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Vide-OH!? of the Day

25 Apr

I don’t know what’s happening here, but it’s beautiful and passionate and artistic creative and hilarious and I love it.

This Just In: Anchorman Sequel!?

28 Mar

Who doesn’t love Will Ferrel. Honestly if you don’t you’re no friend of mine.

Well everyone’s favorite anchorman Ron Burgundy stopped by the “Conan show” to announce a sequel to “Anchorman”! AHHHHH LOUD NOISES! I’m so excited!

Check out the video here! I don’t know what we’re yelling about!

Vide-OH! of the Day

7 Mar

Sorry for not posting in forever. Honestly I’ve been doing a lot worth posting, but I’ve also lost my camera cord and charger… so…

Erica Bauwens, blogger extraordinaire.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll find my camera cord/charger within the week and post the two million pictures and projects I have to share, but until then enjoy this awesome chick! She runs “My Drunk Kitchen,” basically getting slightly wasted and sharing some type of generally easy recipe in the process. It’s so funny, she rocks and you will enjoy this.

Vide-OH! of the Day

2 Mar

I was just introduced to these recut trailers, and they are absolutely hilarious. The Mary Poppins horror movie is a close second in my book.

Vide-OH! of the Day

24 Feb

This video is adorably hilarious. That baby takes the prize for the world’s best cuddler.

Vide-OH! of the day

23 Feb

I love bears. They are one of my favorite animals. When I worked at a nature park in college I taught a lesson to kids on black bears, and I just fell in love with them!

So naturally I had to share this totally awesome black bear that I just saw.

Vide-OH! of the Day

8 Feb

I would only go to Canada if I had this little gentleman greeting me.

By the way, check out this guy’s other talking animal videos. He is most famous for the “Ultimate Dog Tease” but I really like the turf war video and his 12 Days of Christmas rendition.