex. He’s a big Notre Dame fan, so I thought it would be cute if I paired it with a pair of skinny jeans and some ankle boots. It’s actually a men’s cardigan, so it would go longer and could also be worn with leggings, but I really love the back-to-school vibe it gives off, with it’s letterman prints and big, gold buttons.

Brown Leather Boots

When it comes to brown boots, I want something that is femininely-rugged, like these boots from Steve Madden. I’ve always been really into buckles, and leather, and a style that looks worn-in and used. Nothing too flashy or over-embellished. This fall I want a pair of boots that are more simple but look well-made and sturdy, like I might actually walk out of the bar or mall or wherever I may be, hop on a horse and ride off into the sunset or something. These boots are great with skinny jeans for almost any outfit, and can take a simple look and make it look so much more refined and pulled together. I have a feeling that when I find a great pair of boots they’ll probably be something I’ll wear every day until someone calls me out on it.

Sweater Dresses

The best part about summer is that I can wear a dress every single day. The worst part about the fall is that dresses can be hard to come by. That’s why I am pumped to find a few really great sweater dresses to add to my wardrobe this season, like this dress from one of my favorite stores, Old Navy. Like my oversized sweaters, they are super-duper comfy, but they are more tailored and more work-appropriate. Put this white dress with my mustard infinity scarf, some leggings and my signature brown boots and I think I’ve created a pretty cute little substitute teaching outfit. There are so, so many different styles of sweater dresses now that I can still find a way to wear a dress every single day and still look cute!

Brown Leather Jacket

As much as I love going coat-less in the fall, we all know that our parents can, at any age, read our minds, call us at any time in any place and demand we put a coat on. Seriously, how many times have you gone through that experience?

On days when a coat is necessary I am looking for a really fun and stylish brown leather jacket to pair with a dress or jeans. This season is the perfect time to find a cute jacket that isn’t needed to bundle you up against the terrible-ness that is a New Jersey winter. I want something that will look cute when I’m out apple-picking with my man or on a haunted hayride with some friends.

Most importantly, I want to use my style as a way to embrace the season. This is the most beautiful time of the year, and I love paying homage to it’s changing colors and crisp climate with anything and everything that seems to sing fall. Who knows, maybe a few seasonal additions to your wardrobe will turn you into a fall freak like me!

2 Weeks Notice

4 Sep

I finally put in my two weeks notice and Whole Foods. That means, in a matter of a few days, I will no longer- and hopefully never again- be a cashier.

When I put my two weeks in I was excited and relieved and all those emotions you feel when you move on from a job you don’t really want to be in. Then, after a day or two, I started getting nervous and a little bummed out. I like the people that work there, I like (most of) the customers and I know that I can positively get some hours there. The same does not apply to my substitute teaching job, at least as of yet. I am intending on working hard and earning the maximum amount I can in this job, no matter how early I have to wake up or where I have to go, but it still doesn’t guarantee anything. Plus, what if I’m terrible at substitute teaching? What if kids walk all over me or I just do a bad job?

This is a bigger risk than I normally take. I mean, as soon as I graduated college I at least had a job, even if it was Whole Foods, that promised me steady hours while I looked for something else. Here I am, trying to jump into a job that I really don’t know anything about in an actual career, with no idea where I will be. I’m leaving behind a steady job that I’m settling into- sure it isn’t glamourous but I’m lucky to have anything- and I really don’t know where I’ll be in 3 months. Plus, what will I do when the summer rolls around?

I was thinking of going into a seasonal job at Whole Foods, as insurance for this job, but I feel like that is taking an easy way out. By next summer I want to have a career, something real and sturdy that will support my next life move.

This whole job and being a grownup thing is very nerve-racking. I really want to start doing the “adult” things in life- car payments, bills, moving out, you know how it is- but I can’t seem to get that financial footing.

As Kanye says, “Having money’s not everything not having it is.”

Moving onto a new job…?

14 Aug

As I get closer to preparing to leave Whole Foods for Lucky Brand I keep panicking. I told my parents and friends at work and they all ask me the same question:

“So you’re going to quit on Sunday?”

Well, as of seven minutes ago, today is Sunday, and as of Sunday I don’t have any answers to that question. I want to leave Whole Foods, because I was told I can expect more hours, I want to dress better, I’m excited to do more than just stand behind a register and I am excited to have a discount that I will actually use. I don’t do the grocery shopping in my house, and since my parents don’t shop at Whole Foods it’s pretty much wasted.

Then I think about the last week or so at Whole Foods. I have actually met some pretty awesome people there, and I would really miss the conversations. Sure, most of the time they are about how dumb work is, but I laugh a lot, smile a ton and I actually like work now (ask me that when I start my 10 a.m. shift tomorrow and I might literally rip your face off of your face). I guess the question I have to ask myself would be, is having fun with my coworkers really worth the poor hours and frustration of always being broke?

When I look at it logically, the answer is simple: obviously I need to work more, and I will without a doubt meet people at Lucky Brand as well. But every time I finish a shift at Whole Foods that is fun I start to regret moving around so much. It’s so conflicting!

I’m also worried about what is going to happen when the fall rolls around and I begin substitute teaching. I worry that I’m not going to get enough hours subbing and that I will have to leave my new job for a job that can’t guarantee me everything I need. I mean I’m so many steps away from being a legit grownup: I need a car, I need to move out, get my own phone plans and car insurance and health insurance. All of that is so so far away and I can’t keep relying on these temporary and limited jobs if I want to keep moving forward with my life, but how can I move forward when I have no idea what I want to do?

Night time is always when all of this stress comes bubbling up, keeping me awake and worried. I can only hope that it will work out, because I like to believe that in the end it always does. I just hate the process I guess.

Call backs

11 Aug

Remember that time I mentioned getting denied by Lucky Brand? Well turns out my crazy got the best of me, and Lucky Brand called me while I was on my break at work today and offered me a job! Of course I said yes, because it’s the best store in the world so duh.

As soon as I said yes of course my mind started spinning with all I started saying yes to, and all of the sudden I got really nervous. I finally just started becoming close with a few employees at Whole Foods, and now I would have to relearn a whole new store and meet all new people. I’d have to go buy some all new, nicer clothes because I’m disgusting and don’t dress up a lot and because my last two jobs have involved nature-y dirty stuff. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to make the switch.

Then, after talking to some other people at Whole Foods about it I realized that making the switch was the best choice. A smaller, more personal store would allow me to do more than just stand behind a register bagging groceries, and there would be less of a hierarchy to worry about. AKA I wouldn’t have to ask three people before I go to the bathroom. There would be less work drama over people gossiping and being crabby and grumpy, because there wouldn’t be 20 people in between one story. And I would get the opportunity to get dressed up, keep out of cargo shorts, t-shirts and messy buns.

There are a lot more pros than cons keeping me from working at Lucky Brand, and once I get past the terrifying process of calling up Whole Foods and quitting short-notice, I imagine I will be super excited! Actually, I know I will be. I’m glad my crazy didn’t beat me out this time.

Blah… Work…

2 Aug

I hate this time of the night, when I just lie around thinking ‘ugh, I have work in the morning.’

Another shift of standing still, bagging grocery after grocery. Smiling at customers, putting up with 20-something supervisors with seriously sickening God-Complexes. It feels like a nightmare.

After such a great interview for a substitute teaching position at my old school district it is almost painful to know that I have to go back to bagging groceries until any other alternative starts up.

The idea of substitute teaching is really exciting to me. Dressing up, getting involved in an actual career-based position. It’s such a thrill that I just want to never show up to Whole Foods again. But here I am again, sitting around getting ready to wake up to another 7-hour shift of the same old crap.

Lately it seems like those seven hours just drag on longer and longer. I know I’m not meant to be at a store anymore and I think that’s why it drives me crazy. But I have to save up some more cash and wait out until I can jump into my sub job full time.

I’m also nervous that I won’t be happy as a sub, or in the idea of being a teacher anymore. I’m so worried that I’ll have a change of heart like I tend to do with almost everything. Once I get into something I seem to lose interest quickly.

I don’t know how people settle into a career they love at a young age. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to find one I’m happy at! I guess that’s the good thing about Whole Foods: I don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out how to put grapes in a bag. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where life takes me!