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How Sitcoms Have Stolen my Mojo

17 Apr

The last week of my life has been filled with “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix. It’s a pretty awesome show, but like all sitcoms it has its flaws. Maybe it was that I’ve been watching it non-stop for way too long, but I can’t help but feel like a huge nerd whenever I watch sitcoms. The people on these shows are just so… cool.

So being the really un-cool, non-sitcom, real-life-living girl that I am, I came up with a list of ways sitcoms have made me feel less awesome.

1. Constantly Attainable, Huge Group of Friends.
When I’m sitting at home on a Friday night in a t-shirt and leggings watching repeats of Swamp People I always wonder, ‘where’s my ragtag group of buds waiting for me at the bar below my apartment?‘ Where’s my saucy single guy friend and hopelessly romantic girl friend that always end up together even

Honestly, who has the time in their life to match their schedules with six other friends!?

though they know it will never work, and the crazy one that’s always getting into trouble but bringing us all closer together in the process? Am I the only person on the planet that doesn’t have a group of four-plus people constantly ready to jump and do something wacky and wild? Or am I just a friendless weirdo? I mean, let’s be honest, getting a group together takes some planning: decided whose house is the cleanest or less chaotic to head over to, finding times when everyone isn’t at class or at work, picking designated drivers for nights at the bar, it’s not as easy as it seems. How is everyone constantly attainable on these shows? Is it just an attempt at making everyone else look like losers? You’re killing me, big old group of TV friends.

2. Amazing Apartments
Oh, look at us, we’re a bunch of sexy 20-something singles on the road of life just trying to make it in the big city. Look at how big our fancy schmancy loft is! Pfffffft. Can I tell you how obnoxious it is to watch these people that are supposedly my age thriving in big giant apartments with couches that aren’t from Ikea and brightly painted wainscoting and vintage refrigerators that would obviously be expensive to maintain but still look cool while I sit here in the same bedroom I’ve existed in for the last 22 years? I read somewhere that Monica’s apartment in the middle of Greenwich Village on Friends would cost around $5,000 a month, which seems perfectly reasonable for a barista, a line cook and a masseuse to afford.  The crappy part about all this is that growing up and watching these shows I actually believed that when I graduated from college I would actually be in one of these apartments. No one told me that sitcom stars didn’t have to pay student loans, and Carrie Bradshaw makes shopping addictions look a lot cuter than they are in real life.

3. Endless Bank Account
How does a weekly columnist for the New York Star manage to afford so many amazing designer outfits!? Seriously, what is Carrie Bradshaw making, like $40,000 a year!? It’s not possible! And how much do you think it costs to keep Rachel Green’s hair looking that immaculate? Then of course there’s the

Seriously, Carrie?

random sitcom trips to various locations like Vegas and Atlantic City and London and all unfortunately funny mishaps that result in hilarious car crashes and pipes spraying water all over people in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. What are sitcom characters just being constantly smothered by their own debt? And where is the episode about that? I understand the whole point of a situation-comedy is to provide viewers with comedy, but seeing how money grows on trees for all of these characters is not making me laugh! They all dress so perfectly and do fun things and look super cute and are never wondering where the money for their next bill will come from. I spend a lot of time finding out where these peoples’ outfits are from, and usually gasping at the actual price. Learn some financial responsibility, Rachel!

4. Socially Acceptable Alcoholism
Who doesn’t love a nice trip to the bar with friends. It’s awesome, it’s fun, and it’s fine… in moderation. My beloved sitcom characters have taken bar bonding to an absurd level. First of all, no one should be spending money on bar outings five days a week. Plus, these people have supposed jobs that always somehow work around their bar schedules. If I knew that my employees spent every night boozing, they’d be gone, no matter how many hilarious who-done-its they get themselves into. How many people in their late 20’s and early 30’s can drink like sitcom characters and not get judged like crazy? I mean they are literally sitting at bars pounding back shots every single time a minor situation come up in their life. You know what that is in real life? A warning sign.

5. Cool Jobs
I actually have one of those “cool jobs” that sitcom stars usually have. I’m an assistant editor at a magazine. I know, I know, it’s all big floor-to-ceilingwindows and crazy run-ins with celebrities and models. Actually… it’s not. It’s a lot of sitting at a cubicle, fighting with salespeople, and leaving voice-mails and e-mails for people that will never get back to me. It’s a lot of joking about Shutterstock, re-hashing scenes from Star Wars, and eating lunch at my desk and very little crazy antics and happy hours. No job is as fun as television tells us it will be; not because life is not some miserable journey to the end, but because if it that much fun no work would ever get done. Honestly I don’t know how the guys on “Just Shoot Me” managed to put out a 250 page magazine every month, they were just plain reckless.

Happy LonDay!

27 Jan

If it was actually 10 a.m. in London three years ago and not today (I know that’s a stretch but it’s how I see it) my plane would have been landing in Heathrow airport for the beginning of my 5 month stint living in London. Which is why every year I celebrate today, LonDay, by being as English as possible. Last year I made bangers and mash, this year I’m going a cheaper route with a Dairy Milk bar and some English Breakfast tea.

I would define myself as an Anglophile. That means someone who is totally obsessed with English culture and England in general. If I had a guaranteed job and some money there would be nothing stopping me from living back in London again. It’s the best place on earth, and I have so many wonderful memories.

Katie, Me, Lizz and Laura outside of the Colosseum in Rome with our European boyfriends

I owe a lot of who I am to my time studying abroad at Kingston University. First of all I would have never really bonded with my boyfriend Alex if it wasn’t for our long, late night talks after trips home from the bar. I mean about 90 percent of the foundation of our relationship began based around my time in London and the fact that he was always there when I needed someone to talk to at 3 in the morning. He was the first person who reached out to me when I landed in London and the first person to reach out to me when I got off the plane in the United States five months later. And then, when he went to London exactly one year later, as much as it hurt, I made sure to be there every night for his trip back home. And I’m not going anywhere.

The friends that I made while studying abroad are an amazing group of individuals that I feel so lucky to have met. People that I never could have imagined deserving to know, and people that made the entire semester the amazing experience that it was. Honestly, I look at the people I met while in England and think “Jeeze, how do these people actually like talking to me still? They must still be buzzed from study abroad.”

Jump shot in front of the Louvre with Sara

I’m lucky to have such adventurous friends. Let’s face it, college-goers, sitting around your friend’s dorm room drinking Natty and watching guys play XBox all weekend isn’t fun. Getting a group of 8 people to hop a bus with you to Edinburgh, Scotland for the weekend? That’s fun. Studying abroad gave me the chance to meet people like me, people who couldn’t sit still long enough to be bored. I’ve never done so much in such a short time, and I loved it. I could have never imagined getting on a boat in the middle of the Greek Islands to go meet up with your friends in Mykonos. Oh what did you do this weekend? Oh, just met up with my friends who were hanging out at a tropical island in Greece. No big dealio.

Camden Town in Greater London

I’m really thankful for London. When I came there for the first time in 2007 I fell in love. I never knew I could have such an emotional attachment to a place, but I did. The city is so amazingly diverse, the people are so genuinely interesting and unique, it’s a place I was meant to live in. When I returned in 2009 I really had no idea what my life was about. I was in between majors and generally tired of being stuck in New Jersey doing the same thing every day. I’m not the type of person who can just settle into a place and sit still, I have to get up and go. London gave me that opportunity every single day. From Central London and Westminster to Notting Hill and Camden and, of course, Chelsea, there were so many different places, all more wonderful than the last. It helped me figure out who I am. Being alone in a new place without the glare of people that thought they understood who I was helped me realize that I wasn’t what everyone just assumed I was supposed to be. It gets harder to see that now, being back in the same situations, but days like today remind me not to give up on who I really am.

If you are currently a student in college, one about to go to college, or a student considering college I cannot stress this enough: study abroad. I guarantee that it will change your life. I have become a more-grounded, understanding and tolerant person because of my time overseas. The world is full of different and unique people that aren’t going to change to fit your standards, and the best way to learn that is by getting on a plane and seeing all that the world has to offer. You don’t get many opportunities in life to just pack up and go, and when you do you better get up and do it. Step away from the frat parties and “Family Guy” reruns for a semester and go meet new people. Make new friends. See sights that you never thought you would. Experience the world. Experience life.

Moving Forward While Looking Back

28 Jul

As I mentioned, I am obsessed with the blog HelloGiggles. A lot of their posts strike me because they seem to reach out and write about situations that I am going through.

This one particular article, “How to Cope With a BFF Breakup” really struck a nerve for me. I have not lost my best friend, which I feel very fortunate about- though she is running around Brazil for the next few weeks and I am going crazy having no one to text weird things to all day every day- but recently I went through a strange, confusing period where I lost several of my friends in a very short period of time.

photo courtesy: hellogiggles.com

When I graduated I seemed to lose several friends that, over the course of two years, I had developed a very strong bond with. I don’t actually know why: there were no arguments or awkward moments that I could recollect that would warrant a sudden cut off from everything. If there was, trust me, I would have brought something up. I’ve never been the type of person to dance around problems and pretend everything was okay, because I know that gets people nowhere. Nevertheless, my friendships ended.

I tried to revive things but I wasn’t getting very far, and then I found this article. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. At the time I was angry: social media allowed me to see how much fun everyone was having without me, almost like the whole world was in on a big prank and I was the one being dooped. I was bitter and jealous and acting like a petty little girl. When I read this article I realized that life goes on. And yeah, it totally sucks to lose friends, and it’s okay to be upset about it, but I am 22-years-old now, time to be a big girl. I reached out, did what I could and now it is time to move on.

My handsome hero

The most important person in my life, my boyfriend Alex, is a very calm,gently and understanding man. He’s pretty much everything I’m not. He is always there for me, even when I’m being crazy and weird. There were many, many times that I would cry to him about losing my friends, and all I could ask him was:

“Why don’t they like me anymore?”

Now that I look at this question it’s almost embarrassing, and Alex made it clear as to why. He explained to me that people change, and that the people who don’t like me for who I’ve become shouldn’t matter.

I have moved on from the friends in the past, and now I am looking to fill up that hole that I lost when we parted ways. I feel so lucky to have friends that I have known for years, some more than a decade, and who I can still laugh with and hang out with (now with alcohol). One of my best friends has been a part of my life since the second grade, when we were awkward and weird with way too many printed turtlenecks (thanks mom). I now feel slightly guilty that I allowed those friendships to slip by.

Luckily, my old friends are better people than I, and have welcomed me back into their lives so warmly, as if nothing has changed. In the last two months I have seen faces that I have not seen in months, even years. I’ve laughed about old times and created new memories.

Now that I am allowing myself to live without wondering why I am not good enough for a few people and celebrating the people that love me for me I have felt happier and more fulfilled than I have in a long time. Life is turning up some new and better changes amongst the messes that it creates!

Reunited and it feels so good…

25 Jul

Two years ago I decided to study abroad in London at Kingston University for a semester. I didn’t have a ton of money, I was completely terrified of being alone and I was almost entirely unprepared but I made the plunge anyway, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I had ever made.

It was so hard to choose just one picture!

The friends I had made while studying abroad are still some of the most important and influential people in my life. Being thrown into a country with 50 other Americans just as confused and scared as you are creates a bond, kind of like a family. When one of us were hurting or upset, the rest of us were there to fix whatever was going on. I’m usually not this sappy and emotional, but I can’t quite explain how much my study abroad trip shaped me into who I am today, and I have my awesome friends to thank for that.

So anyway, I haven’t seen any of my Kingston friends in two years. It’s pretty much unacceptable, seeing as some of my closest friends live as close as New York City, but college and schedules and still paying off debts from one too many London shopping trips always left us promising to meet up later. Finally, finally I got to see two of my absolute best friends in the whole world, Shana and Lizz. And I can say ‘whole world’ pretty seriously since I have literally travelled the world, so suck it.

Shana (left), Lizz (middle) and me in Florence, Italy, 2009

Shana and Lizz traveled all over Greece and Italy with me for a month, and Shana and I had way too much fun (and a little too much beer) on a trip to Scotland. They were also my constant dinner, shopping and studying companions. All day and night I knew that if I needed someone I would always have those two remarkable people to call and bitch to. They are some of the first friends that I could be completely weird, goofy and ridiculously embarrassing around, but, more importantly, they are also people that would accept me when I didn’t feel like my usual crazy self. 

... and in Philly, 2011!

Not having them around for the last two years totally blorfed, especially knowing that we actually lived so close by. So getting to see them this weekend was like Christmas and the 50% off sale at Lucky Brand combined. It was also totally kickin’ to have them come to Philly (especially since Shana has never been here), my wonderful city. We went out to some bars at night, walked around, saw some sights headed to Love Park for a swim since it was ridonculously hot out and just caught up on life. It felt like we have never been apart.

Here I am, with a crummy part-time job at a grocery store, no car, no money, no prospects, living at home. It’s pretty easy to lose hope with life as its going on around me. Then I get to see these two awesome people, both of whom are such important influences in my life, and things get a little brighter. I guess that cliche is right: simple things in life are what matters.