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Call backs

11 Aug

Remember that time I mentioned getting denied by Lucky Brand? Well turns out my crazy got the best of me, and Lucky Brand called me while I was on my break at work today and offered me a job! Of course I said yes, because it’s the best store in the world so duh.

As soon as I said yes of course my mind started spinning with all I started saying yes to, and all of the sudden I got really nervous. I finally just started becoming close with a few employees at Whole Foods, and now I would have to relearn a whole new store and meet all new people. I’d have to go buy some all new, nicer clothes because I’m disgusting and don’t dress up a lot and because my last two jobs have involved nature-y dirty stuff. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to make the switch.

Then, after talking to some other people at Whole Foods about it I realized that making the switch was the best choice. A smaller, more personal store would allow me to do more than just stand behind a register bagging groceries, and there would be less of a hierarchy to worry about. AKA I wouldn’t have to ask three people before I go to the bathroom. There would be less work drama over people gossiping and being crabby and grumpy, because there wouldn’t be 20 people in between one story. And I would get the opportunity to get dressed up, keep out of cargo shorts, t-shirts and messy buns.

There are a lot more pros than cons keeping me from working at Lucky Brand, and once I get past the terrifying process of calling up Whole Foods and quitting short-notice, I imagine I will be super excited! Actually, I know I will be. I’m glad my crazy didn’t beat me out this time.

Blah… Work…

2 Aug

I hate this time of the night, when I just lie around thinking ‘ugh, I have work in the morning.’

Another shift of standing still, bagging grocery after grocery. Smiling at customers, putting up with 20-something supervisors with seriously sickening God-Complexes. It feels like a nightmare.

After such a great interview for a substitute teaching position at my old school district it is almost painful to know that I have to go back to bagging groceries until any other alternative starts up.

The idea of substitute teaching is really exciting to me. Dressing up, getting involved in an actual career-based position. It’s such a thrill that I just want to never show up to Whole Foods again. But here I am again, sitting around getting ready to wake up to another 7-hour shift of the same old crap.

Lately it seems like those seven hours just drag on longer and longer. I know I’m not meant to be at a store anymore and I think that’s why it drives me crazy. But I have to save up some more cash and wait out until I can jump into my sub job full time.

I’m also nervous that I won’t be happy as a sub, or in the idea of being a teacher anymore. I’m so worried that I’ll have a change of heart like I tend to do with almost everything. Once I get into something I seem to lose interest quickly.

I don’t know how people settle into a career they love at a young age. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to find one I’m happy at! I guess that’s the good thing about Whole Foods: I don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out how to put grapes in a bag. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where life takes me!

The rejection game

30 Jul

Any of my friends could tell you that I was the worst single person ever. I was an abomination to single-dom. Mainly because I didn’t understand the whole concept of picking up guys. I didn’t like most guys for some reason or another, and the other ones played the whole phone number waiting game that was just plain ridiculous.

The fact is I’ve never been good at waiting for calls. And now, those calls are- or should I say aren’t- coming from jobs, not unattractive boys in bars. I go to an interview, think I did a great job, start imagining what I would say when I call up and quit my cashier job, and then sit around and wait for the grand call saying “Erica! Please, please come work for our lustrous company! Oh please! We’ll pay you anything, everything you could want! You want rubies!? You’ve got rubies!” Then I tell my parents how great everything went and how I should be starting in a week or so…

And then I wait.

And wait.

And stare at the phone and wait some more.

Trying to leave the phone alone.

I wait and wait for a call from people who, days before, said I was a prime candidate and everything they were looking for. I consider what I will say when I call them and tell them that I have been waiting for a response. And then, like the crazy stalker girl, I call them:

“I was just seeing how my interview went and if I should blah, blah, blah,” when I know they aren’t interested and I’m just embarrassing myself. No one’s calling me back.

This exact situation happened to me with Lucky Brand Jeans the other day. Everything couldn’t have gone better. I wore this bangin’ outfit to the store and my hair looked great. I left my phone and wallet in the car, and I was early. The interview itself, which was originally a group interview until no one but me showed up, was absolutely perfect. They said they would meet my price expectations and that I should expect a call from the district manager within the week. Then… no call.

I waited almost a week before my crazy got the best of me and I called the store. I stammered out how excited I was to get working and get my next interview, and the woman I interviewed with told me she was just getting around to checking my references. I hung up, satisfied, until I realized one thing:

They didn’t ask for references.

So here I am, looking like a total tool again, desperate enough for a part-time job that I would humiliate myself like that. I could get over not hearing back from some dude, but this waiting game I play with jobs is just the worst. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me: I have been working hard since I was 14-years-old and I know the outlines of what it takes to do well. I have a great list of references and any company would be lucky to have me. In fact, I have gotten two job offers in the last 2 months that I have turned down. But, somehow every time I miss out on another job offer I get bothered. Even if its as small as a job folding jeans for rich middle-aged moms trying to look young.

I don’t actually know how to get over the rejection game. In my mind the only way to get over it is to not get rejected. Hopefully, soon I’ll actually have a job offer and a subsequent job that will mean I don’t have to worry about this crap anymore.

Sub Update!

26 Jul

I just got an e-mail from my old high school district about substitute teaching interviews. How exciting! I applied with them several months ago and never thought I would hear from them.

This would be a great job because there are four high schools in my district. Four humongous high schools that always need substitutes. Some of my favorite teachers were full-time substitutes at ol’ Lenape High School, and I would love to walk the halls without teachers chasing me for a hall pass.

On my way!

Here I am

22 Jul

Tonight is Erica is Awesome night, so I figured it would also be the best time for me to get this blog up and running.

What is Erica is Awesome night? In a nutshell, it is when I reward myself for my several hours of job applications with a bottle of wine and some delicious snack. Everyone knows that chocolate pairs well with wine, but I’m poor, so I came up with an alternative:

Oreos and my mom’s white wine! Yeah it may welcome some judgmental stares from my parents, but it tastes just as delicious and creates the same effect.

In other news, I had a pretty successful interview at Lucky Brand by my house today. One thing I know is that I can rock an interview: I don’t have a ton of professional experience and I may have graduated with a mildly laughable major, but I can charm the portentous mustache off a hipster. I actually enjoy interviews. I spend so much time online applying for dozens of jobs a day, that getting to speak to people and actually prove that I’m not a total idiot is refreshing to me.

I also got this rockin’ shark tooth necklace after my interview (see: how good I look above). I then realized that I actually lost money during my job interview… so that was a little harsh. I really have to get over this spending thing.

I know I don’t have a lot, but I’m trying to make the best with what I’ve got: good friends, a great boyfriend and Oreos.