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Vide-OH! of the Day!

7 Feb

Megan Mullaly… aka Karen from Will and Grace… aka Tammy 2 from Parks and Recreation… aka one of the cutest ladies on TV… is one of my favorite actresses. Growing up I wanted to be Karen. Fabulous, bitchy and acceptably drunk all the time with a wonderful gay best friend. All I had was the wonderful gay best friend… never got to the fabulous part.

Anyway, check out Megan (joined by a very young John Goodman at the end) in one of her first acting gigs here. That woman hasn’t aged a day… so fabulous.


Best Part of the Super Bowl

5 Feb

I couldn’t care less for either team in the Super Bowl this year. Then again, it was still the Super Bowl, so of course we had a party, cooked a crapload of food and watched it.

My favorite part of the Super Bowl? Why, the NBC musical number of course!


Vide-Oh! of the Day

26 Jan

I’ve really enjoyed hockey this year. Every season I say I’m going to watch more hockey and always end up missing out, but this year I finally am and it’s awesome.

Anyway here’s Sergei Bobrovsky’s mini-victory dance a few days ago after stopping the last penalty shot to win the game. I love him, and you will too. P.S. he’s super Russian, if you can’t tell by the name or music.

Vide-OH! of the Day

18 Jan

I know that the “Shit ___ Say” trend is fading fast, but this is definitely one of the funniest ones. Best part? Definitely the “Whitney” mention. Because, of course, “Whitney” is the worst show on television.


Vide-OH! of the Day

17 Jan

When I have kids, I hope they’re adorable little bullies like these two!

Vide-OH! Of the Day

13 Jan

When traveling in Paris, I wish I had seen this first. Maybe then my response to every French person wouldn’t have been the weird smile and awkward laugh imaginable.

The Girls Are Back in Town

13 Jan

Words cannot describe how excited I have been for tonight. In a list, my excitement is probably ordered as such:

1. Christmas
2. January 12, 2012
3. Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale

In case you live on Jupiter aren’t aware, tonight was the season premiere of my favorite show in the world, 30 Rock, and the end of the winter break for my other favorite show, Parks and Recreation. Two awesome show with the best leading ladies in television that crack me up every single time I see them.

I got ready for my big night with my TGS with Tracy Jordan sweatshirt and making Liz Lemon’s favorite drink, Funky Juice, or white wine and Sprite with ice cubes. Pretty much the sweetest drink on the planet, but if Lemon drinks it, so will I.

Number one on the billing was 30 Rock. First off, Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski looked insanely good for both just popping out babies over the summer. Also rocking a good look and a great new head of hair was the ever-attractive Alec Baldwin.

I think 30 Rock has embraced their cult status really well. The show knows how to combine classic, well-loved fan jokes with a new storyline and new things to laugh at. Throwing Lemon’s competitive jazz dancing past into her new, mysterious love life was spot on and Jenna’s viscious attack on child performers made the show for me, but I couldn’t tell you how relieved I was to see Jack Donaghy act like… well, Jack Donaghy. When the episode began I was afraid old Jacky had gone soft, but when he twisted his baby daughter’s first words around to mean “money” I knew that Jack was back.

Overall, I’d give 30 Rock an A. I wasn’t into last season as much as I wanted to be, and I was thrilled to see it turn around in the first episode.

Now onto my other main girl and her team of cohorts, Parks and Rec. This week was a pick-up from before Christmas, so it wasn’t as exciting as 30 Rock, but I am always excited to see Leslie Knope- the most adorable blonde, Amy Poehler- again.

Knope starts off back in the campaign, with an absolutely hilarious and nightmarish first day back on the road to City Council. In the last season, Parks and Rec has done an awesome job of developing their characters. Leslie has stayed her usual, high-strung self, but she is now supported by a cast of really hilarious and oddly believable stars. April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) has gone from an over-the-top grump to a hilarious-but-spunky curmudgeon since marrying Andy Dwyer (Andrew Maxwell), who may be playing a little too dumb this season, but he’s always kind of an idiot anyway. Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) is his normal weird self and Ron Swanson is his usual, majestic and perfect, manly self.

Parks and Rec earned a B in my book. April, Andy and their new 3-legged dog Champion were spot on, but I think Ben Wyatt and Chris Traegar got a little bit too silly. I’m more of a fan of the nerdy, sarcastic and sane Ben Wyatt, not the goofy over-the-top Ben. I also worry about how the Knope-Wyatt love affair will fit in sensibly  with her campaign. But I guess we will see!

Both of these shows have completely succeeded in their casts. Plus, I am in love with the idea that two powerful and hilarious women are running the best shows on t.v. Girl power, all the way!