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The Gang Kick’s Some Serious A

26 Jan

Mac’s Tavern
On a Wednesday

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the best shows on television. First of all it’s in Philly, the best city in the world. Second of all, the characters and their lives … well they just rock. It’s a genuinely hilarious, completely absurd pile of crazy that has somehow managed to translate into the best TV out there.

Every Sunny fan wants to go to Paddy’s Pub. Of course a place as disgusting and poorly managed could never exist, but the show’s Rob McElhenny has come up with a bangin’ alternative: Mac’s Tavern.

Mac’s Tavern kicks some serious ass. It takes classic meals, like meatball hoagies (keyword: HOAGIE) or mac and cheese with friggin crab meat, and turns them absolutely delicious. The beer selection rocks too. You can’t not love this place, it’s impossible.

You can hate crappy customers, though. Like the group of ladies that walked out of Mac’s last night without paying for their meals or drinks. Now I only dabble primarily in Bird Law, but I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. I’ve never been a server, but a lot of my friends are, and I know how important tips are. What kind of middle aged women steal food? Really? Who has that little care about other people and their business?

If I was the server that got screwed out of this order, I would have called up my boyfriend, cried and used every curse in my arsenal. If I was the owner, I would have done the same, likely without any crying because I feel like an owner of a bar has to be a little ballsier than that. But that’s about it. Mac’s on the other hand, went America all over everybody’s asses.

The three uggo ladies in the middle of the shot are the thieves

Mac’s posted a series of photos from their security cameras, like the one here, on their Facebook page, basically demanding what is rightfully theirs. They said that if they handed over the cash that was due that the photos wouldn’t be spread across the city. So who has the upper hand now, you thieving broads?

I can’t help but absolutely love this. Too many times in the business world companies are afraid to kick butt, out of fear of losing customers or causing a commotion. Mac’s deserves to be super mad, and they aren’t staying quiet about something that is wrong and horrible in so many ways. Their strategy has been received very well, as you can see by the fan page comments, and the bar has definitely earned a ton of respect from me (I know, I know, that’s a big deal).

There are bad people in the world that will just continue being jerks, and they need to be told to shut up and to stop acting like a bunch of boners. Let’s hope that some people manage to get these clowns and get what they deserve.

This Just In: SOPA is Dead!!

20 Jan

We did it!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Judiciary Command chairman Lamar Smith have postponed SOPA/PIPA from the test voting, in light of recent events.

What’s that mean?

Everyone hates it!

After the blackouts from websites all over the Internet, the bad guys that thought up this dumb plan have decided to back down. They said all this mumbo jumbo about bringing it back up once the pressure has come back down (AKA the fight from all of us who weren’t going to take it), but let’s be serious. If we all hate it this much now, we’re certainly not going to love it tomorrow!

That’s right, we stopped them!

I can’t help but be super proud here. Through all of this, I wanted so badly to still be able to trust my government. I mean, if you can’t ultimately trust the people running your country then why live there? I’m so proud that they heard our voice, and shut down what was wrong.

Next stop… gay marriage?

An Open Plea to Facebook

21 Sep

Dear Facebook,

Not to sound like a hipster, but I have been a loyal follower since- gosh I can’t believe I’m saying this- before it was even cool. I created my page back in 2006, a simpler time when everything made sense. Ah, the glory days.

In the last three years you have taken this simple social networking site and changed it so many times that no one even knows what to do with it anymore. People are even creating articles like this, from Gizmodo, as a sad attempt to explain your Facebook updates. I was about to sit down and really focus on this article, but then I realized that nowadays the Facebook guys change the layout more often than I sneeze, so I wrote this post instead.

When I log into this new page I have no idea what is going on. Stories from two, three hours ago are pasted between brand new updates, so I haven’t a clue what is actually happening at this moment. There’s a weird update bar that just seems annoying to read, and the pictures have been magnified to a really ridiculous size. I know plenty of people have logged on this morning to see what was up and reacted the same way as I did… Oh no not again… but I can’t tell since all of my complaint- updates are somewhere in cyber space where I’ll never see them.

As a loyal Facebook-er I am begging you to just stop. Social networking works because it is simple, or at least it used to be. Nowadays I find myself more drawn to Twitter or blogs because at least I know what to expect. Facebook has become this annoyance, no longer sending update e-mails and moving things around so much that it really doesn’t even compute with me anymore. I think I speak for many people when I say that we as a market like simple. We like that Facebook once gave us the opportunity to shoot onto our page five minutes before work, check out what’s new really quick and maybe leave a pointless and annoying status (something like “is going to work!! lol!!” or something else that makes every other reader think… OH MY GOD WHO CARES!?). These were easy and fast ways to be apart of the world of social media, and now it has been turned into a complicating process of updates and scrolling. No, thank you.

There have been many times through all these changes that I have even considered leaving Facebook because it’s just too darn annoying to relearn and it’s getting old, but you have me trapped in your web of annoying statuses and drunken pictures. In all honesty I only keep my page still because I have friends all over the world that I would lose contact with if I did not have the page. Now that I’m slowly transitioning into a somewhat responsible adult, I have friends getting engaged or married, having non-accidental babies, moving into apartments and homes, things that I would like to know about without searching for twenty minutes. My biggest concern is that all of this will no longer be evident, and Facebook will turn into a big old waste of my time (not that it isn’t already but…).

I know that you know that I can’t leave Facebook, but stop dangling that power struggle over my head and give us all a break!

You used to be cool,

A concerned social media stalker