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200th Post about 200 Things About Me

30 Apr

Well here I am at my 200th post. Crazy to think that a lack of employment and a need to complain about life has gotten me here. And by ‘here’ I mean about as broke and weird as I was when I started this, but now with a job that makes me wake up early (I understand that 8 o’clock isn’t really early, but I still hate it)

I decided to celebrate my 200th post by posting 200 random things that haven’t made it into posts and probably never will, but are still pretty significant parts of my life. Included in that are: websites I love, things in general that I hate, places I want to go to, favorites, a bunch of weird stuff.

So check out my list of 200 Erica Things:

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How Sitcoms Have Stolen my Mojo

17 Apr

The last week of my life has been filled with “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix. It’s a pretty awesome show, but like all sitcoms it has its flaws. Maybe it was that I’ve been watching it non-stop for way too long, but I can’t help but feel like a huge nerd whenever I watch sitcoms. The people on these shows are just so… cool.

So being the really un-cool, non-sitcom, real-life-living girl that I am, I came up with a list of ways sitcoms have made me feel less awesome.

1. Constantly Attainable, Huge Group of Friends.
When I’m sitting at home on a Friday night in a t-shirt and leggings watching repeats of Swamp People I always wonder, ‘where’s my ragtag group of buds waiting for me at the bar below my apartment?‘ Where’s my saucy single guy friend and hopelessly romantic girl friend that always end up together even

Honestly, who has the time in their life to match their schedules with six other friends!?

though they know it will never work, and the crazy one that’s always getting into trouble but bringing us all closer together in the process? Am I the only person on the planet that doesn’t have a group of four-plus people constantly ready to jump and do something wacky and wild? Or am I just a friendless weirdo? I mean, let’s be honest, getting a group together takes some planning: decided whose house is the cleanest or less chaotic to head over to, finding times when everyone isn’t at class or at work, picking designated drivers for nights at the bar, it’s not as easy as it seems. How is everyone constantly attainable on these shows? Is it just an attempt at making everyone else look like losers? You’re killing me, big old group of TV friends.

2. Amazing Apartments
Oh, look at us, we’re a bunch of sexy 20-something singles on the road of life just trying to make it in the big city. Look at how big our fancy schmancy loft is! Pfffffft. Can I tell you how obnoxious it is to watch these people that are supposedly my age thriving in big giant apartments with couches that aren’t from Ikea and brightly painted wainscoting and vintage refrigerators that would obviously be expensive to maintain but still look cool while I sit here in the same bedroom I’ve existed in for the last 22 years? I read somewhere that Monica’s apartment in the middle of Greenwich Village on Friends would cost around $5,000 a month, which seems perfectly reasonable for a barista, a line cook and a masseuse to afford.  The crappy part about all this is that growing up and watching these shows I actually believed that when I graduated from college I would actually be in one of these apartments. No one told me that sitcom stars didn’t have to pay student loans, and Carrie Bradshaw makes shopping addictions look a lot cuter than they are in real life.

3. Endless Bank Account
How does a weekly columnist for the New York Star manage to afford so many amazing designer outfits!? Seriously, what is Carrie Bradshaw making, like $40,000 a year!? It’s not possible! And how much do you think it costs to keep Rachel Green’s hair looking that immaculate? Then of course there’s the

Seriously, Carrie?

random sitcom trips to various locations like Vegas and Atlantic City and London and all unfortunately funny mishaps that result in hilarious car crashes and pipes spraying water all over people in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. What are sitcom characters just being constantly smothered by their own debt? And where is the episode about that? I understand the whole point of a situation-comedy is to provide viewers with comedy, but seeing how money grows on trees for all of these characters is not making me laugh! They all dress so perfectly and do fun things and look super cute and are never wondering where the money for their next bill will come from. I spend a lot of time finding out where these peoples’ outfits are from, and usually gasping at the actual price. Learn some financial responsibility, Rachel!

4. Socially Acceptable Alcoholism
Who doesn’t love a nice trip to the bar with friends. It’s awesome, it’s fun, and it’s fine… in moderation. My beloved sitcom characters have taken bar bonding to an absurd level. First of all, no one should be spending money on bar outings five days a week. Plus, these people have supposed jobs that always somehow work around their bar schedules. If I knew that my employees spent every night boozing, they’d be gone, no matter how many hilarious who-done-its they get themselves into. How many people in their late 20’s and early 30’s can drink like sitcom characters and not get judged like crazy? I mean they are literally sitting at bars pounding back shots every single time a minor situation come up in their life. You know what that is in real life? A warning sign.

5. Cool Jobs
I actually have one of those “cool jobs” that sitcom stars usually have. I’m an assistant editor at a magazine. I know, I know, it’s all big floor-to-ceilingwindows and crazy run-ins with celebrities and models. Actually… it’s not. It’s a lot of sitting at a cubicle, fighting with salespeople, and leaving voice-mails and e-mails for people that will never get back to me. It’s a lot of joking about Shutterstock, re-hashing scenes from Star Wars, and eating lunch at my desk and very little crazy antics and happy hours. No job is as fun as television tells us it will be; not because life is not some miserable journey to the end, but because if it that much fun no work would ever get done. Honestly I don’t know how the guys on “Just Shoot Me” managed to put out a 250 page magazine every month, they were just plain reckless.

The Fray Should NOT Be Singing the National Anthem

3 Apr

As excited as I was to watch the NCAA National Championship game last night, (mainly because I knew the team I picked would win… holla Kentucky!) my joy was immediately smushed when The Fray walked out to sing the National Anthem.

If you missed the awfulness, watch here:

…soooo… What?

First of all, is The Fray still a thing? I mean, I can only remember them from that song on “Grey’s Anatomy” like six years ago.

Second of all, seriously? Seriously? I understand, you’re The Fray and you’re above it all and cool and whatever, but it’s the National Anthem. Ditch the scoop neck tees and neck chains, put a smile on, and actually look like you give a crap about it! And what was with the drum guy? Really? You’re thatcool

Insert eye roll here.

dude? How heavy is your little drum you bought straight off the rack from Urban Outfitters and a tambourine that you can’t even stand up straight or lift your arm up for a minute and a half? I played bass drum in parades in high school. I know your little toy isn’t that hard to use, buddy, stop looking like you’re god’s gift to women because you’re the drummer of The Fray.

I understand that I’m old school. I like a nice, solid anthem from a pretty pop star without warbly, gutteral voice junk. But this was almost intolerable. Come on “rock stars” (notice how I put rock stars in quotes because The Fray are not rock stars, they’re stupid), you can stop acting like you’re the most important person on earth for two minutes to sing a song that’s much older and much cooler than you.

Am I the only one that hates All-Star weekends?

25 Feb

The NBA All-Star weekend is upon us and I can’t stand it. It’s pretty much how I feel about every professional sports’ All Star game. They are the worst and I don’t understand why everyone loves them so much.

Every time an All-Star game or event comes around I try my best to get excited about it, which is why I settled in to watch the BBVA Rising Starschallenge last night with

Oh what's that, 76ers' Evan Turner? You dunked at the game last night? Oh what a surprise...

Alex and a Slurpee. None of my other friends wanted to watch it, and I’m pretty sure my Slurpee hated it because it seemed to melt faster than usual. I can’t say I blame them. When a game ends 146-133, you know you’re watching a snoozefest.

It’s pretty ridiculous to call last night’s game a “challenge”. It should be something like a “scrimmage” or a “pile-o-crap.” The only highlight of last night was that I got to see me some Shaq, the secret love of my life. The rest of what I watched was a bunch of guys lightly jogging between nets, then slamming on the basket like they were Harlem Globetrotters while any defense tucked their arms tightly to their sides and stepped back (note: the Harlem Globetrotters are performers… they are fake). No pressure or heat, no angry coaches yelling, no audience cheering… nothing that makes sports fun!

It’s not just the NBA All Star weekend that I can’t stand, it’s every celebrity All Star game. They’re not fun to watch, ladies and gentlemen. ESPN and other sports networks just try to tell us they are to sell t-shirts. By the time this game ends I always end up feeling completely bored and begging for the regular season to come back on.

I understand why players would tread so lightly on these games. What’s the point in playing hard and risking an injury on a game that means absolutely nothing? I get that, but if everyone understands that then why waste a full weekend so famous athletes can play with their friends on camera?

Yeah, I’ll complain, but there’s nothing I can do! So I guess I’ll settle in and watch the dunk contest tonight and I’m sure in upcoming sports I’ll be there watching again. It could be worse…

I could be watching “Whitney.”

I haven’t seen any of the Best Picture nominations and I’m not ashamed.

24 Feb

So the Oscars are upon us. I know some people are planning parties and checking out the movies that are nominated but I am not. That’s because almost every movie nominated is foreign to me, and I have no shame in admitting that. I have not seen any of the movies nominated for Best Picture in 2012, and honestly I don’t plan to.

Obviously movies are expensive, and living on a shoestring budget while saving up for a car and an apartment gives me plenty of reasons to avoid the theatre, but that’s really not it. When it comes to movies and television I have a belief that if it ain’t broke, I won’t fix it. I have watched “Baby Mama,” “Elf”  and “50 First Dates” so much that I literally mouth my way through them. The same thing applies to all 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘Oh Erica, she’s just saying that for dramatic effect.’ I’m not.

The idea of seeing a new movie or television show exhausts me. I get way too invested in things, emotionally and literally. So when I prepare to watch something new I also have to prepare myself mentally to make that show a permanent part of my watching schedule. I have to plan my time around nights when the show comes on, or I have to then start researching blogs, screen shots and when that movie will hit Netflix. I react way too much to the emotional moments of television. I can’t even watch Curb Your Enthusiasm anymore because I get so nauseously embarrassed every time Larry David tries to have a conversation with anyone. During those tense action scenes in movies I close my eyes and pray for closure. Watching something new to me is more like picking out a new puppy. Am I ready for a new commitment?

Let’s use “Inception” as a shining example. My boyfriend had to drag me out to see it, even though every single person on the planet said how good it was. It wasn’t that I didn’t think I would like it, it was that I feared I would love it. And I did. So now every time it comes on HBO,  guess what I do? Do you know how long “Inception” is!? Really freaking long! There goes my Saturday. Thank god I hated “Avatar” or I would have no personal life whatsoever.

I know this is entirely crazy. I know. But it’s who I am. I care about the story too much, way too much, and there’s nothing I can do about it. So good luck to all the Oscar winners on Sunday. I won’t be watching, as I have to re-start my marathon of “Family Guy” online.

Ben Wyatt-Inspired Work Style

23 Feb

It’s Thursday. The best day of the week! Thursday’s mean my favorite shows at night, combined with a hearty helping of funky juice (stay tuned for the recipe tonight) and a nice homemade dinner with the boyfriend, with whatever sports game is on during commercial breaks.

This morning I woke up totally psyched about a new Parks and Rectonight, so

Ben Wyatt

in honor of the day I decided to rock an outfit inspired by one of my favorite P&R characters, Ben Wyatt, the boyfriend and campaign manager of my favorite leading lady, Leslie Knope. Yes, I know, Ben Wyatt is a man… but he’s a very handsome and stylish man so I decided to see if I could pull it off.

Ben Wyatt loves slim-fit plaid shirts, skinny ties and really nice, tapered slacks. Kind of a country-guy-comes-to-the-city vibe. So today I did my best to impersonate that laid back, work-appropriate feel. Check it out!

Rangeley Camp Shirt in Navy, on sale for $29.99 at LL Bean
This shirt was a Christmas gift from Alex’s parents, and I have to work really hard not to wear it every week because it’s so freaking comfortable. I pair it with a white lace camisole I have and leave it open about half way for a little more color. It has a great fit, and you can roll the sleeves up to a 3-quarter length, which is great for me because by around 2 p.m. my office turns into a furnace. But the best part about this shirt has to be the fact that it is now on sale and available in a ton of colors. All shipping online at LLBean.com is free, too! Yay savings!

Merona Refined Denim Skirt, $22.99 at Target
Now I must admit that this is not the exact skirt I’m wearing, but it’s pretty darn close.  I am wearing a Merona refined denim skirt, but it is a little bit shorter than the one pictured and has pockets. I’m 5’2″, so skirts that are supposed to be knee length on the average person usually go down a little lower then they’re supposed to so I always try to buy skirts that should run just above the knee. Today I put this on a little bit higher on my waist and tucked my shirts into it for a more professional look. I love this refined denim. It’s so comfortable, goes from season-to-season, and looks great with so much.

Coconuts Wendi Boot, $39.94 at DSW Shoe Warehouse
I bought these boots back in the fall when my favorite pair of brown boots that I have had for years quite literally fell apart in the middle of work. It was a sad day, but I recovered. I love these boots. They run perfectly up to my knee and they’re just a little bit slouched. I’m crazy particular when it comes to shoes (which is probably why I don’t own that many pairs) but when I saw these and saw the price I knew it was destiny.

Why I Need to be More Like Tina Fey

21 Feb

There isn’t anyone better in the world than my homegirl, Tina Fey (Amy Poehler, you’re a close second, but Tina’s a Philly girl so that instantly shoots her to the top of the totem pole…represent!). I grew up watching and idolizing Saturday Night Live, and not much has changed.

Tina Fey represents all that I would like to accomplish in my own career and in my own life: working from the bottom up. Which is why I’ve compiled my list of why she is super fabulous and I need to be like her.

1. She is woman, hear her roar.
Before Tina Fey I had a lot of trouble finding really genuinely funny women on television and in movies. There was some kind of battle between being cute and pretty and being funny. You couldn’t be the pretty protagonist and make a fart joke. I like to think the ladies of late ’90s and early ’00s Saturday Night Live (Amy Poehler, Mya Rudolph and Molly Shannon included) crushed some barriers that were put up to keep women from being hilarious. You can see the shift in female comedic leads in the last decade. Now a woman is funny while being smart, sexy, at times a little gross, kind of disastrous, and gorgeous.

2. She has it all…
Husband, kids, dream career, awesome friends, the respect of everyone, a memoir… this is a woman that- as Liz Lemon says- has it all. Women want to be her, men want their wives to be like her. And yet somehow she still manages to remain seemingly grounded and normal.

3. …and she’s earned it all.
Reading her book, BossyPants, gave me a new-found respect for my girl Tina. She took what she had and she turned it into the life she has today. She didn’t wait around for other to tell her to make the next move. Too often I find myself doubting my potential because other people try to tell me to settle down and wait things out, and I’ve always know that waiting out for the next best offer wasn’t me. Maybe I’m just not patient, maybe people just don’t get me, but Tina Fey has given me the faith to know that I don’t have to listen to them. Girl. Power.

4. She gets to turn into Liz Lemon part-time
30 Rock-ophiles like me love Liz Lemon, but we all know what a totally insane mess it would be to live her life. Still, I think Liz Lemon would be the perfect character to play as an actress. Sometimes it’s fun to be a hot mess. Liz Lemon is hilarious because she can be the absolute definition of a wreck, but it’s still okay! It’s fun to be crazy and chaotic, and it’s even better when you get to transform into a sane and normal person at the end of the day. Plus, she’s got to make out with Matt Damon, Jon Hamm and  Jason Sudeikis… sign me up!

5. She’s got great gams
Homegirl is hot. She’s got awesome legs, arms, style, hair, and general everything. Best of all, she looks like a normal lady. No Hollywood surgeries or over the top outfits required. Get it, girl.