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Hey! Look at this cool thing I bought!

12 Jan

I like to buy things, so here’s my new little segment on cool things that I bought.

Check this out!

Now you might be saying, Oh Erica that’s a pretty nice zoom lens you got there. You going to take some black and white pictures of trees and moldy barns with that?

No! Because it’s not a zoom lens! Come on, I’m poor, you think I can afford a zoom lens? I can’t even afford a new point and shoot. Besides, I suck at photography. Four semesters of photography and photojournalism courses paying off… womp.

What I’m holding, my readers is my brand new coffee mug!

I got this bad boy from Photojojo, an awesome photography website and store. It’s modeled after a camera lens, and it even comes with a hilarious lens bag and strap. It’s humongous, crazy creative and, best of all, it holds coffee!! Nectar of the gods!

Oddly enough it was only thirty bucks too, which is about how much I was finding any other coffee thermos of the same size. Definitely check out Photojojo, it has the most interesting stuff, including camera lens shot glasses and a smaller version of my mug.

Vide-OH! of the day

14 Sep

Almost everyone has heard of the Snuggie. Let me correct that: everyone that has, at some point in their lives, had the ability to hear, see or process thought, has heard about the Snuggie. My family even got my wonderful grandmother a saucy leopard-print Snuggie for her 90th birthday.

We live in a fast-paced world. Newer, better things are constantly ready to sweep in and steal the spotlight of our human culture. Well, Snuggie,  I think you met your match.

The Forever Lazy. An even worse Snuggie. It’s basically a terrible looking set of footy pajamas that you’re supposed to wear out in public (see the video. I’m serious you will absolutely love it) It even comes with a butt flap, so you can poop in warmth!

You know, readers, Christmas is coming, and  since I spend so much time writing about my embarrassing life and making you feel better about your own, I feel like I at least deserve something.