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The Post-Grad Gifts That Now Totally Rock

4 Jan

So the holiday season is over… bummer. I seriously go nuts for the holidays, and this year was definitely a great one. I got to spend Christmas and New Years Eve at Alex’s house with his family, and I got to spend Christmas Eve and New Years Day at my house… perfect fit.

Being a college grad, I also found that those gifts you used to get as a kid that weren’t too great ended up being totally frickin’ awesome. I guess this year I ended up appreciating gifts so much more since I’m so broke and desperate for help! Either way, it made me realize how totally obnoxious I was in the past in not appreciating what I got from people that cared enough to buy me something.

So here’s my top 4 list of gifts I receive on a yearly basis that were so much more awesome and useful since graduating from college and being an entry level employee.

1. Scented Clean People Stuff
Every year I get a stack of body washes, lotions, soaps and scrubs in those cute little Bath and Body Works kits from all different friends and relatives. Usually they stack up in a pile under my bed or get re-gifted to a friend or coworker, but this year they were, like, the optimal gift. If you haven’t gotten the gist of it yet, I’m poor, and I started running out of a lot of supplies I bought this summer before my student loans started kicking in. I realized what a great Christmas this would be when my friend, Shana, gave me a body wash and loofa and I yelled out “Holy crap!! I really need this!!” I’m psyched to feel like a normal part of society again, with wonderfully-smelling soaps and shampoo that doesn’t smell like that pink bathroom soap from public schools.

2. Socks
The biggest gag gift in holiday history has become one of this year’s best gifts for me. Seriously, I could go on for a couple of sentences about the different kinds of socks I got and how badly I needed them. Big thick wool ones for my new Uggs, sweater socks for bed and just average black and white ones… I’m in broke girl heaven! Socks are just one of those things that I have found I always need but never have time to run out and buy, and even when I do I have so many other things I want to buy instead. I love my new socks way too much, and I’m already dreading pulling open the dryer to find an odd number of socks in my laundry.


3. Books
Finally, something new to do that is free! This Christmas I got some awesome new books, Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?,” Brahm Stoker’s “Dracula,” Steve Job’s autobiography, and Bakerella’s Cake Pop cookbook. If I were to run up to my 10-year-old with my stack of new books, I’d totally give myself a wedgie or something, but I’m one of them adults now, I live a life of class and sophistication and books without pictures. I’m really into memoirs and non-fiction, so with the exception of “Dracula” these are all up my alley and since I’m planning on moving out hopefully sooner than later and they would be a lovely addition to my future living room shelves! Not to mention they are free entertainment, and I’ve exhausted pretty much my entire Netflix spread… I might even be able to cancel my account. Look at me, saving money… Thanks books! You totally don’t suck anymore.


4. Calendars
In the past, calendars meant nothing to me. I would hang them up in my room or something then either never take the time to flip to the next month or just leave them on the ground to collect dust once they fell. I mean, it’s not like I had a schedule or plans or public space to display one. But look at me now: I’ve got meetings and interviews, and a brand new office with a lot of blank space. I’m slowly filling that space, but I need to look more fun at work, which is why when I opened up my gift of a vintage travel posters calendar from Alex’s sister I totally flipped. Now I’m more interesting! And I won’t look like a weirdo when someone asks me what day it is and I have no answer! If having a general idea of the time and date isn’t maturing, I don’t know what is.



2 Weeks Notice

4 Sep

I finally put in my two weeks notice and Whole Foods. That means, in a matter of a few days, I will no longer- and hopefully never again- be a cashier.

When I put my two weeks in I was excited and relieved and all those emotions you feel when you move on from a job you don’t really want to be in. Then, after a day or two, I started getting nervous and a little bummed out. I like the people that work there, I like (most of) the customers and I know that I can positively get some hours there. The same does not apply to my substitute teaching job, at least as of yet. I am intending on working hard and earning the maximum amount I can in this job, no matter how early I have to wake up or where I have to go, but it still doesn’t guarantee anything. Plus, what if I’m terrible at substitute teaching? What if kids walk all over me or I just do a bad job?

This is a bigger risk than I normally take. I mean, as soon as I graduated college I at least had a job, even if it was Whole Foods, that promised me steady hours while I looked for something else. Here I am, trying to jump into a job that I really don’t know anything about in an actual career, with no idea where I will be. I’m leaving behind a steady job that I’m settling into- sure it isn’t glamourous but I’m lucky to have anything- and I really don’t know where I’ll be in 3 months. Plus, what will I do when the summer rolls around?

I was thinking of going into a seasonal job at Whole Foods, as insurance for this job, but I feel like that is taking an easy way out. By next summer I want to have a career, something real and sturdy that will support my next life move.

This whole job and being a grownup thing is very nerve-racking. I really want to start doing the “adult” things in life- car payments, bills, moving out, you know how it is- but I can’t seem to get that financial footing.

As Kanye says, “Having money’s not everything not having it is.”