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Im Out… For the Weekend at least

17 Feb

I will not be posting this weekend, as I will be too busy spending Friday-Sunday with my wonderful boyfriend on our much needed getaway. Feel free to comment away, and e-mail me @ericabauw@yahoo.com with any questions or submissions!

Effortless, Comfy Work Style.

16 Feb

I’m not going to lie, I feel good today. I was a big fan of the outfit I pulled together this morning, and that good feeling only exploded into a great feeling when I walked into the break room at lunch and was greeted with a flood of “WOOOOOOOWS!!” by the fabulous sales ladies in my office. So I’m passing my totally easy, super comfortable and, of course, crazy affordable outfit onto you!

Charmeuse Tab Sleeve Dress
$34.94 at Old Navy (on sale for $19)
I know, I know I’m a walking advert for Old Navy, but this is without a doubt the best buy I have made in a very long time. While shopping for a Valentine’s Day outfit I stumbled on this $19 sale dress (that’s right, head into the store and you might just find it on sale!). I figured I’d buy it in case my planned outfit didn’t work out and then return it next week if I wasn’t crazy about it. Oh, boy. This is the most flattering and comfortable dress I own, and it still looks professional. Plus I have gotten so many compliments on the color alone.

Kylie wedge pump in black
$26.99 at Payless
I’m a very cheap, sale-oriented shopper, so spending full price on a pair of shoes is kind of painful to me, even if it is only $26.99. But I am in love with these shoes! I wear them at least twice a week because they’re comfortable and they go with almost everything. They’re my go-to wedges for when I feel like wearing a pair of skinny jeans, and they have never failed me!

Minicci open weave gray tights  
$5.99 at Payless
I have had these tights sitting in my drawer for a month or so, because tights and I don’t really get along. I usually get them up to about my knee before they catch on my fingernail or toe nail, get a hole and run up my entire leg, leaving me tight-less and late for work. Somehow over the course of a full work day I have yet to make a single rip in these guys! And they are crazy comfortable, not stuffy and confining like usual tights. Plus they add a little pattern to an otherwise patternless look!

Valentine’s Day Style

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day served as a helpful reminder to me that I have a depressing lack of pink in my wardrobe. So I decided to cute things up a little bit this holiday and get dressed up to match the occassion.

I didn’t realize that almost my entire Valentine’s Day ensemble was Old Navy until I decided to do this post. All I knew was that it was entirely on sale. I kicked things off with these absolutely fabulous red jeggings/jeans. I ordered them online, since I have to get all my pants in short because, well, I’m short, but when I was in store yesterday they had one million colors and they were on sale!

They are insanely comfortable and they fit great. I am in love. I paired them with my sparkle Target flats.

The top was where I struggled. As I mentioned, my closet was seriously lacking on pink. I don’t understand what happened in my life that led me to wear only six million shades of gray (I do love gray…) but I could see I had a problem. I needed to find a way to include pink with my jeans but not go overboard. So I found this great white and black striped crew neck sweater. Super soft, long sleeved, just a little big around the waist. And best part of all?

I only payed $9.99 for it.

I finished it off with a pink camisole and… tada! Valentine’s Day ready!

A totally adorable, comfy and work-appropriate outfit, all for around $25.

So a pretty perfect Valentine’s Day matched with a pretty perfect outfit. I have to say, dressing the part really makes the day a lot more fun. Every time I looked at my pink and red clothes I felt more festive and more happy with the holiday.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

My Funny Valentine

14 Feb

I spent 19 years of my life Valentine-less. Four of those were spent working at Rite Aid, watching all the guys line up to buy their last-minute cards (oh, men of the world, you’re so adorable goofy), one eating really unhealthy food in the Rowan University cafeteria with my friend Josh, one in London on a dinner date with my study abroad BFF Sara and movies and drinks with my other wonderful London ladies. The other 13 years largely consisted of brown paper bags decorated with hearts and packed full of themed Valentine cards from classmates… and themed turtlenecks.

The last three years I have had a Valentine, but he’s not just my Valentine. He’s my best friend, my partner, and the man I never knew existed but always secretly wished did. He’s the guy I unknowingly compared all other guys to, and the guy I hoped all other guys would be (before I met him, of course!). He embraces my weirdness, and gets my quirks. He doesn’t try to change me or make me something else, and I would never ever want anything but the exact person he is.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to my Valentine, Alex. I am the luckiest.

Yeah I LOVE Valentine’s Day, So What!?

14 Feb

Hey guess what world!? While you’re busy writing angry Facebook statuses about Hallmark scams and blah blah blah I’m off enjoying a holiday that’s cute, fun and totally harmless. Yeah I’m wearing pink! I’m also wearing red, and I painted my nails pink for the occasion. So what!? Yeah, I gushed over the box of flowers my boyfriend delivered to my office, while the anti-V-Day grumps moaned about it, so what!? And you bet your butt I’m going to eat at least one heart-shaped thing, watch at least one romantic movie today and send Valentine’s Day e-cards to at least five friends today.

I’m just tired of how cool it is to be anti-holiday nowadays! What is so wrong with dressing a little cuter than usual and being festive? I personally believe all of my friends and associates are far too young to be such curmudgeons about a holiday as painless as Valentine’s Day. I was single for 19 years, so I can understand the slight sting that comes with that, but you can still make it a fun day to celebrate the loves of your life, be it your best friend, your parents, your dog, Biggie Smalls… Whatever!

So I say Bah! Humbug to all those Valentine’s Day grumps. I’m going to take today to giggle a little more than usual, be obnoxiously cute, and have fun! It’s not too late for you to join me. Call up some friends, go buy some candy, and enjoy a fun and funky break in an otherwise mediocre workweek. You don’t need a guy buying you stuff or a girl asking for crap to enjoy the day. Valentine’s Day can be a fantastic way to celebrate loving yourself, loving your life and loving what the future may bring you. So join in the Valentine’s Day Revolution!

The rest of you can just enjoy another, boring Tuesday.

Macy’s Awesome Ad

10 Feb

Check out this new Macy’s ad for their bridal registry:

Macy’s, you sneaky little sneaks you! I am in love with this ad! Why’s that? Check out the wedding cake, smack dab in the center of it. A two-man wedding topper!? Fabulous!! I love it!! Go Macy’s! Such a subtle hint at love in all forms. Oh gosh I’m like a proud mom right now.

I am all about gay marriage. All about it. I don’t even understand how it can still be right that two adults that love each other can’t get married. How is that not bananas!? Of course some organization One Million Moms that has a problem with it, but they have a problem with everything that doesn’t depict a blonde woman, blonde man and their perfect blonde son going to church. They even have issues with Ellen… ELLEN! How do you not love Ellen!? She’s all that is right and adorable in the world squeezed into one little person.  Those moms just probably never had an awesome gay best friend to shop with and bond with. I guess I would be angry too! If they did “mom jeans” wouldn’t have such a bad connotation.

I’m sorry that so many LGBT people have to deal with such angry and spiteful people as the One Million Moms organization. The people that I have met that are LGBT are the most understanding and relatable people I have ever met, simply because they are met by disgusting hatred every single day of their life, all because they love the people that they love. It’s not fair and I wish there was more I could to help protect others from hate like this.

I’m sorry that other moms in the world suddenly have to be compared to this ugly group. I think what makes this group a joke for me is that I know that the people I chose to have in my life would never support them or their ridiculous rants about hate. I know my friends and future mothers will teach their children that love comes in all sorts of packages, as I plan to one day. And I know that my children will not be around women that are angry and internally ugly and all around mean, because I won’t allow it. I will not raise a bully.

Bottom line, is the world is full of diversity. That is what makes it awesome. It’s great to see the classic staple of American domesticity that is Macy’s embrace the world’s diversity and celebrate it. To celebrate them, I guess I’ll just have to go buy a new pair of shoes or something from Macy’s tonight. What can I say, I’m almost too charitable.

Hey! Look at this cool thing I bought!

6 Feb

There are few things better than a brand new pair of flats from Target. They make the best flats, and they have really outdone themselves this time.

Ladies, I present to you my new favorite shoes in the whole wide world…

Yes, they are champagne-colored flats completely covered in rhinestones. And they look awesome. I actually tweeted a picture of them while on my way to meet a friend for dinner on Saturday (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving), and got a bunch of texts asking about them.

I have been looking for a pair of nude-colored shoes for months. It’s such a great, versatile color. And most of my wardrobe is pretty pattern-less, so these add a little bit of excitement to a more simple outfit. My only problem now is not wearing them everywhere. Seriously, I had at least three moments this morning where I turned around to put them on to replace the black flats I’m wearing now, but I stood strong! I cannot wait to wear these on Valentine’s Day. They are made for the holiday. Perfection in footwear form.